Dancing Mood (discografia)

Dancing Mood - 20 Minutos (2001)

Lista de temas:
01.Eastern standard time
02.You're so delightfull
03.Close to you
04.Mood Indigo
05.20 minutes to go
06.Monkey Man
07.You are the one
09.Enjoy your self
10.I'll close my eyes
11.Trotting in
12.Chatti Chatti
13.Close to you (Instrumental)
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Dancing Mood - Vol. 2 (2002)

Lista de temas:
02.Tear up!
04.For all we know
05.Take the 'A' train
06.Dr. Kildare
07.Smile a while
09.Days of wine and roses
10.In a melow tone
11.You make me feel brand new
13.The Shadow of your smile
14.You see trouble with me
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Dancing Mood - Dancing Groove (2004)

Lista de temas:
01.A night in Tunusia
02.Police woman
03.The look of love (con Mimi Maura)
04.Scrapple from the apple
06.Come on girl
07.They laughed (con Fidel Nadal)
08.Just friends
09.Sweet and lovely
10.Just don't want to be lonely (con Karen Fleitas AMM)
11.One more dance
12.Latin goes ska
13.Love don't love nobody (con Mariano Castro)
14.Guns of Navarone (con el Pelado Rossatti)
15.A groovy kind of love (con Mimi Maura)
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Dancing Mood - Groovin, high (2006)

Lista de temas:
01.Straight no chase
02.The chicken
03.Yesterday once more
05.Groovin' high
06.Just the way you are
07.Take five
09.The duke
11.Blue in green
12.Dewey Square
13.You baby
14.Ska in Vienna woods
16.Tell me what's wrong
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Dancing Mood - Deluxe (2008)

Lista de temas:
Disco 1
01.Presentación (De Orellano)
02.Rocky Oberture
03.Take Five
05.The Chicken
06.Yesterday Once More (Con Mimi Maura)
07.Close To You (Con Mimi Maura)
08.A Night in Tunisia
09.You're so Delightfull
12.Scrapple From The Apple
13.Exhale (Con Debora Dixon & Paula Varela)
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Disco 2
01.Just Don't Want To Be Lonely (Con Debora Dixon & Paula Varela)
02.Police Woman (Con Skay Beilinson)
03.Fantasy (Con Skay Beilinson)
04.The Long & Winding Road
05.Just Friends (Con Valentino)
06.Just The Way You Are (Con Guillermo Bonetto De Los Cafres)
09.You Baby (Con Mariano Castro De Dread Mar I)
10.Occupation (Con Sergio Rotman De Mimi Maura)
12.Have you ever seen the Rain (Con Vicentico) (Bonus Track)
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Dancing Mood - On the sunny side of the street (2009)

Lista de temas:
03.On the sunny side of the street
04.Suzie Wong
05.Garden of love
06.You' ve made me so very happy
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