Partial Differential Equations [PDF]


01. Introduction
02. Where do PDE come from?
03. First order scalar semilinear equations
04. First order scalar quasilinear equations
05. Distributions and weak derivatives
06. Second order constant coefficient PDE
07. Properties of solutions of second order PDE
08. The Fourier transform: Basic properties
09. The Fourier transform: Tempered distributions, the waveequation and Laplace?s equation
10. PDE and boundaries
11. Duhamel's principle
12. Separation of variables
13. Inner product spaces, symmetric operators, orthogonality
14. Convergence of the Fourier series and the Poisson formula on disks
15. Bessel functions
16. The method of stationary phase
17. Solvability via duality
18. Variational problems.


Título: Partial Differential Equations
Autor: András Vasy
Edición: 1
Año: 2015
Editorial: American Mathematical Society
Páginas: 295
Idioma: Inglés
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