Great Metal Covers Vol. 01-11

Que hay banda de identi el dia de hoy les traigo esta coleccion de discos de Metal Covers, en total son 55 Volumenes ire subiendolos poco a poco y en partes de 11 volumenes por post, espero que les agraden y sin mas que decir les dejo los primeros 11 para que se atasquen de Heavy Metal.

Great Metal Covers Vol. 1


Metal covers vol.01

01. Goodbye yellow brick road (elton john cover) - dream theater
02. Music (george miles cover) ? metallium
03. Still loving you (scorpions cover) - sonata arctica
04. Dream on (aerosmith cover) - ronnie james dio
05. Mr crowley (ozzy osbourne cover) - ripper owens
06. Show must go on (queen cover) ? metalium
07. Can't get it out of my head (elo cover) - velvet revolver
08. Knockin' on heaven's door (bob dylan cover) - guns 'n' roses
09. Hey you (pink floyd cover) - dream theater
10. Logical song (supertramp cover) - at vance
11. White room (cream cover) ? helloween
12. Live & let die (paul maccartney cover) - guns 'n' roses
13. The winner takes it all (abba cover) - at vance
14. Lay all your love on me (abba cover) ? avantasia
15. Summernight city (abba cover) - therion

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 2


Metal covers vol.02

01. The final countdown (europe cover) - vision divine
02. It's a sin (pet shop boys cover) - gamma ray
03. The wind beneath my wings (bette middler cover) - sonata arctica
04. Dancing with tears in my eyes (ultravox cover) ? avantasia
05. Small town boy (bronsky beat cover) - paradise lost
06. Cars (gary numan cover) - fear factory
07. World in my eyes (depeche mode cover) - sonata arctica
08. The spirit of radio (rush cover) - kip winger & jeff stinco
09. Tom sawyer (rush cover) - sebastian bach & cifarelli & jeff feldman
10. Limelight (rush cover) - kip winge & andreas kisser
11. Shake my tree (coverdale page cover) - baron rojo

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 3


Metal covers vol.03
01. What i like about you (romantics cover) ? poison
02. Rebel yell (billy idol cover) - children of bodom
03. Dancing queen (abba cover) ? glow
04. S.o.s. (abba cover) - at vance
05. Another one bites the dust (queen cover) - dream theater
06. Shot in the dark (ozzy osbourne cover) - children of bodom
07. Money, money, money (abba cover) - at vance
08. Super trouper (abba cover) ? custard
09. Waterloo (abba cover) ? nation
10. Shout (tears for fears cover) - at vance
11. Run like hell (pink floyd cover) - j. Schell
12. Antother brick in the wall (pink floyd cover) - fee waybill
13. Money (pink floyd cover) - dream theater
14. Comfortably numb (pink floyd cover) - dream theater

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 4


Metal covers vol.04
01. Paradise city (guns 'n' roses cover) - joetown feat jim bell
02. Sweet child o mine (guns 'n' roses cover) - jizzy pearl gilby clarke randy castillo
03. Rock & roll all nite (kiss cover) ? poison
04. Search & destroy (iggy pop cover) - l.a. guns
05. Detroit rock city (kiss cover) ? helloween
06. You could be mine (guns 'n' roses cover) - richard kendrick
07. Paranoid (black sabbath cover) - vince neil
08. Paint it black (rolling stones cover) - glenn tipton
09. It's so easy (guns 'n' roses cover) - radio vipers
10. Walk this way (aerosmith cover) - fee waybill
11. Rocket queen (guns 'n' roses cover) - derrick lefevre
12. Night train (guns 'n' roses cover) - marko pukkila phil lewis chad stewart
13. Pretty tied up (guns 'n' roses cover) - the slashtones
14. Wasted years (iron maiden cover) - twisted sister & dokken
15. 22 acacia avenue (iron maiden cover) - dream theater
16. Run to the hills (iron maiden cover) - msg & pygmy love circus
17. Hellraiser (motorhead cover) - joe lynn turner (rainbow)

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 5


Metal covers vol.05
01. Music (george miles cover) - ivory tower
02. Children of the damned (iron maiden cover) - dream theater
03. Civil war (guns 'n' roses cover) - one bad son
04. Flight of icarus (iron maiden cover) - ripper owens & dio
05. Wrathchild (iron maiden cover) - paul di'anno & testament & helmet
06. The evil that men do (iron maiden cover) - c.jericho & p.gilbert (mr.big)
07. Alien nation (scorpions cover) - seven witches
08. Rock you like a hurricane (scorpions cover) ? sinergy
09. Don't stop at the top (scorpions cover) - children of bodom
10. The trooper (iron maiden cover) ? motorhead
11. Can i play with madness (iron maiden covers) - mark slaughter
12. The number of the beast (iron maiden covers) - iced earth
13. Ides of march purgatory (iron maiden cover) - steel prophet
14. Eye of the tiger (survivor cover) - at vance
15. Seventh avenue - burning heart (survivor)
16. Bohemian rhapsody (queen cover) - bruce dickinson

