Duke Nukem 3D Gold Edition (PC) (Febrero 2016)

Duke Nukem 3D Gold Edition

(Febrero 2016)

Nombre: Duke Nukem 3D Gold Edition v1.0
Idioma: Inglés
Peso: 2 Partes = 1,28GB
Servidor: Mega.co.nz

Duke Nukem 3D Gold Edition es una nueva re-edición no oficial de Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition que incluye increíbles gráficos mejorados, característica widescreen, opciones para renderizar a texturas modernas, MODs para mejorar la experiencia durante el juego, soporte para Windows de 64 bits y más... ¡REALMENTE MUCHO MÁS!

Lista de todas las características de Duke Nukem 3D Gold Edition:

- Includes the original retail Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition GRP
- Elegant and modern installer build with Inno Setup Compiler.
- Includes an option to install the amazing High Resolution Pack MOD
- Includes an option to install the amazing DukePlus MOD
- Includes an option to install XXX Pack MOD (Lite and Full versions. Remove bras or fully naked babes on screens/posters). Note that this feature is recommended for adult only!
- Includes an option to install a compilation of amazing 48 custom user maps (one the best available in Internet). Are you capable to finish all them? Come on and let's rock!
- Includes Duke Nukem 3D Cheats module to know all cheats and secrets of the game
- Preconfigured keyboard and mouse controls of the game. Just install, choose your resolution and play the game!
- Includes extra material for collectors of Duke Nukem 3D: Duke Nukem 3D User Guide, sounds and ringtones related with the game.
- Runs natively without relying on emulation of any kind
- Full 64 bit support.
- Runs at crazy resolutions like 3072x2304 and widescreen.
- Allows you to choose between two different hardware accelerated OpenGL renderers, or the classic, warped software mode you grew up with
- Fixes an insane amount of programming errors which were harmless in the days of DOS but are fatal with modern protected memory models
- Has been the only actively developed and maintained Duke3D port for years
- Features Plagman's incredible "Polymer" renderer as a replacement for Ken Silverman's "Polymost" renderer
- Has a huge number of new extensions to the game's scripting system, allowing gameplay mods that rival even modern games.
- Adds a full-featured console, including Quake-style key bindings, command aliases, advanced tab completion, comprehensive command history, colored text and more
- Has hundreds of code rewrites, optimizations and fixes for rare or annoying bugs in the original code
- Adds tons of optional new features that make the player's life easier including modern status display/HUD, support for loading mods from the startup window, and modern, WSAD-based controls with thoroughly reworked mouse aiming
- Supports Ogg Vorbis sound and music
- EDuke32 port

Requisitos del sistema:
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Captura de pantalla del instalador:

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16 Comentarios Duke Nukem 3D Gold Edition (PC) (Febrero 2016)
Excelente, gracias por compartir!
Me puedes pasar el link por privado? me est?
Excelente Amigo, muchas Gracias!
gracias, pero me sale un archivo .bin, es una imagen de cd?
No puedo descargar, pasame el link por MP porfa, cada vez mas mierda identi
entiendo lo que dices, solo que en el comprimido no me aparece el .exe. ahora que me dices esto creo que el antivirus se ha llevado el .exe
Muchas gracias. Juego memorable. +5  
@guerrillar : Archivos resubidos y nuevamente en l?
Gracias, pero tengo un problema ?
@guerrillar : Debes instalar el juego en una ruta diferente a "Program Files" y a "Program Files (x86)". Te recuerdo que este juego, como otros antiguos, usan la misma carpeta donde se instal?
@Kamel Mil gracias, funciono a la perfecci?
Una lastima ya caducaron los links probados 4 veces ni modo
hola amigo que pena molestar podrias resubirlo? ya lo habia descargado pero hubo un robo en mi casa y perdi la pc!!!  
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