Soundtrack Star Wars (todas las pel?culas) [MEGA]

Soundtrack Star Wars (todas las películas)

El otro día vi Star Wars y me encanta los sonidos instrumentales (el soundtrack de las películas), por lo que decidí compartirlos con ustedes...

El compositor es John Towner Williams (Director de orquesta estadounidense), quién ha estado en sus bandas sonoras en películas como Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Parque Jurásico, La lista de Schindler, Memorias de una geisha, Harry Potter, Inteligencia Artificial, E.T entre otras. Además de componer varias canciones para diversas versiones de los juegos olimpícos...

Sin más preludio, aquí va lo que importa:

Título Original: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Título Español: Star Wars Episodio I: La Amenaza Fantasma
Compositor: John Williams
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Complete Score
Año: 1999
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 149 min
Tamaño: 347 MB

Soundtrack List:

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Star Wars Main Title and Dispatching The Ambassadors
03. Death Warrant For The Jedi
04. The Invasion Of Naboo
05. Otoh Gunga
06. Journey Through The Planet Core
07. Darth Sidious
08. Attack Of The Sea Monster and Arriving At Theed
09. Rescuing The Queen
10. Escape From Naboo
11. The Phantom Menace
12. Arrival At Tatooine
13. Mos Espa and A Fateful Meeting
14. Meeting Sebulba and Anakin's Droid
15. The Sith
16. Talk Of Podracing
17. Anakin's Destiny
18. Podracing Arrangements
19. The Flag Parade and The Race Begins
20. Anakin vs. Sebulba

01. The Race Is Won
02. Mos Eisley Street Singer
03. Letting Go and Attack Of The Sith
04. Palpatine, Senator Of Naboo
05. Before The Jedi Council
06. The Senate Chamber
07. Qui-Gon Takes On A New Apprentice
08. Return To Naboo
09. An Alliance Is Formed
10. Battle Plans
11. The Gungan Army Advances
12. The Battle Begins
13. Duel Of The Fates
14. Close To Defeat
15. The Tide Turns
16. Funeral Of A Jedi Master
17. Naboo Parade Finale
18. End Credits [Alternate]

01. Album Introduction
02. The Phantom Menace [Music Video]
03. Dark Forces Conspire [Introduction]
04. Dark Forces Conspire [Bonus Track]
05. A Hero Rises [Introduction]
06. A Hero Rises [Bonus Track]
07. Duel Of The Fates
08. Duel Of The Fates [Music Video]
09. Anakin's Theme
10. The Trade Federation
11. Desert Winds
12. The Phantom Menace Orchestral Suite
13. Album Finish

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Título Original: Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
Título Español: Star Wars Episodio II: El Ataque De Los Clones
Compositor: John Williams
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Complete Score
Año: 2002
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 132 min
Tamaño: 304 MB

Soundtrack List:

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Star Wars Main Titles
03. Old Friends
04. Assasination Attempt And Speeder Chase
05. The Chase Through Coruscant Continues
06. The Assasin's Demise
07. Growing Up
08. Departing Coruscant
09. Dex's Diner
10. Yoda And The Younglings
11. Arrival At Kamino
12. Forbidden Kiss
13. The Clone Army
14. The Meadow Picnic
15. Meeting Jango Fett
16. Anakin And Padmé
17. Mystery Of The Clones
18. Tatooine Resolution
19. Jango vs. Obi-Wan
20. Bounty Hunter's Pursuit

01. Anakin's Confession
02. Emergency Powers
03. Count Dooku's Offer
04. Landing On Geonosis
05. The Droids Confer
06. Inside The Droid Factory
07. Love Pledge
08. The Fight Begins
09. Arrival Of The Jedi
10. Encircled
11. Attack Of The Clones
12. The Battle Of Geonosis
13. Secret Plans
14. Dooku's Escape
15. Chasing The Seperatists
16. Confrontation With The Sith
17. Padmé's Orders
18. The Duel Continues
19. Knowledge Of The Force
20. Yoda vs. Dooku
21. Yoda's Troubles
22. Secrect Marriage and Finale
23. End Credits

01. Album Introduction
02. Attack Of The Clones [Music Video]
03. Across The Stars [Introduction]
04. [Archival Bonus Track] Across The Stars (Dialogue Version)
05. Geonosis Love Medley
06. On The Conveyor Belt
07. Arena Source [Ben Burtt]
08. Attack Of The Clones Orchestral Suite
09. The Story Of Episode II

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Título Original: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
Título Español: Star Wars Episodio III: La Venganza De Los Sith
Compositor: John Williams
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Complete Score
Año: 2005
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 158 min
Tamaño: 365 MB

Soundtrack List:

