Deathcore para todos!

Este estilo musical es el que ando escuchando ultimamente, como no escuche Death Metal cuando era pendejo, ahora esto me sorprende, jaja.

In the Midst of Lions

Genre: Deathcore
Album: The Heart of Man
Country: USA (Missouri)

1. The Heart of Man
2. The Pharisaic Heart
3. The Machine
4. Abandonment
5. Opposition
6. At The Feet of Creation
7. Released
8. Defiance
9. Home
10. Fearless
11. An Awakening
12. Reborn

Waking the Cadaver
                                           Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore
Album: Beyond Cops. Beyond God.
Country: USA (New Jersey)

1. Beyond Cops
2. Reign Supreme
3. Sadistic Tortures
4. Made In Hell
5. Boss Status
6. Terminate With Extreme Prejudice
7. Suffering Upon Revenge
8. Waking The Cadaver
9. Beyond God

The Last Felony

Genre: Technical Death Metal / Deathcore
Album: Too Many Humans
Country: Canada (Quebec)

1. We Are The Future Housing Developements For Maggots
2. Too Many Humans
3. No One Would Notice If You Died
4. Do Not Defend Me
5. Quandary
6. Most Unclean
7. Overrated Existence
8. Televisionary
9. Water Cooler Suicide
10. A Cathedral Of Flesh And Fluids (Bonus Track)

The Paradoxical Spiral
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/ Technical/ Instrumental
Album: Necromorphs
Country: USA (Massachusetts)

1. Newborn
2. Proboscis
3. Quadraxis
4. Bryyo Gods
5. Future Aurora
6. Mutagen
7. Mother Brain
8. Thardus
9. Planet Zebes
10. Sequence Breaking
11. Arachnus-X
12. Aura Unit 313
13. Final Stage (Bonus Track)


Genre: Technical Deathcore/ Brutal
Album: Satyriasis XXI
Country: Ukraine

1. Whispers In My Head
2. Protoflazidium
3. Caligula Bows Down
4. Santa Makes Giger's Tattoo
5. Penguincore's What You Deserve
6. Satyriasis
7. Pulsing Evisceration
8. Xloya's Guilt
9. Math Teacher Seems To Epileptic (Mathfuckcore)
10. Outro

Swimming With Sharks

Genre: Deathcore
Album: Fragments
Country: Australia

1. Disaplines of Ignorance
2. Labyrinths
3. Fragments of the Defiled
4. Dismemberment
5. The Tyrant Incinerate
6. Apocalyptic Eradication
7. Existence Is..
8. The Hand of Torment
9. Mankind's Hamaratia
10. The Refining

Tight Rope

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Album: The Infinite Being
Country: USA (Mass)

1. Astral Imprisonment
2. Legion Atrophic
3. Hallucinogenic Universe
4. Empyrean
5. Acendance


Genre: Deathcore
Album: Beyond The Gate
Country: USA (North Carolina)

1. Birthing Sloth
2. The Deed In Elturiel
3. In The Marrow
4. A Still Mantra
5. Cimmerian Shamballa
6. On The Horizon
7. Part I: Aberration
8. Part II: Beyond The Gate
9. My Carrion
10. The Guardians of Uraitahn
11. The Talisman
12. Eternal Translucence

The Descolada Virus

Genre: Deathcore
Album: Demo
Country: USA (California)

1. Neo-Dimensional Transcendence
2. Abysmal
3. New Form of Life

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Album: Caves
Country: USA (California)

1. Transcend
2. Principles
3. Array
4. Caves
5. Odeon

The Aphorist

Genre: Deathcore
Album: Premonitions
Country: USA (virginia)

1. Intro
2. Hello Oblivion
3. A Burial Plot
4. Rebirth
5. Extrication
6. Apparition

Every Word a Prophecy

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Album: Past, Present, and Futuristic Realizations
Country: USA (Tennessee)

1. Blinders: A Girl With No Self Control
2. Extraterrestrialists: A Warning Of The Invasion
3. Convulsions: An Expression Of Hate For An Abusive Stepfather
4. Slothfulness: A Selfish And Lazy Human

The Contortionist

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Album: Exoplanet
Country: USA (Indiana)

1. Primal Directive
2. Flourish
3. Expire
4. Contact
5. Advent
6. Vessel
7. Oscillator
8. Axiom
9. Exoplanet I: Egress
10. Exoplanet II: Void
11. Exoplanet III: Light

Within the Ruins

Genre: Technical Deathcore
Album: Invade
Country: USA (Mass)

1. Designing Oblivion
2. Versus
3. Behold The Harlot
4. Red Flagged
5. Invade
6. Ataxia
7. Crossbuster
8. Feast or Famine
9. Oath
10. The Carousser
11. Roads

Of Humanity Demise

Genre: Deathcore
Album: Amygdala
Country: Sweden

1. Prologue
2. Obscure Treason
3. Dolorous Burden
4. Hourglass
5. Amygdala

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Deathcore para todos!

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