Cook, Serve, Delicious! - Updates (Actualizable)

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! - Updates (Actualizable)

'Cook, Serve, Deliciouses' un simulador de restaurante que da libertad total sobre lo que el jugador quiere para su propio negocio hostelero.

El juego se centra en un viejo y deteriorado restaurante que era el corazón de un gran edificio, hasta que tuvo que cerrar sus actividades tras una caída histórica en las ventas. Pero la creciente economía local y con la ocupación del edificio al completo, traen de vuelta negocio y tienes completo control para devolverlo a su estatus de comidas cinco estrellas de clase mundial.

Para ello, empezarás con unos pocos miles de dólares y treinta platos para elegir y confeccionar tu menú así como el equipamiento del restaurante y más. Casi todo esta desbloqueado desde el principio para poder adquirirlo; es tu restaurante y debes averiguar cual es la mejor estrategia a seguir para tener el local a rebosar de clientes.

Y si no fuera suficiente, además tendrás la oportunidad de ser seleccionado para participar en el programa de televisión El Cocinero de Hierro, ser jefe de cocina en fiestas privadas, recibir correos de clientes mostrando consejos o puro spam según les guste tu dirección y muchas cosas más.

¿Quieres poner a prueba tus dotes culinarias?


OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 8, 8.1
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: 128MB Graphics card or greater 
Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

Cook, Serve, Delicious! (Extra Crispy Edition Steam Version) v2.17

78 MB

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Extra Crispy Edition v2.5.0.1 14/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


EXTREME DIFFICULTY mode added! Start up a new game and you'll get the option of choosing the Standard Difficulty level, or go full blown crazy with the Extreme Difficulty option. This is the most brutal challenge you will likely ever face. Good luck. 
Full controller support added! The game now supports Xbox 360 and DualShock 4 controllers. All of the menus, foods, everything is controllable via your gamepad, with a brand new opening tutorial as well. Get ready for a crazy new experience! 
(Windows) Rumble is also supported, allowing you to feel the hit of every tenderizer, the sizzle of the deep fryer, the pouring of delicious beer, and lots more. You can toggle this on and off in the new gamepad options menu. 
New Game+ added! Now you can import your customers served count and achievement progress into a new game with a higher difficulty (Extreme) after achieving Platinum Star status. To activate, make sure you have a Platinum Star save, then start a New Game+ in any empty slot in the save selection menu. 
New Steam Challenges have also been added! Choose from the Staple Gun, the Pile of Meats, and the Bubbly Kitchen. $500 participation bonuses awarded for each challenge! 
A new quick options menu is now available in the opening save slot selection screen. You can now change all graphical/audio options and gamepad toggles before selecting a save slot. 
Support for High Rendering (1080p display) has been significantly improved. Recipes text, logos, tutorial splash screens, and lots more have been reworked to be properly displayed at 1080p. You can select High Rendering in the options menu, and you'll need to restart after doing so to apply the changes. 
The opening tutorial can now be replayed in the Gallery/Tutorials menu. There are two alternate tutorials for mouse/keyboard and gamepad controls. 
Options menu revamped to include gamepad options, as well as adding a keybinding menu shortcut. 
Five new achievements added. 
Foods that have a consistant recipe (Fried Chicken, Chicken Breast and Beer) now have a different recipe title depending on the star quality. 
A handful of confetti will now appear after completing a perfect day, along with some extra notifications and music. 
The trash chore of throwing garbage into the dumpster has been sped up by 30% 
New end of day perfect combo music stingers added plus a new Rush Hour track for New Game+, all by Jonathan Geer. 
Patch notes for CSD are now added as an email in your inbox when loading a save for the first time since the patch. 
The game will now display a badge for your chosen difficulty level on many game menus, including a New Game+ badge on the main menu. 
Slightly sped up texting with dates.


Fixed a display error for five star restaurants and above that would improperly mark complete the number of updates needed to progress, as well as the wording on food purchases. 
Fixed bug with friars (Fries) that could allow bad orders even when perfectly completed. 
Fixed various visual bugs with a few Specialty Foods. 
Fixed a small bug with robberies. 
Improved menu UI and displays in many instances. 
Recoded the Practice/Try Out event that would sometimes "gift" the food to the player when trying out a food. The code has been rewritten so that this bug would be totally obliterated. 
Fixed glitch that would sometimes cause Extra Events to restart, even after you have successfully beaten it. 
Changed Lettuce to Cabbage in the Soup ingredients because that's what I meant to put and I'm an idiot and I can't believe it took me this long to fix and gahhhhh. 
Fixed small visual error with dating sim (when dating women, the profile pics on your phone would sometimes be inaccurate). 
Fixed glitch when serving fish with lemon when order didn't call for it (keyboard controls). 
Fixed error with the My Daily Buzz menu percentage display when above 100% (it now displays MAX BUZZ instead). 
Raised cap for Steam Leaderboard combos and income. 
Fixed a glitch that could cause duplicate customers to come in when your prep stations are all full with orders. 
(Beta 2.50 fix) Fixed text referring to New Game+ for Munchies and Buzz descriptions. It now refers to Extreme Difficulty mode. 
(Beta 2.50 fix) Fixed lemon/seasoning perfect order bug when using a controller. 
(Beta 2.50 fix) Changed the Super Rush Hour sound stinger. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Separated the New Game+ feature from the new Extreme Difficulty level so that everyone can try it. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Opening tutorial no longer crashes when being played after practicing a food. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a random occurance that would cause the game to crash after the controller is accidentally disconnected. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Trash is now thrown properly when using mouse controls. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a glitch that would give the player burgers and corndogs for their menu when starting a new game with a controller. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a glitch that would take away burgers and corndogs (if purchased) when replaying the opening tutorial with a controller. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Change some wording in the tutorials to better communicate the LB/L1 and RB/R1 controls for the player. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Properly turned off rumble when controller is accidentally disconnected during the game when the controller is enabled. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Remapped the Pancakes gamepad controls so they feel more natural. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Certain foods now allow a full/rapid rotation of the analog stick to place all toppings/ingredients, but only when the recipe calls for all ingredients. The foods that allow this are Salads, Ice Cream, Fried Rice, Breakfast Sandwich, Nachos, Pasta and Pizza. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Changed the icon of save slots to indicate Extreme Difficulty selection. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Changed achievement text to reflect the separation of Extreme Difficulty and New Game+ 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Very slightly slowed time down even further for Super Rush Hours, extending them by ~4 seconds. More effects have also been added to Super Rush Hours to up the intensity. 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Upgraded all silver-finished menu panels to 1080p (pause menu, main dialogue box, main menu). 
(Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a glitch that would not display an Extreme Difficulty save file properly when using the Restore Saves feature.

87.6 MB


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@Quehacesti Que mal Brother!!... Pero aun asi esta increible el game!! Exelente aporte! Ya lo Descargo  
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Agregado Cook, Serve, Delicious! Extra Crispy Edition v2.5.0.1 14/04/2014
@Quehacesti oye hermano gracias asi checando en los juegos viejos melo encontre, vi q desia actualizble y dije tiene q ser buno gracias estos juegos asi son muy buenos.  
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