A Perfect Circle: Discograf?a por Mediafire

Mer de Noms

01 The Hollow
02 Magdalena
03 Rose
04 Judith
05 Orestes
06 3 libras
07 Sleeping Beauty
08 Thomas
09 Renholder
10 Thinking of You
11 Bre?a
12 Over

Thirteen Step

01 The Package
02 Weak and Poweless
03 The Noose
04 Blue
05 Vanishing
06 A Stranger
07 The Outsider
08 Crimes
09 The Nurse Who Loved Me
10 Pet
11 Lullaby
12 Gravity


01 Annihilation (Crucifix)
02 Imagine (John Lennon)
03 Peace, Love, and Understanding (Nick Lowe; Elvis Costello)
04 What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)
05 Passive (Tapeworm)
06 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag)
07 People Are People (Depeche Mode)
08 Freedom of Choice (Devo)
09 Let's Have a War (Fear)
10 Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
11 When the Levee Breaks (Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy; Led Zeppelin)
12 Fiddle and the Drum (Joni Mitchell)


01 Judith (Renholder Mix)
02 3 Libras (Feel My Ice Dub Mix)
03 The Outsider (Apocalypse Mix)
04 Weak and Poweless (Tilling My Grave Mix)
05 The Outsider (Frosted Yogurt Mix)
06 Blue (Bird Shake Mix)
07 3 Libras (All Main Courses Mix)
08 The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix)
09 The Hollow (The Bunk Mix)


01 The Hollow (take 1)
02 3 libras
03 Thomas
04 Sleeping Beauty (live from philly)
05 The Hollow (take 2)
06 Orestes (demo)
07 Eulogy (WTF??)
08 Wake the Dead
bonus - Magdalena (Acoustic)
bonus - Orestes (live)
bonus - The Outsider (Acoustic)
bonus - Evanescence - Orestes (live cover)
bonus - Jane's Addiction - Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Cover) (Live with Maynard James Keenan)

Esta comprimido de a partes de 20mb, quedaron 14 partes de 20mb y 1 de 6mb. Lo sub? yo a mediafire sin pass, por lo tanto son links ?nicos. Es subido de mi colecci?n de m?sica personal, sepandisculpar cualquier desprolijidad. La calidad es de 128 kbps, peromuchos temas conocidos est?n 192 kbps. Cualquier problema con losarchivos o con los links me avisan;


A Perfect Circle: Discograf?a por Mediafire

Peliculas en Latino - Series en latino
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