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Blues Spirit - Coleccion de 10 CDs [MP3]

Blues Spirit - Coleccion de 10 CDs [MP3]

Impresionante coleccion de 10 CDs de puro Blues


CD 1
01 (John Lee Hooker) Helpless Blues
02 (Bessie Smith) Careless Love Blues
03 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) You’re Not Goin’ To Worry My Life Anymore
04 (Arthur Big Boy Crudup) Keep Your Arms Around Me
05 (Jelly Roll Morton) If Someone Would Only Love Me
06 (John Lee Hooker) Crawlin’ King Snake
07 (Dr. Clayton) ’41 Blues
08 (Bessie Smith) Gulf Coast Blues
09 (Arthur Big Boy Crudup) Dirt Road Blues
10 (John Lee Hooker) Boom Boom
11 (Memphis Minnie) Bumble Bee
12 (Big Joe Turner) I Got My Discharge Papers
13 (Big Bill Broonzy) Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down
14 (Lonnie Johnson) Keep What You Got
15 (Lonnie Johnson) Bad Luck Blues
16 (Big Bill Broonzy) How You Want It Done
17 (Brownie McGhee) I’m A Black Woman’s Man
18 (Champion Jack Dupree) Dupree Shake Dance

CD 2
01 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Feel So Bad
02 (John Lee Hooker) Henry’s Swing Club
03 (Bessie Smith) Dying Gambler’s Blues
04 (Muddy Waters) Burr Clover Blues
05 (Sonny Terry) All Allone Blues
06 (Blind Boy Fuller) I’m A Rattlesnakin’ Daddy
07 (Big Bill Broonzy) It’s Your Time Now
08 (Jelly Roll Morton) Fussy Mabel
09 (Champion Jack Dupree) Chain Gang Blues
10 (Big Joe Turner) Howlin’ Winds
11 (Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbetter) Good Morning Blues
12 (John Lee Williamson) Black Panter Blues
13 (Roosevelt Sykes) 15C A Day
14 (Muddy Waters) Gypsy Woman
15 (John Lee Williamson) I Have Got To Go
16 (Big Joe Turner) Johnson And Turner Blues
17 (Robert Johnson) Cross Road Blues
18 (Brownie McGhee) Born For Bad Luck

CD 3
01 (John Lee Hooker) Hard Headed Woman
02 (Muddy Waters) You Gonna Miss Me
03 (Blind Boy Fuller) Bye Bye Baby Blues
04 (Sonny Terry) Blowing The Blues
05 (Jelly Roll Morton) Each Day
06 (Robert ‘Barbecue Bob’ Hicks) Barbeque Blues
07 (John Lee Williamson) Check Up On My Baby Blues
08 (Sonny Terry) Crow Jane Blues
09 (Leadbelly) I’m On My Last Go Round
10 (John Lee Hooker) Find Me A Woman
11 (Champion Jack Dupree) Gamblin Man Blues Champion
12 (Leroy Carr) Good Woman Blues
13 (Jelly Roll Morton) High Society
14 (John Lee ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson) Whiskey Headed Blues
15 (John Lee Hooker) Huckle Up Baby
16 (Big Joe Williams) I Know You Gonna Miss Me
17 (Brownie McGhee) I’m Callin’ Daisy
18 (Big Joe Turner) I’m Still In The Dark

CD 4
01 (Muddy Waters) I Be Bound To Write To You
02 (John Lee Hooker) Do My Baby Think Of Me
03 (Leadbelly) Eagle Rock Rag
04 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) West Cost Blues
05 (Jelly Roll Morton) Blue Blood Blues
06 (Brownie McGhee And Blind Boy Fuller) Good-Bye Now
07 (Champion Jack Dupree) Warehouse Man Blues
08 (Blind Willie Mc Tell) Georgia Rag
09 (Arthur Big Boy Crudup) Crudup’s After Hours
10 (T-Bone Walker) Hard Pain Blues
11 (Kokomo Arnold) Man Blues
12 (Big Joe Williams) I’m Getting Wild About Her
13 (Jelly Roll Morton) West End Blues
14 (Muddy Waters) 32-20 Blues
15 (T-Bone Walker) I Know Your Wig Is Gone
16 (Big Joe Williams) Highway 49
17 (Brownie McGhee) Be Good To Me
18 (Mississippi John Hurt) Avalon Blues

CD 5
01 (Bessie Smith) Beale Street Mama
02 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Blues (That Mean Old Twister)
03 (Muddy Waters) I Be’s Troubled
04 (John Lee Hooker) Hobo Blues
05 (Sonny Terry) Custard Pie Blues
06 (Brownie McGhee) Coal Miner Blues
07 (Leadbelly) Fort Worth And Dallas Blues
08 (Sonny Terry) Harmonica And Washboard Breakdown
09 (Sonny Terry And Brownie Mc Ghee) Baby Let’s Have Some Fun
10 (Arthur Big Boy Crudup) Give Me A 32-20
11 (Big Joe Williams) 49 Highway Blues
12 (Bessie Smith) Easy Come, Easy Go Blues
13 (T-Bone Walker) Goodbye Blues
14 (Ice Moore) I’m Going Fishing Too
15 (Champion Jack Dupree) Cabbage Greens No. 1
16 (David Edwards) Don’t Be So Evil
17 (Alice Moore) Money Tree Man
18 (Memphis Minnie) Moonshine

