Immediate Music - Trailerhead: Nu Epiq (2014)

Productora Musical: Immediate Music
  Álbum: Trailerhead: Nu Epiq
  Año: 2014
  Género: Epic Music / Trailer Music
  Tamaño: 158 MB
  Calidad: 320 Kbps
 Servidor: MEGA
  Uploader: AngeloxGB
 01. Protectors of Truth
02. From the Ashes We Will Rise
03. This War Must End
04. Purple Heart
05. Wolf Moon Uprising
06. A Life Extraordinary
07. Saga of the Immortals
08. Majestic
09. The Unlikeliest of Heroes
10. Translucent
11. Prologue To a Conquest
12. Night of the Avenging Angels
13. Deliverance For All
14. One Destiny To Follow
15. Dark Times Are Upon Us
16. The Fate of Our Brave
17. Falling Into Inertia
18. This World of Wonders
19. Virtue At All Costs

Immediate Music - Trailerhead: Nu Epiq (2014)
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2 Comentarios Immediate Music - Trailerhead: Nu Epiq (2014)
Buenisimo aporte!!!   Te felicito, Immediate Music realmente te emociona y eriza la piel como los buenos trailers de peli! Bajando!  
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