Crea tu Propio Facebook (entra y sabr?s como)

Buenas amigos les traigo una aplicación web para todos los que quieran tener un facebook propio e independiente

esta aplicación se llama phpDolphin y sirve tanto para web como para tu móvil 

las características son (esta en ingles):

Live Chat, Messages & Comments.
News Feed (Friends Activity): displays messages posted by friends, online friends, friends suggestions and more
Timeline (Personal Feed): displays all the messages posted by the author (personal feed), online friends and more
Profile (Public Timeline): Displays your public profile along with Events, Archieve, Places and more
Messages (Chat): Displays your friends based on their last activity, showing both online and offline friends.
Photos: upload up to 9 images at a time, displayed as gallery (facebook like).
Events: Photos, Videos, Maps (Google Maps), Custom Locations, Movies, Songs, Games, Meals.
Likes for messages with latest avatars preview and total likes counter.
Share messages from other users on your timeline.
#hashtag in messages, comments and chat conversations.
Trending Topics: Top 5 trending topics on Feed/Timeline page and Top 10 Trending Topics on #hashtag search page.
Notifications Center: Get notifications (red notification with counter) from your friends when they: Like, Share, Comment, Chat and New Friends.
Block: Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other.
Profile Privacy: Public (everyone can see the profile), Semi-Private (only friends can see the page), Private only you can see the profile.
Sound Notifications for New Notifications & Messages (triggers only when the page is not focused).
Message Privacy: Public (available for public and semi-private profiles), Private (available only to the author).
Online Privacy: Appear Online (when available) or Always Offline.

Report: Messages and Comments.
E-mail Notifications: when someone post a comment on your message or like it.
Notifications when new messages are posted on Feed, Subscriptions and Profile pages.
Emoticons (smiles) in Messages, Comments and Chat.
Verified Profiles.

Password recovery.
Unified Search Box: Live search for #hashtags and users (by Usernames, Names and Emails) with filter for Males of Females genres.
Covers and avatars for user profiles
Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices)
Filters Messages: Events (Pictures, Music, Videos, etc) and Archives (by Months [Timeline]).
Filters Notifications: Messages, Comments, Likes, Chat conversations.
Ajaxed pagination sitewide.
Friends suggestions (for new users).
Add Social Profiles for: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Turn On/Off visual notifications for Likes, Comments, Shares, Friendships, and Chat conversations.

Turn On/Off e-mail notifications for Likes and Comments and New Friends.
Log-in: Users can use both usernames and emails to log-in into their accounts.
YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud (with playlist for profiles) players integration into messages.

Script/Admin Features:

Manage Users View, Edt, Verify, Delete Registerd Users.
Manage Reports View the reported messages/comments, mark them as safe or delete them.
Themes System (No PHP required and easy to understand system) ? Activate or Deactivate themes.
Multi-Language System multi language platform with one file translation.

Modify the Time-Stamps format (4 types).
Turn On/Off mail notifications for registration, e-mail notifications for comments and likes (overrides user?s settings).
Change messages, comments, chat conversations per page.
Change the character limit per Post Message and Chat Message
Change the time interval for Notifications Center and Messages when to check for new notifications.
Change the time interval for Chat Conversations how often checks for new chat conversations.
Advanced statistics about User Registrations, Messages, Comments, Reported Messages & Comments, Likes.

Cache system for all images uploaded, that includes profile avatars, covers, and uploaded photos in messages.
Set the max. allowed image size for user?s profile.
Image file format allowed on user?s profile.
Set the max. allowed image size for upload in messages.
Image file format allowed in messages.
Option to censor words.
Manage reported messages (tweets).
6 Ad units for specific places.

API to retrieve User Profile Details or latest 20 Messages of a User.
and so much more (see screenshots).
UpdatesUpdate 1.2.6

Added Speech Recognition for the Search Input (the voice search is only supported by Chrome)
Improved the JavaScript functions file
Improved the English, Romanian and Dutch language file
Fixed a CSS property nameUpdate 1.2.5
Added support for cyrillic, chinese, hebrew, accénted letters, etc. in #hashtags
Added extra classes for the main element containers giving theme developers greater flexibility
Improved the security against cross site scripting on the search results pageUpdate 1.2.4
Added Sound Notification upon new Global & Messages notifications
Added Sound Notification upon new live chat message arrival
Added Dynamic Title Tag [exclamation tag (!)] upon new Global & Messages notifications

