Terraria + Tutorial

Tal como lo dice el titulo, aqui les traigo terraria en su ultima version y en español, si tienen problemas al instalarlo les dejo aqui un tutorial:

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Terraria + Tutorial
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genial y que tiene de nuevo esta version yo juego la 1.2, gracias  
es compatible con el save. de la version ?
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si, si incluso yo tenia un sabe de la version 1.1.2 y me funciono, pero eso si el juego me aparecio un poco desactualizado, es decir, que en el momento de poner un save de una version antigua, puso cosas de la version antigua asique no te recomiendo que le pongas un sabe de una version antigua
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Mira desde la version que tu usabas has corregido todo esto (te lo dejo en ingles porque el traductor google, traduce como muy mal)

Version Changes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

   Fixed random crashing when in a snow biome in multiplayer
   Fixed a problem with painted tiles not being painted in multiplayer
   Fixed a problem that defeating plantera would force serverside characters

Version Changes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Additions:

   87 new banners were added as drops from monsters
   Glass Furniture- Now craftable with glass
   Hive Furniture- Now craftable with crisp honey
   Steampunk Furniture- Now craftable with cogs
   Pirates will now randomly drop fancy gold furniture
   You can now craft more furniture out of wood with a sawmill (barstools, banquet tables, etc..)
   Lihzahrd Walls are now obtainable
   You can now craft living wood walls
   Added new friendly critters: Blue Jay, Cardinal, Squirrel, and Mouse
   Whoopee Cushion now has a higher drop rate
   You can now tinker a whoopee cushion with a cloud in a bottle

Bug Fixes and Changes:

   Dungeon guardian now does 1000 damage
   Chlorophyte Drill and Pickaxe can now mine Chlorophyte
   The Rod of Discord now properly drops
   The Uzi now has the correct drop rate
   Easy mode jungle enemies now have a small chance of spawning in hardmode jungle
   Moss hornets can now drop Bezoars
   You can no longer duplicate items with the merchant
   Snow particles will no longer spawn on backwalls
   Fixed a bug that would cause monsters to despawn on servers but not clients
   You can no longer duplicate items through reforge
   The Mummy Shirt now correctly shows the players hand
   The graphic for Pirate Pants has been fixed
   The Party Girl will now sell the Bubble Wand
   The Mushroom Spear can now be reforged
   The Heat Ray now uses mana
   The Leaf Blower now uses mana
   Marshmallows no longer duplicate (for real this time)
   The Frost Breastplate now correctly gives bonus based off the tooltip
   You can no longer sell money
   Orichalcum axe now requires an orichalcum anvil to craft
   Fixed an exploit that would crash servers and clients
   You can now attack the Clothier with the Clothier Voodoo doll equipped
   Purification powder now works on crimson ice
   Holy water now works on crimson
   Eclipses are no longer persistent between worlds
   Fixed switch duplication bug
   Fixed a bug that would cause tiles to be painted on multiplayer when they shouldn?
wow man muchas gracias    
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