BSO dragon age inquisition

hola amigas y amigos, les quiero compartir la banda sonora de este grandioso juego dragon age inquistion espero que les guste.



01-Dragon Age Inquisition Theme

02-Escape From the Fade

03-The Wrath of Heaven

04-Calling the Inquisition

05-Champions of the Just

06-Lord Seeker

07-In Hushed Whispers



10-In Your Heart Shall Burn

11-The Dawn Will Come

12-Journey to Skyhold

13-The Western Approach

14-Siege of Adamant

15-Adamant Fortress

16-The Fall

17-The Place of All Fears

18-Nightmare's End

19-Val Royeaux

20-Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

21-The Inquisition Marches

22-The Lost Temple

23-Death on the Bridge

24-Guardians of the Past

25-The Well of Sorrows

26-Call His Wrath

27-The Lie in Which You Linger

28-Battle in the Sky

29-Tooth and Scale

30-Let the Skies Boil

31-Doom Upon All The World

32-Orb of Destruction

33-The Scar

34-Return to Skyhold


36-The Elder One Theme

37-Orlais Theme

38-Thedas Love Theme

39-A World Torn Asunder (Gameplay Trailer)

pd: va una extra que no esta en la lista, es una version del tema principal en version rock es muy buena, esta banda sonora la descarge gratis ya que compre el juego en la ps4.

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