goldfinger discografia completa


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. Mind's Eyes
2. Stay
3. Here in your Bedroom
4. Only a Day
5. King for a Day
6. Anxiety
7. Answers
8. Anything
9. Mable
10. The City with Two Faces
11. My Girlfriend Shower Sucks
12. Miles Away
13. Nothing to Prove
14. Pictures
15. Darrin's Phone Call
16. Fuck You and Your Cat [/COLOR]



[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. Superman
2. My Head
3. If Only
4. This Lonely Place
5. 20 Cent Goodbye
6. Questions
7. Disorder
8. Carlita
9. Too Late
10. I Need to Know
11. Authority
12. SMP
13. The Last Time
14. Chris Cayton [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Darrin's Coconut Ass[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. Just Like Heaven
2. Is She Really Going Out with Him ?
3. Feel Like Making Love
4. Nite Klub
5. The Kids Are Alright
6. Down Pressor Man
7. You Say You Don't Love Me
8. Man in a Suitacase [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Stomping Ground[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. I'm Down
2. Pick a Fight
3. Carry On
4. End of the Day
5. Dont Say Goodbye
6. Counting the Days
7. Bro
8. San Simeon
9. You Think it's a Joke
10. Forgiveness
11. Margret Ann
12. Get Away from Me
13. 99 Red Ballons
14. Donut Dan


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. Question (Live at Portsmouth)
2. Counting the Days (Live at Portsmouth)
3. I'm Down (Live at Birmingham)
4. San Simeon (Live at London)
5. Going Home (Live at London)
6. My Head (Live at London)
7. Mable (Live at Bristol)
8. The Darrin Experience (Live at London)
9. Superman (Live at London)
10. S.M.P (Live at Birmingham)
11. 99 Red Balloons (Live at Portsmouth)
12. Donut Dan (Live at Portsmouth)
13. King for a Day (Live at Nottingham)
14. Miles Away (Live at London)
15. Smiling (Live at London) [/COLOR]


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. Going home
2. Spokesman
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Decision
5. Dad
6. Tell Me
7. Liar
8. January
9. Happy
10. Woodchuck
11. It's Your Life
12. Spank Bank
13. Youth
14. Radio
15. Fuck Ted Nuggent
16. Spokesman (german version)
17. 99 Red Ballons [/COLOR]


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. Wasted
2. My Everything
3. Ocean Size
4. Uncomfortable
5. Too Many Nights
6. Damaged
7. Behind the Mask
8. I Want
9. Iron Fist
10. Walk Away
11. Faith
12. Stalker

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]1. One More Time
2. Get Up
3. Goodbye
4. Without Me
5. The Only One
6. War (ft. Ian Watkins of Lostprophets)
7. How Do You Do it
8. Bury Me
9. Not Amused
10. Handjobs for Jesus
11. Free Kevin Kjonaas
12. Julian (ft. Ian Watkins of Lostprophets)

Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
13. Windows [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]es subido por mi esto eh[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]esta es toda la discografia me parece baahh son todos los discos que tengo yo jeje[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Buee aca termina el post si se cae algun link me avisan y comenten por favor que me costo bastante subir todo estoo, esperoo que lo disfruten y dejen comentarios porfa [/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

goldfinger discografia completa

Peliculas en Latino - Series en latino
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Muy buena la hay ptos, pero ahi van las gracias!
jaojaoajoa wena me los bajo altiro (Y)
re buena la banda
Genial, muchas gracias  
gracias por los discos
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