[MP3] Guns N' Roses Exclusive! ''2000 Intentions"


I included the 2000 Chinese Democracy, instrumentals, and various instrumentals that are 100% woth hearing! They all really give insight into the epicness and unnecessary work that went into CD.

Vocalista : Axl Rose
Guitarra 1: Buckethead
Guitarra 2: Robin Finck
Guitarra 3: Paul Huge
Bajista : Tommy Stinson
Batería : Brain
Teclados: Dizzy Reed
Arreglos y efectos: Chris Pitman


1. Catcher in the Rye w/ Brian May (2000 Intensions)
2. IRS (2000 Intensions)
3. The Blues (2000 Intensions)
4. Rhiad N the Bedouins (2000 Intensions)
5. There Was A Time (2000 Intensions)
6. Shackler’s Revenge (2000 Intensions)
7. Madagascar (Acoustic Instrumental)
8. Better (Instrumental)
9 Shackler’s Revenge (Instrumental)
10 Prostitute (Instrumental)
11. Rhiad N’ the Bedouins (Instrumental)
12. Scraped (Instrumental)
13. There Was a Time (Additional Instruments)
14. Catcher In the Rye (Additional Instruments)
15. Street Of Dreams (Additional Instruments)
16. Madagascar (Additional Instruments)
17. This I Love (Additional Instruments)
18. Prostitute (Piano Orchestra)



[MP3] Guns N' Roses Exclusive! ''2000 Intentions"

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el guitarra 3 es paul tobias!
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