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Star Wars Main Title and Battle Over Coruscant
03. Enter General Grevious
04. Dooku's Entrance
05. Escape With The Chancellor
06. Jedi vs. Droids
07. Another Happy Landing
08. The Chancellor's Arrival
09. Lovers' Reunion
10. Travelling To Utapau and Anakin's Dream
11. Dreams And Visions
12. Be Careful Of Your Friend
13. On The Council
14. We're At War
15. The Prophecy
16. The Tragedy Of Darth Plagueis
17. Kashyyyk
18. Goodbye Old Friend
19. Daydreams
20. Arrival At Utapau
21. Riding Boga
22. Crushing The Droids
23. Obi-Wan vs. Grievous
24. Jedi War Council
25. Palpatine's Seduction
26. Rolling With Grievous
27. The End Of The General
28. Sith Lord Revealed
29. Padmé's Ruminations
30. Under Arrest
31. Sidious vs. Mace

01. Dark Side Unleashed
02. Rise Lord Vader
03. Execute Order 66
04. The Great Jedi Purge
05. Bail's Escape
06. Swimming and Yoda's Farewell
07. The Blockade Runner
08. Aboard The Tantive and Lord Vader Arrives
09. Anakin's Dark Deeds
10. The Jedi Temple
11. Obi-Wan And Padmé
12. I'm So Sorry
13. Travelling To Mustafar
14. Padmé Reunited
15. Padmé's Plea
16. A Path I Can't Follow
17. Battle Of The Heroes and Duel Of The Fates
18. Search For Yoda
19. Into Exile
20. Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
21. The Immolation Scene
22. Vader Rescued
23. Polis Massa
24. Landing On Coruscant
25. The Birth Of The Twins
26. Padmé's Destiny
27. The Fate Of The Twins
28. Padmé's Funeral
29. A New Hope
30. End Credits

01. Album Introduction
02. Revenge Of The Sith [Music Video]
03. A Hero Falls [Introduction]
04. [Bonus Track] A Hero Falls
05. Endlessly Compelling
06. Boys Into Battle (Album)
07. Opera Source [Ben Burtt]
08. Mace Windu's Fate
09. Padmé's Ruminations (Album)
10. Battle Of The Heroes
11. John Williams Interview
12. Practicing End Credits
13. Revenge Of The Sith Orchestral Suite
14. Album Finish

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Título Original: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Título Español: Star Wars Episodio IV: Una Nueva Esperanza
Compositor: John Williams
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Complete Score
Año: 1977
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 155 min
Tamaño: 359 MB

Soundtrack List:

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Star Wars Main Title - Imperial Pursuit
03. Boarding The Rebel Blockade Runner
04. Enter Lord Vader
05. Escape Pod - Crashing On The Desert Planet
06. The Dune Sea
07. Jawa Sandcrawler
08. The Moisture Farm
09. Droids For Sale
10. The Princess And The Hologram
11. Binary Sunset
12. Search For R2
13. Attack Of The Sand People
14. Obi-Wan Kenobi
15. The Old Republic
16. Leia's Plea
17. The Force - Aboard The Death Star
18. Burning Homestead
19. Mos Eisley Spaceport
20. Figrin D'an And The Modal Nodes
21. Mos Eisley Cantina Band

01. The Millenium Falcon - Docking Bay 94
02. Escaping Tatooine
03. Destruction Of Alderaan
04. The Death Star
05. Avoiding Capture
06. Mouse Robot - Infiltrating The Death Star
07. Detention Block Ambush
08. Shootout In The Cell Bay
09. Dianoga
10. The Walls Converge
11. The Tractor Beam
12. Fighting The Stormtroopers
13. Chasm Crossfire - Facing Vader
14. Ben Kenobi's Death - Escaping The Death Star
15. Incoming Fighters
16. Launch From The Fourth Moon
17. X-Wings Draw Fire - Battle Of Yavin
18. Destroying The Death Star
19. Throne Room
20. End Credits

01. Album Introduction
02. A New Hope (Music Video)
03. Planet That Is Farthest From [Introduction]
04. [Bonus Track] Planet That Is Farthest From
05. An Unlikely Alliance [Introduction]
06. [Bonus Track] An Unlikely Alliance
07. A Defender Emerges [Introduction]
08. [Bonus Track] A Defender Emerges
09. A Daring Rescue [Introduction]
10. [Bonus Track] A Daring Rescue
11. Star Wars Main Title (Complete)
12. Main Title [Take 16]
13. Main Title [Take 17]
14. Main Title [Take 18]
15. Main Title [Take 19]
16. Main Title [Take 20]
17. Throne Room and End Credits (Revenge Of The Sith)
18. Princess Leia's Theme (Album)
19. Binary Sunset (Album)
20. A New Hope Orchestral Suite
21. The Story Of Episode IV
22. Album Finish

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Título Original: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Título Español: Star Wars Episodio V: El Imperio Contraataca
Compositor: John Williams
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Complete Score
Año: 1980
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 151 min
Tamaño: 353 MB

Soundtrack List:

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Star Wars Main Title and The Imperial Probe
03. Saying Goodbye
04. Escaping The Wampa's Lair
05. Vision Of Obi-Wan and Luke's Rescue
06. Snowspeeder Rescue
07. The Bacta Tank
08. The Executor
09. Battle Preparations
10. Battle Of Hoth
11. Luke's Crash and The Destruction Of The Shield Generator
12. The Rebels Escape
13. Pursuit Of The Falcon
14. Crash Landing On Dagobah and Aboard The Executor
15. A Familiar Place
16. Luke's Nocturnal Visitor
17. Han Solo And The Princess
18. The Asteroid Field
19. The Emperor
20. Jedi Master Yoda
21. Mynock Cave
22. Training Of A Jedi Knight
23. The Dark Tree
24. Bounty Hunters and Pursuing The Falcon

