Dance Power Of The 90s mixed by DJ Bossi

Dance Power Of the 90s
Mixed by DJ Bossi

Si quieres escuchar un medley megamix una y otra vez pero rescatando buenisimos temas dance de los 90s, ya no hace falta que busques, lo tienes en una sola sesion.

Mixed By DJ Bossi
Imperio - Quo Vadis
DJ Bobo - Freedom
DJ Bobo - Love is all around
DJ Bobo - Take Control
Ice Mc - Think about the Way
La Bouche - Be my Lover
Haddaway - Life
Haddaway - What is Love
DJ Company - Rhythm of Love
E-Rotic - Fred come to Bed
E-Rotic - Willy use a Billy Boy
Corona - The Rhythem of the Night
Copernico - I Believe
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
DJ Bobo - Freedom 2
Free - Dance the Night away
Ice MC - Take away the Colour
B.G. the Prince of Rap - The Coulor of my Dreams
Franky Fonell - Never Forever
Magic Affair - Fire
Magic Affair - Omen 3
Magic Affair - In the Middle of the Night
M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - Automatic Lover
Love Message - Love Message
K2 - Der Berg ruft
Loft - Hold On
Look Twice - Go Away
God´s Groove - Into the Blue
Activate - Save me
Dr. Alban - Let the Beat go on
Fun Factory - Prove your Love
Fun Factory - Take your Chance
Loft - Love is Magic
Index feat. Caro - You keep my Heart
Hundred Percent - Power of the Light
Jam & Spoon - Find me
Le Click - Tonight is the Night
Magna Charta - I´d do anything for Love
Master Boy - Everybody needs somebody
Master Boy - Feel the heat of the Night
Master Boy - I got give it up
Maxx - Get a Way
Maxx - No more (I can´t stand it)
Mo-Do - Super gut
Mo-Do - Eins,zwei,Polizei
DJ Bobo - I know what I want
Mr. President - I´ll follow the Sun
Mr. President - Up´n away
Ophelia - Hand in Hand
Orlando - Easy Lover
Pharao - There is a Star
Prince Ital Joe - United
Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer
Priority - Time to Unite
The Free - Lover on the Line
The Free - Born Crazy
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
Rednex - Old Pop in an Oak
Alana Dante - The live of the Party
The Express - Runaway Train
2 Unlimited - Let the Beat control your Body
Nina - The Reason is you
Reggy O - Let the Music play
Strictly M.O.R. - Long long Nite
Twenty 4 Seven - Is it Love
Twenty 4 Seven - Leave them alone
Darkness - In my Dreams

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Dance Power of the 90s - Mixed by dj bossi
Dura una hora y 5 minutos
Año realizado 2007
Tamaño 90mb
Bitrate 192kbps

Dance Power of the 90s - Mixed by dj bossi

Dance Power Of The 90s mixed by DJ Bossi

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Tronkete aqui esta el dj Pako vamoooooooooooooos a liiiiiiiiiiiiiarla
woooooh ya lleg?
se agradece el aporte!!  
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