Volver al Futuro: El Juego (880 MB) JUEGAZO!

Release Name: RG Mechanics Back To The Future: The Game (2010-2011) PC RePack
Size: 880MB
Repacker: RG Mechanics
Lenguage: English, Russian


Episode 1 ? The Time is Now:
Marty McFly tries to return to normal life without Doc in his home in 1986, but the sudden appearance of DeLorean, which was destroyed in his eyes, makes one believe that Doc is in danger again ? now the boy has to move back in time to save future my friend!

Episode 2 ? Get hold Tannen!:
Marty and Doc saved them have gathered to go back to the future, but no such luck. Marty again begins to fade from reality, and when he does manage to get by, and return to the present, they can expect a world in which all the rules of the criminal family of Tannen, McFly doomed to endless bullying them, and Jennifer Parker does not exist. And again, friends have to go back in time to recover now.

Episode 3 ? Citizen Brown:
After the successful arrest Tannen and return to their 1980s, Marty is surprised to learn that their world is once again changed beyond recognition ? in this reality, the most revered man in town was the mysterious ?First Citizen Brown.?

Episode 4 ? Different views:
in 1931 approaching ?Scientific Exhibition Hill Valley?, and Marty and First Citizen Brown are making every effort to prevent the most fatal mistake made ??by a young Emmett Brown!

Episode 5 ? Beyond Time:
And finally, properly constructed fate Emmett, Marty has to get acquainted with his great-grandfather, his grandmother, his friend and myself, and at the same time again to visit the Wild West, trying to prevent the destruction of all Hill Valley.

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Volver al Futuro: El Juego (880 MB) JUEGAZO!

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25 Comentarios Volver al Futuro: El Juego (880 MB) JUEGAZO!
tendrian que hacer un juego asi para play 1 o sega
que bien que postees juegos que casi nadie comparte, pero este no es un juegazo para nada, es mas como aventura gr?
buen aporte, lastima que esta en ingles pero tal vez se consiga algun parche o algo, igual se ingles pero no tengo ganas de jugar en ingles xD
Requisitos amigo ?
@ShaoKahn Seguramente hay dando vueltas alg?
no sabia que exist?
recien me entero que existe.. ma?
Nunca juego nada...Pero esto me llam?
@rodri_25 @facho92 Gracias por los comentarios! Est?
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Saca open english bolu, noseas ignorante, estas actuando ignorante
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Como viene la mano??
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quee? dije que se ingles pero no tengo ganas de jugarlo en ese idioma y me juego todas las playstations que tengo a que se mucho mas que vos de ingles
la verdad que es recomendable encontre los sub para el episodio 1 y esta muy bueno el juego!!!!
hola amigos les pongo el sitio donde encontr?
genial lo buscaba  +10  
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@vakro Gracias maestro.
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