01. Attacking A Star Destroyer
02. Yoda's Teachings
03. Yoda And The Force
04. Deploy The Fleet
05. Floating Away
06. Luke's Vision - City In The Clouds
07. Lando's Palace
08. Beware The Dark Side
09. Leaving Dagobah
10. The Trap
11. Betrayal At Bespin
12. Mending A Droid - Han's Torture
13. Deal With The Dark Lord - Confronting Lando
14. Arriving At Cloud City - Carbon Freezing Chamber
15. Frozen In Carbonite
16. Luke Pursues The Captives
17. Departure Of Boba Fett
18. The Duel
19. Escaping Cloud City
20. Losing A Hand
21. Rescuing Luke
22. Hyperspace
23. The Rebel Fleet
24. End Credits

01. Album Introduction
02. The Empire Strikes Back (Music Video)
03. An Empire Is Forged [Introduction]
04. [Bonus Track] An Empire Is Forged
05. A Jedi Is Trained [Introduction]
06. [Bonus Track] A Jedi Is Trained
07. A Narrow Escape [Introduction]
08. [Bonus Track] A Narrow Escape
09. The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
10. Yoda's Theme
11. Escaping The Wampa's Lair (Album)
11. The Ice Planet (Album)
13. Vision Of Obi-Wan - Luke's Rescue (Album)
14. Snowspeeder Rescue (Album)
15. Imperial Walkers (Album)
16. The Executor (Album)
17. Luke's Nocturnal Visitor (Album)
18. Search For The Millenium Falcon (Album)
19. Training Of A Jedi Knight (Album)
20. Deploy The Fleet (Album)
21. Trouble In The Clouds (Album)
22. The Duel (Album)
23. Luke vs. Vader (Album)
24. The Empire Strikes Back Orchestral Suite
25. Album Finish

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Título Original:  Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
Título Español: Star Wars Episodio VI: El Retorno Del Jedi
Compositor: John Williams
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Complete Score
Año: 1983
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 228 min
Tamaño: 467 MB

Soundtrack List:

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
02. Main Title
03. Approaching the Deathstar
04. Tatooine Rondevous
05. The Droids Travel to Jabba's Palace
06. Jabba's Palace Gate
07. The Gatekeeper
08. Jabba's Baroque Recital
09. A Gift
10. Lapti Nek (Film Version)
11. Bounty for a Wookie
12. Han Solo Returns
13. Luke Confronts Jabba
14. Fight in the Dungeon
15. Jabba's Sentencing
16. Pit of Carkoon
17. Sail Barge Assault (Film)
18. The Emperor Arrives
19. The Death of Yoda
20. Obi-Wans Revealations
21. Alliance Assembly
22. Faking the Code
23. Speeder Bike Chase
24. Leia Meets Wicket
25. Land of the Ewoks
26. Leia and Wicket - Emperor and Vader
27. Levitation
28. 3PO's Bedtime Story

01. Brother and Sister
02. Father and Son
03. Fleet Goes to Hyperspace
04. Heroic Ewok
05. Emperor's Throne Room
06. Into the Trap
07. Forest Ambush
08. Battle for Endor
09. The Lightsabers
10. The Ewok Battle
11. Leia is Wounded - The Duel Begins
12. Overtaking the Bunker
13. Final Duel - Into the Death Star
14. Palpatines Death
15. Superstructure Chase
16. Vader's Death
17. Through the Flames
18. Leia's News (Film)
19. Funeral Pyre for a Jedi (Film)
20. Ewok Celebration (Film)
21. Victory Celebration (Film)
22. End Credits
23. Luke and Leia

01. Jabba the Hutt (Boston Pops Orchestra)
02. Lapti Nek (First Portion)
03. Lapti Nek (Second Portion)
04. Jedi Rocks
05. At the Court of Jabba the Hutt (Concert Version)
06. Lapti Nek (Album)
07. Max Reebo Band 1
08. Max Reebo Band 2
09. Sail Barge Assault (Alternate)
10. Parade of the Ewoks
11. Part of the Tribe
12. Parade of the Ewoks (Boston Pops Orchestra)
13. Ewok Battle Concert Suite
14. The Ewok Battle (Insert)
15. Leia's News (Alternate)
16. Funeral Pyre for a Jedi (Alternate)
17. Yub Nub (Ewok)
18. Victory Celebration (Album)
19. Ewok Celebration (National Philharmonic Orchestra)
20. Return of the Jedi - As told by C3PO
21. Yub Nub (Choir)
22. The End Credits Suite

01. Lapti Nek (Final Film Version)
02. Lapti Nek (First Portion)
03. Lapti Nek (Second Portion)
04. Lapti Nek (Vocal-less)

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