Added Dynamic Title Tag [exclamation tag (!)] upon new live chat message arrival
Sound Notification and Dynamic Title tag triggers when the page is not focused (inactive)
Update 1.2.3
Added extra classes for the events inside the message posts, giving theme developers greater flexibility regarding theme customizations.
Update 1.2.2
Added Profile Cards on avatars hovers on the Messages and Comments (On all pages)
Improved the images select button on IE9 and IE10
Improved the API, now you can fetch details by Username instead of ID and the Profile Privacy is taken in consideration when fetching both profiles and messages
Fixed an issue with the #hashtags not being created when they were at the beginning of a new line

Update 1.2.1
Added log-in with email (you can now use both the username and email to log-in)
Added visual and email notifications when someone adds you as friend
Added Delete function on the Edit User Page from the Admin Panel
Improved the Admin Panel display (added separators between input settings types)
Improved the English, Romanian and Dutch language file
Updated the icons, texts, and description for the Notifications Page
Fixed an issue in the Feed where in certain cases the Privacy icon would appear unwanted
Fixed an issue where your profile was set to semi-private/private the settings button won?t show
Fixed User Chat Search not working properly due to a theme update
Fixed Verified User Image not appearing when loading more peoples in the Friends Pages

Update 1.2.0
Completely reworked the entire Notification System (now they are personal)
Added Notification System for the New Chat Messages (with small text snippets)
Added Notification Counter for Global & Chat Notifications
Added title tags for the Post pages
Added Friends Activity (latest 20 events) on Feed and Timeline pages
Added Lightbox View for the Cover Image & Avatar Image
Added ?visual_refresh? parameter to Maps (Enables the new Google Maps display)
Added Search by Email to the unified search (Exact Match)
Added Verified Badges to Live Search, Search Page and Friends Page
Improved the Search Results (Verified persons have priority in the results)
Improved the Friends Suggestions (Showing only public profiles)
Improved the Recent People Chat (Showing unread messages with a grey background)
Improved the English and Romanian language files
Improved the Vimeo Url Insertion
Fixed a small bug where in rare to none cases the user couldn?t change his password
Fixed a small issue with the Welcome widget from the sidebar

Requirements: PHP 5.3, MySQLi and GD Library.

esta recomendada para todos lo que quieren aprender a administrar su propia web multiusuarios


este script es funcional y simple para los que pregunta es tan simple como solo subir los archivos a su servidor y solo ingresar o auto ingresar a tu web sea la direccion que tenga y te guiara para instalarlo sin problemas y asi funcionar sin mas ni mas .. no nesecitaras mas conocimientos que los que ya tienes para postear.... asi que creo que te sera facil de usar 

los recursos que usan son minimos y todos los web hosting ya sea de pago o free te sirven para funcionar da igual si tienes un top domain o un sub domain

no requiere de conocimientos expertos en configuracion para poder usarlo asi que no debes ser bill gates para instalarlo y hacerlo funcionar

nota:incluye todo lo que hace falta para saber como hacerlo funcionar y si sabes un minimo de ingles lo tendras funcionando en 5 minutos
ademas va con un pequeño regalo... 

una plantilla o theme nuevo

que lo disfruten..

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Crea tu Propio Facebook (entra y sabr?s como)

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1. podrias arreglar el post? se te desordeno todo
2. el dominio es .com? o algo o te la exporta a .html
Que horrible formato de post, arreglalo.
esto es copy y paste..poco explicativo, sobreabundante en caracteristicas que no estan organizadas de modo alguno.
Yo intente usar el Spirate pero igual que tu post, poco entendible lo que debia hacer o como montarlo jeje >.<
se ve que creaste tu propio post tambien
y que quieren entender? para poder montar algo asi tienen que tener conocimientos sobre html, php y bases, es imposible hacer un post sobre esto, no cualquiera lo hace, ademas no en cualquier host lo pueden montar, ahi dice lo requerimentos.
@uilp__44a  @medramix  @dino013 @Andreavdf @ReGrayson @malocchio actualizado ... y simplemente es para persona que saben lo que buscan... o saben que hacer con una herramienta simple para que puedan usar
yo ya lo monte una vez pero afrontemoslo el gancho del facebook es que millones de personas registradas... al crear una aplicacion de facebook personal... pues no hay nadie jajaja y eso le hace perder el chiste. solo una semana lo tuve.
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