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Stonehearth - Updates (Actualizable)

  • Categoría: Reciclaje
  • Publicado hace más de 3 años

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Stonehearth - Updates (Actualizable)

Stonehearth es un juego donde tendremos que establecer suministros, construir refugios, defender a tu pueblo y encontrar una manera de crecer y expandirse, enfrenta todos los desafíos uno por uno. Podremos combinar edades con posibilidades de construcción infinitas, este es un juego que esta construido para ser modificado en todos los niveles, desde la ciudad, las personas y criaturas que habitan en el mundo..

Stonehearth is a game about exploration and survival in an epic fantasy setting. Your job is to help a small group of settlers survive and carve out a place for themselves in a hostile land. You?ll need to establish a food supply, build shelter, defend your people, and find a way to grow and expand, facing challenges at every step. 

Starting from procedurally generated terrain with dynamic AI encounters, Stonehearth combines city sim and good old combat with infinite building possibilities. It?s built to be moddable at every level, from your city, to the people and creatures inhabiting the world, and will ship with the tools and documentation for you to add your own customizations to the game, and share them with friends. 

Build and Grow Your City

The heart of the game is city building and management. When you're just starting out, you'll need to juggle tasks like obtaining a sustainable food supply, building shelter, and defending your fledgling settlement from raiders. 

Once you've achieved a foothold in the world, it will be up to you to write the destiny for your people. You?re going to have the flexibility to choose your own path in this game. Do you want to build a great conquering empire? A vibrant trade city? A spiritual monastery? We really want you to feel like this is your settlement, and give you the tools that make it look and operate exactly as you wish. 

Level Up Your Settlers

All the settlers in your towns have jobs. A job is like a class in a role playing game. Each job has a specific role like hauling materials, building, crafting, and fighting. As your little guys work at a job they will gain experience and levels. Some jobs, when they meet certain pre-requisites, can upgrade into entirely new jobs with new capabilities 

Usually to assign someone a new job you'll also need to craft a tool for them. The Mason can craft blocks, statues, and tools from stone, but to do it he'll need a mallet and chisel crafted by the carpenter. Our goal is to have a tech tree that's both very wide and very deep, so there will be plenty of different kinds of things to do in the game, but also a lot of depth to explore if you want to concentrate on any one area. 

Epic Boss Fights!

As your town becomes more wealthy and prosperous, you risk attracting the attention of one of the world's Titans, epic boss monsters looking to protect their turf, or just to plunder your riches. Each boss will have a unique lore and set of abilities used to lay waste to your city. 

Player Driven Legacy Through Modding

We LOVE mods and want to make it as easy as possible to author and share mods. 

Want to see a new kind of sword in the game? You can model it, define it?s stats, and then craft it in game. You can also share the design with other players so they can enjoy it too, or bring their authored content into your game. 

As a modder you?ll be able to do basically anything that we as developers can do: introduce new items and monsters, write new scripted adventures, influence the AI, you name it. It goes back to that original pen and paper RPG experience, where ?the game? is a collaboration between the core ruleset and the stories crafted by the gamemaster. 

Sistema Operativo: Windows XP,7,8, 8.1
Procesador: 1.7Ghz o superior
Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
Gráficos: 512 MB de VRAM
DirectX: Versión 9.0c
Disco duro: 80 MB de espacio disponible

Stonehearth v0.1.0r49 26/02/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


? Change to Job Promotion Gameplay Flow. We?ve changed the way you promote the Carpenter. Instead of building workshops from the menu, you first promote the Carpenter from a saw, then the Carpenter builds his own workshop. This way, 100% of classes get promoted in the same way, by grabbing their tool: the saw for the Carpenter, a sword for a Swordsman, etc.
? New World Map! When you start a new game, you?ll see an overview of the world and choose where you want to settle. As we add game features, we?ll add more information to the map and the information scroll that describe your chosen starting spot.
? World Critters. Sheep and rabbits have been added to the game. They?re sneaky, and sometimes hard to find. For now they just look pretty, but you?ll be able to interact with them once we finish our work on the Trapper class.
? Quick Start. We?ve added the option to start the game at a random location in a random world.
? Fixes a number of bugs, including the notorious Repetitive Wood-Carrying Syndrome that used to bring civilization to its knees.
? Mixintos and Overrides
? Better Error Reporting
? Nondeterministic dreaming
? UI character sheet tweaks
? Full-screen mode will now correctly change the game to the correct resolution for your monitor. You?ll be able to choose a resolution in a future patch.
? When in window mode, the game will now remember where it is on the screen between play sessions.
? ?? ???????????.
? Keyboard controls for the camera, WASD to move and QE to rotate
? Graphics settings dialog available from the title screen
? Default graphics options are set to something that will work on low-end cards. If you have a beefy card, play around with them to improve the look of your game.
? The UI will now work correctly on screens smaller than 1080p
? Settlers now desire just 1 meal per day (down from 3)
? New character sheet, so you can learn a little bit about your settlers

48.5 MB

Stonehearth v0.1.0r53 Alpha 2 04/03/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

? Fixes some bugs.
? One new class: The Trapper
? Introduced the overworld map and embark flow
? Added basic wildlife to the world, Fog of War, and significant performance improvements to the AI.
? Big correctness fixes in the simulation, especially around workers
? Major improvements in graphic performance, especially on low-end graphics cards
? Major improvements in simulation performance
? Initial set of mod ?quality of life? improvements

48.5 MB

Stonehearth - Updates (Actualizable)

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