The Forensic (Mex)-TheBecoming 2008 CDRip 320|FLAC

The Forensic (Mex) - The Becoming (2008) CDRip 320K|FLAC-DRAV

Banda: The Forensic

Album: The Becoming

Año: 2008

Genero: Death Metal

Estado: Tampico, Tamaulipas

Tamaño:  MP3 86 MB | FLAC 258 MB

Formato: MP3 320KBPS | FLAC

Comprension: WinRar

Source: CDRip + Booklet Covers


1.Bred in Hate

2.Shared Thoughts

3.The Beggining of Your End

4.I Refuse

5.My End

6.Hunter of Flesh

7.I Will Arise

8.Realm of Laments

The Forensic (Mex)-TheBecoming 2008 CDRip 320|FLAC
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