Discografía Completa Sophi Ellix Bextor

Discografía Completa Sophi Ellix Bextor

Su música es una mezcla de dance, indie, rock alternativo e influencias de música electrónica de los 80's. Es de las artistas más destacadas del dance por su hit mundial «Murder On The Dancefloor» que la colocó hasta la cima de su carrera tras haber triunfado con el single «Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)» con Spiller y, por otro lado, con su grupo Theaudience. Su éxito principalmente ha sido en Europa, Asia, América Latina y Australia, y muy especialmente en su país natal Reino Unido.

Read My Lips

01. Murder On Hte Dancefloor

02. Take Me Home

03. Lover

04. Move This Mountain

05. Music Gets The Best Of Me

06. Sparkle

07. The Universe Is You

08. I Believe

09. Get Over You

10. By Chance

11. Is It Any Wonder

12. Leave The Others Alone

13. Final Move

14. Everything Falls Into Place

15. Groovejet (If This Aint Love) (Live Version)

Shoot From the Hip

01. Making Music

02. Mixed Up World

03. I Wont Change You

04. Nowhere Without You

05. Another Day

06. Party In My Head

07. Love It Is Love

08. You Get Yours

09. The Walls Keep Saying Your Name

10. I Wont Dance Without You

11. I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want

12. Hello Hello

Trip The Light Fantastic

01. Catch You

02. Me And My Imagination

03. Today The Sun's On Us

04. New York City Lights

05. If I Can't Dance

06. Distance Between Us

07. If You Go

08. Only One

09. Love Is Here

10. New Flame

11. China Heart

12. What Have We Started?

13. Can't Have It All (Bonus Track)

14. Supersonic (Bonus Track)

Make A Scene

01. Revolution

02. Bittersweet - Featuring The Freemasons

03. Off & On

04. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) - Featuring The Freemasons

05. Not Giving Up On Love - Featuring Armin Van Buuren

06. Can't Fight this Feeling - Beaturing Junior Caldera

07. Starlight

08. Under Your Touch

09. Make A Scene

10. Magic

11. Dial My Number

12. Homewrecker

13. Synchronized

14. Cut Straight To The Heart 


01. Birth Of An Empire

02. Until The Stars Collide

03. Runaway Daydreamer

04. The Deer & The Wolf

05. Young Blood

06. Interlude

07. 13 Little Dolls

08. Wrong Side of the Sun

09. Love Is A Camera

10. Cry To The Beat Of The Band

11. When The Storm Has Blown Over

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@SALAGUIN7K Jajajajaja nos encontramos hasta en la sopa amigo  
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muy buana cantante, gracias por el post
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