The Art of Electronics 2nd ed. - Horowitz & Hill

The Art of Electronics
Paul Horowitz &
Winfield Hill
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Idioma: Inglés

Considero este libro el mejor libro para aprender Diseño en Electrónica a un muy buen nivel.
Encontré una versión de la 2da edición la cual procesé cuidadosamente y me quedó bastante bien.

Aquí la revisión de


"Full of clever circuits and sharp insights, but with a surprising minimum of mathematics... The depth is genuine, as is the richness of examples, data and apt tricks."  
Scientific American

"Far and away the finest book on the subject of electronics ... in the last decade. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone whose research or experiments require some electronics."  
Optical Engineering

"A delightful book...The circuits actually work, the schematics are all readable."  
Review of Scientific Instruments

"This book is filled with a tremendous diversity of valuable information. More importantly, this book is a joy to read...It's not at all like studying--it's too much fun."  
EDN (News Edition)

"This book provides a painless way to learn about electronic design. It is also a good read for those already experienced in electronics."  
EDN (Magazine Edition)

" comes as close as any book we've seen to fulfilling the promise inherent in its title...written as though to educate the novice, but practicing engineers will encounter many useful tidbits they didn't know, hadn't thought about, or had long forgotten."  
Analog Dialogue

"...a refreshingly simple, practical and comprehensive textbook on the subject of electronic circuit behavior and of the few contemporary practical reference handbooks on electronic design basics."  
Physics in Canada

"A lovely book, it covers a wealth of electronic topics in a very readable style."  
Richard Morin, Sunexpert

"The second volume carries on une grande tradition as well as adding 400 new pages to the original (already massive) text. It is, without doubt, the book for the practical engineer. No cerebral theorizing here, no long sections of abstruse mathematical derivations; just page after page of solid empirical engineering. It is also light hearted and anecdotal, with some wonderful pages of bad ciruit 'howlers' that the authors have encountered."
John V. Hatfield, IJEEE

" excellent general electronic textbook."  

"The best self-teaching book and reference book in electronics... The beauty and fun of electronics shows through."
Radio Communication

"Another electronics textbook that became an international best-seller... the book is renowned for presenting the techniques that circuit designers actually use."
IEEE Spectrum  

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The Art of Electronics 2nd ed. - Horowitz & Hill

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