Bon Jovi-The Ultimate Collection-Greatest Hits2015

Disco 1
02.She Don't Know Me
03.In And Out Of Love
04.Livin' On A Prayer
05.Wanted Dead Or Alive
06.You Give Love A Bad Name
07.Never Say Goodbye
08.Bad Medicine
09.Born To Be My Baby
10.I'll Be There For You
11.Lay Your Hands On Me
12.Keep The Faith
13.Bed Of Roses
14.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
15.In These Arms
16.Blaze Of Glory

Disco 2
02.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
03.Something For The Pain
04.This Ain't A Love Song
05.Queen Of New Orleans
06.It's My Life
07.Thank You For Loving Me
08.One Wild Night
11.All About Lovin' You
12.Have A Nice Day
13.Who Says You Can't Go Home
14.Welcome To Wherever You Are
15.Lost Highway
16.(You Want To) Make A Memory
17.Whole Lot Of Leavin'
18.Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore (Feat. Leann Rimes)!75QHVDTb!IGLZAnzQlMzPPIYDoOt_6OiR1_eQ2kN-QFSb4cSGbLE!DkZmhSyC!QnYwOudU4b43mPZOHfWx_VwyCZGungOdLHvwcqznmTo
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8 Comentarios Bon Jovi-The Ultimate Collection-Greatest Hits2015
Ya los tengo en 320, pero igual te agradezco.
Muchas gracias amigo   a descargar se dijo
Muchas Gracias Brother
me lo llevo graciaaaas
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