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Vordul Mega - The Revolution Of The Yung Havoks (2004)

1. Neva Again
2. Spitamatic feat. C Rayz Walz
3. Holla Ill
4. Hell Yeah
5. Hard Times
6. Blade
7. Stay Up
8. In The Hood feat. Karnage
9. Pray
10. Believe feat. Jean Grae
11. Struggles
12. Handle That feat. Cannibal Ox
13. Megallah


Vordul Mega - Pure Sickness (2004)

01. Undeclared Wars 
02. Dirge 
03. Swing Blades Ft Jean Grae & Vastaire 
04. Never Gonna Hurt Again 
05. Some Mixed Tape Flows Ft Opto & Vast Aire
06. Vein (Cryptic One Remix) 
07. Pit and Pendelum 
08. Mind Control 
09. Last Mcs 
10. Vordul Live on the Set 
11. In the Hood 
12. James Bon Elevators Freestyle 
13. Minimalism 
14. Bfgs 
15. Drinks(Bonus Track) Ft Vast Aire 


Vordul Mega - Yung World (2005)

01. Hard Times
02. What's Your Life
03. My Knuckles
04. Verbal Retaliation (Feat. P.R. Terrorist)
05. Mind Vex
06. Madd Buttons
07. Mega Masters (Feat. Keith Masters)
08. JFK Cannibal (Feat. J.F.K. & Vast Aire)
09. Rise
10. Helium (Feat. Aesop Rock)
11. Mind Control (Remix) (Feat. Billy Woods)
12. Crusades (Feat. Billy Woods)


Vordul Mega - Megagraphitti (2008)

1.Stay Concious
2.AK-47 Feat. Vast Aire
3.Opium Scripts Feat. Billy Woods
4.Hattori Hanzo
5.Air Battery Feat Tommy Gunn&Billy Woods
7.Broken Halo Feat Invizzible Men&Hi-Coup
9.In The Mirror Feat. Vast Aire
12.Peanut Butta Up?s
13.Keep Living Feat Billy Woods


Vordul Mega |Discografía||Mega|

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