Bad Religion Live at House of Blues 2008 dvdrip


Recital filmado durante la gira de New Maps of Hell en el 2008 y editado en dvd que acompaña le reedicion deluxe de ese album

01. American Jesus
02. Modern Man
03. Generator
04. Supersonic
05. Come Join Us
06. I Want To Conquer The World
07. New Dark Ages
08. Social Suicide
09. Scrutiny
10. Heroes & Martyrs
11. Honest Goodbye
12. God?s Love
13. Do What You Want
14. Recipe For Hate
15. Requim For Dissent
16. No Control
17. Suffer
18. Only Gonna Die
19. Digital Boy
20. Los Angeles Is Burning
21. Infected
22. Sorrow

Greg Graffin ? Vocals
Jay Bentley ? Bass
Greg Hetson ? Guitar
Brian Baker ? Guitar
Mr. Brett ? Guitar

calidad : dvdrip
formato : avi
resolucion : 720 x 416
tamaño : 1,36 gb
duracion : 58 m 

                                             carpeta contenedora

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Bad Religion Live at House of Blues 2008 dvdrip

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