Varios-Hex Files Volumen 3 [MEGA]

Tracklist CD 1:

01 Specimen-Hex (12" Version) 
02 Dream Disciples-The A Thousand Yard Stare
03 Libitina- Painted Whiter Than White
04 Diary Of Dreams- Wild
05 Last Dance- The Do You Believe In Angels? (Screaming Kitty Mix)
06 Razor Skyline- The Andrea
07 Breath Of Life- The Shining
08 Mellonta Tauta- Cats Playing
09 Frozen Autumn- The There's No Time To Recall
10 Cadra Ash- Inner Strife
11 Excession -Years To Come
12 Wings Of Destiny- Waters
13 Empyrium- Autumn Grey Views
14 Informal Voices- Lonely
15 Ikon- Temple Of Light

Tracklist CD 2

01 Morbus Kitahara- Signal To Leave
02 Fallen Apart- Never Ever
03 Kiss The Blade- Raise My Head
04 Christian Death- She Never Woke Up
05 Judith- Sahara Seas
06 Into The Abyss- First Rebellion (The Prometheus Mix)
07 Land Of Passion- Circle Of Pain
08 Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores- The Man Who Loves The Sea
09 Garden Of Delight- The The Seal (Sarru Mass)
10 Sleeping Dogs- Wake Under The Stars
11 Untoten-Shelter From Death
12 Claire Voyant- Deep
13 Erblast- Ismael
14 Timothy Moldrey- Creating An Illusion



Varios-Hex Files Volumen 3 [MEGA]

Peliculas en Latino - Series en latino
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Excelentisima Biblia ghotica ... justo lo que necesitaba para expulsar a satanas!!
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