International Economics | 16th Edition


01. International Economics Is Different
02. The Basic Theory Using Demand and Supply
03. Why Everybody Trades: Comparative Advantage
04. Trade: Factor Availability and Factor Proportions Are Key
05. Who Gains and Who Loses from Trade?
06. Scale Economies, Imperfect Competition, and Trade
07. Growth and Trade
08. Analysis of a Tariff
09. Nontariff Barriers to Imports
10. Arguments for and against Protection
11. Pushing Exports
12. Trade Blocs and Trade Blocks
13. Trade and the Environment
14. Trade Policies for Developing Countries
15. Multinationals and Migration: International Factor Movements
16. Payments among Nations
17. The Foreign Exchange Market
18. Forward Exchange and International Financial Investment
19. What Determines Exchange Rates?
20. Government Policies toward the Foreign Exchange Market
21. International Lending and Financial Crises
22. How Does the Open Macroeconomy Work?
23. Internal and External Balance with Fixed Exchange Rates
24. Floating Exchange Rates and Internal Balance
25. National and Global Choices: Floating Rates and the Alternatives.


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