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The Theory of Everything [Soundtrack][iTunes]

The Theory of Everything [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack][2014]

|Artista: Jóhann Jóhannsson|Genero: Soundtrack, Music, Original Score, Soundtrack|Tipo de Album: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack|

|Formato: iTunes Plus AAC M4A|Tamaño rar 106mb|27 temas|Año: 2014|

1. Cambridge, 1963
2. Rowing
3. Domestic Pressures
4. Chalkboard
5. Cavendish Lab
6. Collapsing Inwards
7. A Game of Croquet
8. The Origins of Time
8. The Origins of Time
9. Viva Voce
10. The Wedding
11. The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of
12. A Spacetime Singularity
13. The Stairs
14. A Normal Family
15. Forces of Attraction
16. Rowing ? Alternative Version
17. Camping
18. Coma
19. The Spelling Board
20. The Voice Box
21. A Brief History of Time
22. Daisy, Daisy
23. A Model of the Universe
24. The Theory of Everything
25. London, 1988
26. Epilogue
27. The Whirling Ways of Stars That Pass

The Theory of Everything [Soundtrack][iTunes]
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