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The Bravery[2005][Post Punk Revival][4S]

Indie Rock 
Album review 

Forget for a moment the rumors that suggest the lead singer of this New York five-piece used to play in a ska outfit called, yes, Skabba the Hut. It's a given that a band that so brazenly apes the Strokes' scratchy vocals, Interpol's deep bass grooves and the Killers' shimmering new wave melodies is hardly concerned about being written off as unfashionably fashionable. In two years time the Bravery could very well be making robotic Afro-Cuban funk albums, or whatever other hipster style happens to be troubling the charts at the time, and it would suit them just fine. Right now, the group has the neo-post-punk thing nailed, complete with warm-fuzzy tunes like "An Honest Mistake" and "Unconditional," that, if nothing else, should at least manage lure a few more bodies onto the dance-floor. -- Aidin Vaziri 

1. An Honest Mistake 
2. No Brakes 
3. Fearless 
4. Tyrant Mouth 
5. Give In 
6. Swollen Summer 
7. Public Service Announcement 
8. Out Of Line 
9. Unconditional 
10. The Ring Song 
11. Rites of Spring 

The Bravery[2005][Post Punk Revival][4S]

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