"Y mas miedo que ellos dos,me daba el propio ser humano"

Axel Rudi Pell-Ballads V 2017-Heavy Power Metal

Artist: Axel Rudi Pell
Album: The Ballads V 
Year: 2017
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Country: Germany
Quality: MP3 320 kbps 


01. Love’s Holding On (5:06) (new song feat. Bonnie Tyler)
02. I See Fire (6:02) (new cover version, Ed Sheeran song)
03. On The Edge Of Our Time (7:42) (new song)
04. Hey Hey My My (5:02)
05. Lived Our Lives Before (6:31)
06. When Truth Hurts (6:46)
07. Forever Free (8:27)
08. Lost In Love (6:05)
09. The Line (live) (7:31) (previously unreleased)
10. Mistreated (live) (14:12)
11. Love’s Holding On (3:39) (Radio Edit) [Bonus Track]


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