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Shadow Warrior Soundtrack

Título Original: Shadow Warrior
Título Español: Shadow Warrior
Compositor: Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, Micha? Cielecki & Adam Skorupa
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Score
Año: 2013
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 56 min
Tamaño: 127 MB


01. Shadow Warrior
02. Incompatible Feelings
03. Flying Limbs
04. Awakening
05. A Moment Of Calm
06. The Modern Samurai
07. Journey Back Home
08. Deep Underground
09. Death And Sacrifice
10. Gun Blade Magic
11. Mysteries Of Blood
12. Banished Spirit
13. Gun Drummer Lo Wang
14. Reclaim Hoji
15. First Dance With Yakuza
16. What Now
17. Back Into Darkness
18. Demonic Invasions
19. Taking The Sword
20. Risen From The Ashes


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Copilation Album)

Compositor: Nobuo Uematsu
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Score
Año: 2013
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 224 min
Tamaño: 553 MB


01. Opening Theme (from FINAL FANTASY I)
02. Rebel Army Theme (from FINAL FANTASY II)
03. Elia, The Maiden Of Water (From FINAL FANTASY III)
04. Theme Of Love (From FINAL FANTASY IV)
05. Far-Distant Hometown (from FINAL FANTASY V)
06. Celes Theme (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
07. Aerith's Theme (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
08. Waltz For The Moon (from FINAL FANTASY VIII)
09. Beyond The Door (from FINAL FANTASY IX)
10. Isn't It Wonderful_ (From FINAL FANTASY X)
11. FFXI Opening Theme (from FINAL FANTASY XI)
12. Theme Of The Empire (From FINAL FANTASY XII)
13. Defiers Of Fate (from FINAL FANTASY XIII)

01. Main Theme (from FINAL FANTASY I)
02. Main Theme (from FINAL FANTASY II)
03. Eternal Wind (from FINAL FANTASY III)
04. Final Fantasy IV Main Theme (from FINAL FANTASY IV)
05. Four Hearts (from FINAL FANTASY V)
06. Tina's Theme (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
07. F.F. VII Main Theme (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
08. Blue Fields (from FINAL FANTASY VIII)
09. Over That Hill (from FINAL FANTASY IX)
10. Mi'ihen Highroad (from FINAL FANTASY X)
11. Ronfaure (from FINAL FANTASY XI)
12. Giza Plains (from FINAL FANTASY XII)
13. The Sunleth Waterscape (from FINAL FANTASY XIII)

01. Battle Scene (from FINAL FANTASY I)
02. Battle Scene 2 (from FINAL FANTASY II)
03. Battle 2 (from FINAL FANTASY III)
04. The Dreadful Fight (from FINAL FANTASY IV)
05. Clash On The Big Bridge (from FINAL FANTASY V)
06. Decisive Battle (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
07. One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
08. The Man With The Machine Gun (from FINAL FANTASY VIII)
09. Battle 1 (from FINAL FANTASY IX)
10. Seymour Battle (from FINAL FANTASY X)
11. Awakening (from FINAL FANTASY XI)
12. Clash Of Swords (from FINAL FANTASY XII)
13. Saber's Edge (from FINAL FANTASY XIII)

01. Gurgu Volcano (from FINAL FANTASY I)
02. Battle 1 (from FINAL FANTASY IV)
03. Giant's Dungeon (from FINAL FANTASY IV)
04. Mambo De Chocobo (from FINAL FANTASY V)
05. Searching Friends (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
06. Dancing Mad (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
07. The Fierce Battle (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
08. Those Who Fight (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
09. The Last Day (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
11. Something To Protect (from FINAL FANTASY IX)
12. At Zanarkand (from FINAL FANTASY X)
13. Vana'diel March (from FINAL FANTASY XI)
14. Ending Movie (from FINAL FANTASY XII)
15. Blinded By Light (from FINAL FANTASY XIII)

01. Prelude (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Title BGM)
02. The Highwind Takes To The Skies (FINAL FANTASY VII) (Main Menu BGM)
03. Thunder Plains (FINAL FANTASY X) (First Description Display BGM)
04. Prelude (FINAL FANTASY Series) (First Demo Screen BGM)
05. Hunter Chance (FINAL FANTASY IX) (Music Game Menu BGM)
06. Place Chocobo (FINAL FANTASY VII) (Passing Communication Menu BGM)
07. Place Chocobo (FINAL FANTASY VII) (ProfiCard Selection BGM)
08. Kingdom Baron (FINAL FANTASY IV) (Museum Menu BGM)
09. Rose Of May (FINAL FANTASY IX) (Collection Screen BGM)
10. Opening Theme (FINAL FANTASY Series) (In Autodemo BGM)
11. Prelude (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Configuration Screen BGM)
12. Opening Theme (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Staff Credit BGM)
13. Setzer's Theme (FINAL FANTASY VI) (Party Organization Screen BGM)
14. Cornelia Castle (FINAL FANTASY) (In Series BGM)
15. Palom & Porom's Theme (FINAL FANTASY IV) (Tutorial Explanation BGM)
16. Blinded By Light (FINAL FANTASY XIII) (Challenge BGM)
17. Chaos's Temple (FINAL FANTASY) (Chaos's Temple BGM)
18. The Royal City Of Rabanastre - Town Ward Upper Stratum (FINAL FANTASY XII) (In DLC UI BGM)
19. Victory Fanfare (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Result Screen (Clear))
20. Victory Fanfare (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Result Screen BGM)
21. Return Of The Warrior (FINAL FANTASY III) (Overall Result Screen BGM)
22. Clash Of The Big Bridge (FINAL FANTASY V) (Music Select BGM)
23. The Sunleth Waterscape (FINAL FANTASY XIII) (Quest Medley BGM)
24. Victory Fanfare (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Quest Medley Result Screen BGM)
25. Opening Theme (FINAL FANTASY Series) (Edit Screen BGM)


Armored Core: Veredict Day Soundtrack (FreQuency)

Título Original: Armored Core: Veredict Day
Título Español: Armored Core: Veredict Day
Compositor: FreQuency
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Score
Año: 2013
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 105 min
Tamaño: 233 MB


01. V For Two
02. Year Of Verdict War
03. One Day
04. Dirty Worker
05. Trickster
06. Smasher
07. A Photograph Of The Cut
08. Sirius Executives
09. HIGH FEVER (Sweetest Thing)
10. Flag Is Raised
11. Enemy In Sight
12. Jumbling
13. Blue Magnoria
14. Demolition
15. Forgive An Angel
16. The Perfect Rose
17. Peek A Boo
18. The Mother Will Comes Again
19. Push A Button
20. Connected
21. Prologue
22. Rusting Steel
23. Venide
24. Programing Is Uncontrolled
25. Scavengers
26. Shutter
27. Death Count
28. STAIN (A Perfect Day)
29. Lay Down The Law
30. Time I Test
31. On The Land Of Barking Smell
32. Ever Green Family
33. Device
34. Gravity
35. Mechanized Memories
36. Vendetta
37. Close The Hatch


Video Games Soundtracks N° 5
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