CD 6
01 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Honey Babe
02 (John Lee Hooker) I Need Lovin’
03 (Bessie Smith) Cake Walkin’ Babies, From Home
04 (T-Bone Walker) I’m Gonna Find My Baby
05 (Leadbelly) Four Day Worry Blues
06 (Sonny Terry) Harmonica Blues
07 (Big Joe Williams) Baby Please Don’t Go
08 (Brownie McGhee) Dealing With The Devil
09 (Bukka White) Aberdeen Mississippi Blues
10 (Big Joe Williams) Break ‘em On Down
11 (Big Joe Turner) Goin’ To Chicago Blues
12 (Sonny Terry) Beer Garden Blues
13 (Crayton) Blues After Hours
14 (T-Bone Walker) Don’t Give Me The Runaround
15 (Mississippi John Hurt) Got The Blues (Can’t Be Satisfied)
16 (Leadbelly) Easy Rider
17 (Muddy Waters) I Can’t Be Satisfied
18 (Big Bill Broonzy) W.P.A. Rag

CD 7
01 (T-Bone Walker) I’m In An Awful Mood
02 (Bessie Smith) Baby Won’t You Jump With Me
03 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) I Can’t Stay Here In Your Town
04 (Leadbelly) Death Letter Blues
05 (Lonnie Johnson) Four Hands Are Better Than Two
06 (Sonny Terry) Harmonica Stomp
07 (T-Bone Walker) Don’t Leave Me Baby
08 (Crayton) After Hours Boogie
09 (John Lee Williamson) Better Cut That Out
10 (T-Bone Walker) Call Is Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just As Bad
11 (John Lee Williamson) Hoo Doo Hoodoo
12 (Peter Chatman & His Washboard Band) Blues At Midnight
13 (Bessie Smith) Cold In Hand Blues
14 (John Lee Hooker) Goin’mad Blues
15 (Joe Williams) Every Day
16 (Brownie McGhee) Got To Find My Little Woman
17 (Big Joe Williams) Brother James
18 (Jimmy Yancey) Two O’ Clock Jump

CD 8
01 (John Lee Hooker) Four Woman In My Life
02 (Muddy Waters) I Feel Like Going Home
03 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Can’t Do Like You Used To
04 (Bessie Smith) Aggravatin’ Papa
05 (Big Bill Broonzy) Big Billy Blues
06 (Blind Boy Fuller) I Want Some Of Your Pie
07 (Alice Moore) Grass Cutter Blues
08 (Blind Boy Fuller) Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind
09 (John Lee Williamson) Good Gal Blues
10 (Big Bill Broonzy) Horny Frog
11 (Brownie McGhee) Death Of Blind Boy Fuller
12 (Big Joe Turner) I’m In Sharp When I Hit The Cost
13 (Jelly Roll Morton) Harmony Blues
14 (Blind Boy Fuller) Brownskin Sugar Plum
15 (Sonny Terry) Train Whistle Blues
16 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Come Back Baby
17 (Big Joe Turner) Nobody In My Mind
18 (Laurindo Almeida & Bud Shank) Noctambulism

CD 9
01 (Bessie Smith) Down Hearted Blues
02 (Leadbelly) Alabama Bound
03 (John Lee Hooker) Grinder Man
04 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Have To Let You Go
05 (John Lee ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson) I Win The War Blues
06 (Hot Lips Page) Evil Man’s Blues
07 (Mary Johnson) Delmar Avenue
08 (T-Bone Walker) Bobby Sox Baby
09 (Brownie McGhee) Back Door Stranger
10 ( Lightnin’ Hopkins) Can’t Get That Woman Out Of My Mind
11 (John Lee ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson) Black Gal Blues
12 (T-Bone Walker) I Got A Break Baby
13 (Big Bill Broonzy) Come Home Early
14 (Sonny Terry) Fox Chase
15 (John Lee Hooker) I’m In The Mood
16 (John Lee Williamson) Good Gravy
17 (Sonny Terry) Hot Headed Woman
18 (Sleepy John Estes) Brownsville Blues

CD 10
01 (John Lee Hooker) Boogie Chillen
02 (Muddy Waters) Country Blues
03 (T-Bone Walker) Dream Girl Blues
04 (Lightnin’ Hopkins) Fast Mail Rambler
05 (Bessie Smith) He’s Gone Blues
06 (Mississippi John Hurt) Candy Man Blues
07 (Memphis Slim) Grinder Man Blues
08 (John Lee Hooker) House Rent Boogie
09 (Big Bill Broonzy) Friendless Blues
10 (John Lee Hooker) Black Man Blues
11 (Skip James) Devil Got My Woman
12 (John Lee Hooker) Alberta
13 (Big Bill Broonzy) Bull Cow Blues
14 (Lonnie Johnson) Backwater Blues
15 (John Lee Hooker) I Want To Shout
16 (Big Bill Broonzy) Good Jelly
17 (Big Joe Turner) I Got Love For Sale
18 (‘Tennessee’ Ernie Ford) I’ll Never Be Free

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Que grande todos esos bluseros juntos, son una masa .muy buen post
genial .. gracias
Gracias a ustedes. Muy pronto mas colecciones de Blues  
Muchas gracias. Excelente recopilación y excelente aporte.
Gracias a vos @Perse007 por pasar y comentar  
Muy bueno pero le falta el disco 1 cuando lo descomprimo empieza desde el segundo disco  
@alenbadeca me fijo y subo en disco 1 en un link aparte. Gracias por avisar  
Listo @alenbadeca, ya esta el link al CD 1. Saludos
Excelente amigo. Gracias.
Tremendo!! tomá 10 si pudiera te daria 100. Saludos, exelente aporte
muchas gracias bro, esta genial el aporte
Gracias mil...!!!!!!! Hermosas colecciones has estado compartiendo... y aún más... con la delicadeza de completar esta en particular con el CD1 faltante... Eres Grande! Gracias!!!
Genial, mil gracias por compartir,
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