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 6


Metal covers vol.06
01. Fear of the dark (iron maiden) - testament & dio
02. The number of the beast (iron maiden) - dream theater
03. 2 minutes to midnight (iron maiden) - j.lynn turner & r.kotzen
04. Aces high (iron maiden) - scott soto & bettencourt
05. Wasted years (iron maiden) - nocturnal rites
06. Electric eye (judas priest) ? benediction
07. Hallowed be thy name (iron maiden) - dream theater
08. Metal gods (judas priest) - primal fear
09. The wickerman (iron maiden) - anthrax & armored saint
10. Symphony of destruction (megadeth) - paul di 'anno & jeriko
11. Powerslave (iron maiden) - children of bodom
12. My friend of misery (metallica) - dark tranquillity
13. One (metallica) ? crematory
 14. Fade to black (metallica) - sonata arctica

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 7


Metal covers vol.07
01. Somebody put something in my drink (ramones cover) - children of bodom
02. Seek & destroy (metallica cover) - primal fear
03. Master of puppets (metallica cover) - burden of grief
04. Symphony of destruction (megadeth cover) ? alghazanth
05. Balls to the wall (accept cover) ? sinner
06. Metal heart (accept cover) - dimmu borgir
07. Enter sandman (metallica cover) ? motorhead
08. Paint it black (rolling stones cover) - the agony scene
09. Burning (accept cover) ? metalium
10. Princess of the dawn (accept cover) ? godgogy
11. Monsterman (accept cover) - seven witches
12. Bark at the moon (ozzy osbourne cover) - strung out
13. Born to be wild (stepenwolf cover) ? bewitched
14. Kill the king (rainbow cover) - primal fear
15. Phantoms of death (helloween cover) - iron savior
16. Speedking (deep purple cover) - primal fear

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 8


Metal covers vol.08
02. Paranoid (black sabbath cover) ? megadeth
03. God save the queen (sex pistols cover) ? motorhead
04. So what [anti nowhere league] ? metallica
05. Anarchy in the uk (sex pistols cover) ? megadeth
06. Stone cold crazy (queen cover) ? metallica
07. Johnny b. Goode (chuck berry coiver) - judas priest
08. Roll over vic vella - iron maiden
09. You don't mess around with jim (jim croce cover) ? poison
10. Blue suede shoes (carl perkins cover) - lemmy & the upsetters
11. Communication breackdown (led zeppelin cover) - iron maiden
12. No more mr nice guy (alice cooper cover) ? megadeth
13. Highway to hell (ac-dc cover) - quiet riot
14. Parasite (kiss cover) ? anthrax
15. Paint it black (rolling stones cover) ? wasp
16. Born to be wild (stepenwolf cover) - ozzy osbourne & miss piggy
17. House of the rising sun (the animals cover) ? sentenced
18. Should i stay or should go (the clash cover) - l.a. guns
19. The model (kraftwerk cover) ? rammstein
20. Light my fire (live) (the doors cover) - type 0 negative
21. Motorhead - louie louie (richard berry)

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 9


Metal covers vol.09 (led zeppelin)
01. Good times, bad times ? axxis
02. Black dog ? masterplan
03. Rock & roll ? elegy
04. Immigrant song - demons & wizards
05. Heartbreaker - steve morse (deep purple)
06. Livin' lovin' maid - dream theater
07. Whole lotta love - mago de oz
08. Black dog - dream theater
09. Immigrant song - consortium project
10. Misty mountain hop - taime downe (faster pussycat)
11. Rock and roll - steve lukather (toto)
12. Houses of the holy - joe leste (bang tango) & john corabi (motley crue)
13. Good times bad times ? godsmack
14. Kashmir ? angra
15. Thank you ? tesla
16. Stairway to heaven - white skull
17. All my love - billy sherwood, tony kaye & alan white (yes)

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Great Metal Covers Vol. 10


Metal covers vol.10 (deep purple)
01. Perfect strangers - dream theater
02. Highway star - at vance
03. Burn ? riot
04. Smoke on the water ? metallium
05. Strange kind of woman ? kotzen
06. Stormbringer - jorn lande
07. Burn - glover & loudamp
08. Space truckin' ? tesla
09. Woman from tokyo ? kotzen
10. Smoke on the water - bruce dickinson & brian may
11. Fireball - glover, pitrelli & kotzen
12. Lazy - joe lynn turner & yngwie malmsteen
13. Black night - red wine
14. Space truckin' - kip winger & tony macalpine
15. Speed king - turner, pitrelli & moore
16. Burn - jorn lande

Descarga Mega:!OxIGAbII!RLPd6T8fkpv2ud_AvIfp2NJiE24TalWuH7sTdwyOD44

Great Metal Covers Vol. 11


Metal covers vol.11 (ac-dc)
01. Highway to hell (ac-dc cover) - iced earth
02. Long way to the top (ac-dc cover) - iced earth
03. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (ac-dc cover) ? exodus
04. Back in black (ac-dc cover) - joe lynn turner (rainbow)
05. Hells bells (ac-dc cover) - john cobari (motley crue)
06. Sin city (ac-dc cover) - twisted sister
07. It's a long way to the top (ac-dc cover) ? motorhead
08. Highway to hell (ac-dc cover) - joe lynn turner (rainbow)
09. Girls got rhythm (ac-dc cover) - robin mcauley
10. You shook me all night long (ac-dc cover) - doug pinnick
11. Whole lot of rosie (ac-dc cover) - stephen pearcy
12. Let there be rock (ac-dc cover) - paul shortino
13. T.n.t. (ac-dc cover) - sebastian bach
14. Sin city (ac-dc cover) - jack russell
15. Back in black (ac-dc cover) - living colour
16. Whole lotta rosie (ac-dc cover) ? wasp

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