Pool Nation - Updates (Actualizable)

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Pool Nation - Updates (Actualizable) 

Pool Nation es el juego definitivo de billar para PC, con gráficos perfectos y realistas, física del mundo real, y una gran variedad de modos de juego y series de normas. Dale a la cámara lenta y rebobina con el sistema único de repetición, que te permite ver la acción de cerca. Enfréntate a hábiles oponentes en los amplios modos profesionales, desbloqueando nuevas bolas, ubicaciones y tacos. Juega con otros usuarios de todo el mundo, con partidas individuales y torneos. Engánchate al increíblemente desafiante modo Resistencia, una partida frenética contrarreloj que te enganchará como no te imaginas. Comparte tus tiempos, puntuaciones y logros con tus amigos, tu familia y con el mundo entero a través de Facebook.

Sistema: Windows XP o superior
Procesador: Pentium 4 3 GHz o equivalente
Memoria: 1024 MB RAM
Tarjeta gráfica: ATI Radeon x3800 de 512 MB o nVidia GeForce 8800 de 512 MB, o superior
Especio en el disco duro: 15 GB
DirectX 9.0c

Pool Nation Inc. DLC's v1.32 

Changelog de ésta versión:

Ene 14, V1.32
    Further changes to prevent getting stuck on enumerating dlc screen
    Quick change to cue unlocks not being reported correctly.

Changelog versiones anteriores:

Ene 13, V1.3
    Minor changes in attempt to make game start more reliably for people having issues with the 'enumerating dlc' screen

Ene 09, V1.29
    Fix for game not loading for new users

Ene 06, V1.28
    Fix for Tutorials and Archives info not being shown correctly on single player menu

Ene 06, V1.27
    Replays now start playing automatically.
    Replay controls are no longer 'sticky'

Dec 31, V1.26
    New game save made to be backward compatible with old version.

Dec 23, V1.25
    Fix to archive saving/loading

Dec 20, V1.24
    Arrows added to controls screen
    Fix to archive deletion

Dec 19, V1.23
    Deletion of archive matches now possible

Dec 19, V1.21
    Controls remapping screen updated.

Dec 17, V1.2
    Remapped controls are now saved and loaded correctly.

Dec 11, V1.19
    Online matches now respect your cue and aiming aid choices correctly.
    New Golden Cue as reward for winning the NoAimz community tournament.
    Cue ball position is now slightly randomised on break to prevent same break occuring

Dec 02, V1.14
    Menu sounds now work with mouse
    Slightly streamlined 'no results found' when searching
    New patch system. Should make updates a lot faster.
    Back button added to search results screen.
    Beta tester names added to credits.

Nov 27, V1.12 - (Pulled build)
    Key repeats are now detected when chatting.
    'Spectator' camera now has much less restriction on movement limits.
    Network data being sent has been drastically reduced.
    'XXX is typing' message now displayed when opponent is typing a message.
    Power bar now fades to 25% opacity when power is locked so you can still see what's behind it.
    You can no longer change the power with the mouse when you are moving the cue ball.

Nov 22, V1.11
    Added 'Press enter to close' message to text chat
    Bug fixes for people using controller when chatting.
    Slow-mo is now disabled when playing Speed.
    We now display a simple loading screen when entering free play games.
    Tweaks to online menus to let you know your progression in online tournaments.
    Added 'Playername is typing' to text chat when opponent has chat open.
    Fixes for missing avatars.
    Made the text chat box a bit bigger.
    Added a 'create match' button to the search results screen.

Nov 20, V1.093
    Added ability to text chat with online opponent.
    Added ability to enter free play while waiting in the lobby
    Overhead camera fixes.
    Leaderboard fixes.
    New universal search shows you all available online matches regardless of match type
    Redesign of online menus to match new universal search functionality
Nov 05, V1.06
    Added new 'Champion' aiming aid setting, and restored original 'Pro' aiming aid.
    Removed Halloween splash screen (balls and decals are still available to use)
    Online menus re-designed slightly to give more information and better functionality.
    Fixed issue with online search results not clearing out old entries when you select 'search again'.

Oct 28, V1.05
    Archive matches that were archived from being the client in an online game are now controllable when you load them.
    Translation updates
    Fixed leaderboard arrows becoming stuck when clicking them with mouse.
    Stabalised the camera when in leaderboard.
    Fixed arrows on post match stats screen not being clickable.
    Fix for the 'archive' button not working when you finished an online game.

Oct 25, V1.04
    New control switching ability for mouse input.
    Change to pro aiming aid, only shows cue ball trajectory (community request)
    Added Halloween splash screen, balls and decals.
    Fix for phantom, unjoinable lobbies.
    Lobby screen now ignores mouse when you're using the controller.
    Launcher now shows correct number of render devices.

Oct 24, V1.03
    Ball in hand controlled with mouse.
    Unlocks (cues, decals, players etc) awarded correctly (and retrospectively)
    Windowed mode preference on launcher is now saved.
    Achievements that players haven't received (but should have) are now awarded retrospectively.

Oct 22, V1.02
    Fixed missing music and fmvs, fix for missing unlocks
    Free play now uses player's tour aiming aid setting.
    Fix for bug where both online players would enter 'spectator mode' at the start of a new frame in a multi frame match.
    Improved compatibility with some notebooks.

Oct 21, V1.01
    Release Patch 1 (Single data file patch). Reduces install size by 75%
    Some translation fixes.
    Fix aiming aid setting not changing in online matches.
    Slow mo camera is now more frequent.
    You no longer have to wait for opponent to unpause in an online match to continue your shots.
    Fixes to missing achivements.
    Camera no longer responds to mouse input when game doesn't have focus.
    3rd and 4th tours can now be unlocked by people who had a save file from the BETA.
    Higher res art assets.
    'Reverse' and 'forward' control hints now show mouse icons instead of controller buttons.
    Start screen now automatically advances. No need to wait for key press.
    You can now back out of the 'How to Play' menu with Mouse/KB.
    Missing main menu when returning from tour game now fixed.
    Fix for certain NVidia cards showing black screen with AA enabled.
    Added borderless window mode.
    Reduced Bloom levels

Oct 18, V1.0
    Release Build 

423.7 MB

Pool Nation Inc. DLC's v1.42 HotFix

Changelog de ésta versión:

As you know we like to keep you updated on any major fixes.. 

The last build update introduced a fairly serious bug where you could start an online game before the other person selected 'Ready'. This strangely caused bad things to happen - and we don't want that do we?  

You'll be pleased to know this has now been fixed in the new build.

424 MB


Pool Nation - Updates (Actualizable)

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Hola con esta actualizacion se puede jugar online ?? por que yo lo tengo y no e podido jugar online  
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Como estas @arnesek , mir?
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De nada @arnesek un gusto, saludos
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Lastima que el juego ya no lo tenga,lo tenia en un DD Externo y tube que formatearlo con 600 GB en juegos ahora voy estoy descargando solo los seleccionados a mi gusto,saludos
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Pues ahora lo descargo ya que es entretenido,saludos
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Gracias che, saludos
gracias, funciona de maravilla  
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De nada @Smigo , me alegro mucho y gracias por tu comentario  
Agregado Pool Nation Inc. DLC's v1.42 HotFix
saludos!! solo son los actualizable?, osea que tengo que tener el juego instalado ya??, gracias
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Como va @pollitocb0 , no, es el juego full mas los updates  
@Quehacesti muchas gracias bro, ya lo tengo el juego, pero creo ke me faltan los updates, me puedes decir que contienen, para arriesgarme a descargarlo todo   gracias
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