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Bienvenidos al post! acá les dejo unos albunes de Hard Rock & Heavy metal de estudio y en vivo, son archivos .rar sin pass. />

Deep Purple (Made In Japan) 1972

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Integrantes: Ian Gillan (voz), Ritchie Blackmore (guitarra), Jon Lord (teclados), Roger Glover (bajo) y Ian Paice (batería).

Lista de temas:
01 Highway Star.
02 Child in Time.
03 Smoke on the Water.
04 The Mule.
05 Strange Kind of Woman.
06 Lazy.
07 Space Truckin.
08 Black Night.
09 Speed King.
10 Licille.

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Badlans (Badlans) 1989

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Integrantes: Ray Gillen (voz), Jake E. Lee (guitarra), Greg Chaisson (bajo) y Eric Singer (bateria)
Lista de temas:
01 High Wire.
02 Dreams In The Dark.
03 Jade's Song.
04 Winter's Call.
05 Dancing On The Edge.
06 Strets Cry Freedom.
07 Hard Driver.
08 Rumblin' Train.
09 Devil's Stomp.
10 Seasons.
11 Ball & Chain.

Formato: mp3 192Kbps. Peso: 65MB.>


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Blue Murder (Blue Murder) 1989

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Integrantes: John Sykes (voz y guitarra), Tony Franklin (Bajo y teclados) y Carmine Appice (Batería).

Lista de temas:
01 Riot.
02 Sex Child.
03 Valley Of The Kings.
04 Jelly Roll.
05 Blue Murder.
06 Out Of Love.
07 Billy.
08 Ptolemy.
09 Black-Hearted Woman.

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Kiss (Alive III) 1993

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Integrantes: Gene Simmons (bajo y voz), Paul Stanley (guitarra y voz), Bruce Kulick (guitarra), Eric Singer (batería). 

Sherinian (teclados).

Lista de temas:
01 Creatures of the Night.
02 Deuce.
03 I Just Wanna.
04 Unholy.
05 Heaven's on Fire.
06 Watchin' You.
07 Domino.
08 I Was Made for Lovin' You.
09 I Still Love You.
10 Rock and Roll All Nite.
11 Lick It Up.
12 Forever.
13 Take It Off.
14 I Love It Loud.
15 Detroit Rock City.
16 God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II.
17 The Star Spangled Banner.

Formato: mp3 160Kbps. Peso: 96MB.


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Coverdale-Page (Coverdale-Page) 1993

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Integrantes: David Coverdale (voz), Jimmy Page (guitarra), Denny Carmassi (bateria), Ricky Phillips (bajo), y Lester Mendez (teclados).

Lista de temas:
01 Shake My Tree.
02 Waiting On You.
03 Take Me for a Little While.
04 Pride and Joy.
05 Over Now.
06 Feeling Hot.
07 Easy Does It.
08 Take a Look at Yourself.
09 Don't Leave Me This Way.
10 Absolution Blues.
11 Whisper a Prayer for the Dying.

Formato: mp3 128Kbps. Peso: 63MB.


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Dio (Inferno Last In Live) 1998

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Integrantes: Ronnie James Dio (voz), Tracy G (guitarra), Larry Dennison (bajo), Scott Warren (teclados) y Vinny Appice (batería).

Lista de temas:
01 Intro.
02 Jesus, Mary & the Holy Ghost.
03 Straight Through the Heart.
04 Don't Talk to Strangers.
05 Holy Diver.
06 Drum Solo.
07 Heaven and Hell.
08 Double Monday.
09 Stand up and Shout.
10 Hunter of the Heart.
01 Mistreated"/"Catch the Rainbow.
02 Guitar Solo.
03 The Last in Line.
04 Rainbow in the Dark.
05 Mob Rules.
06 Man on the Silver Mountain.
07 Long Live Rock and Roll.
08 We Rock.
09 After All (The Dead).

Formato: mp3 128Kbps. Peso: 106MB.


" />

Halford (Live Insurrection) 2001

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Integrantes: Rob Halford (voz), Patrick Lachman (guitarra), Mike Chlasciak (guitarra), Ray Riendeau (bajo) y Bobby Jarzombek (batería). Invitado: Bruce Dickinson voz en "The One You Love To Hate".

Lista de temas:
01 Resurrection.
02 Made in Hell.  
03 Into the Pit.  
04 Nailed to the Gun.  
05 Light Comes Out of Black.  
06 Stained Class.  
07 Jawbreaker.  
08 Running Wild.  
09 Slow Down.  
10 The One You Love to Hate (featuring Bruce Dickinson).
11 Life in Black  
12 Hell's Last Survivor.  
13 Sad Wings.  
14 Savior.  
15 Silent Screams.  
01 Intro.
02 Cyber World.  
03 The Hellion.  
04 Electric Eye.  
05 Riding on the Wind.  
06 Genocide (1st encore).
07 Beyond the Realms of Death. 
08 Metal Gods (2nd encore).
09 Breaking the Law.  
10 Tyrant.  
11 Screaming in the Dark (studio recording).
12 Heart of a Lion (studio recording).
13 Prisoner of Your Eyes. (studio recording).

Formato: mp3 160Kbps. Peso: 134MB.


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Paul Di'Anno's Killers (Live At The Whiskey) 2002

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Integrantes: Paul Di'Anno (voz), Graham Bath (guitarra), Cliff Evans (guitarra), Gavin Cooper (bajo) y Steve Hopgood (batería).

Lista de temas:
01 Impaler.
02 Wrathchild.
03 Song for You.
04 Marshall Lockjaw.
05 Children of the Revolution.
06 Three Words.
07 Protector.
08 Die by the Gun.
09 Remember Tomorrow.
10 Phantom of the Opera.
11 Sanctuary.

Formato: mp3 192Kbps. Peso: 69MB.


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Judas Priest (Live In London) 2003

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Integrantes: Tim Owens (voz), K.K. Downing (guitarra), Glenn Tipton (guitarra), Ian Hill (bajo) y Scott Travis (batería).

Lista de temas:
01 Metal Gods.
02 Heading Out to the Highway.
03 Grinder.
04 A Touch of Evil.
05 Blood Stained.
06 Victim of Changes.
07 The Sentinel.
08 One on One.
09 Running Wild.
10 The Ripper.
11 Diamonds & Rust.
12 Feed on Me.
13 The Green Manalishi.
01 Beyond the Realms of Death.
02 Burn in Hell.
03 Hell Is Home.
04 Breaking the Law.
05 Desert Plains.
06 You've Got Another Thing Comin.
07 Turbo Lover.
08 Painkiller.
09 The Hellion.
10 Electric Eye.
11 United.
12 Living After Midnight.
13 Hell Bent for Leather.

Formato: mp3 128Kbps. Peso: 124MB.


" />

Ian Gillan (Gillan's Inn) 2006

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Integrantes: Ian Gillan (voz) & músicos invitados.

Lista de temas:
01 Unchain Your Brain (Joe Satriani, Don Airey & Michael Lee Jackson).
02 Bluesy Blue Sea (Janick Gers & Michael Lee Jackson).
03 Day Late and a Dollar Short (Uli Jon Roth, Don Howard, Michael Lee & Ronnie James Dio).
04 Hang Me Out to Dry (Joe Satriani, Don Airey & Michael Lee Jackson).
05 Men of War (Steve Morse, Michael Lee Jackson & Johnny Rzeznik).
06 When a Blind Man Cries (Jeff Healey, Tommy Z, Jon Lord, Vasyl Popadiuk & Howard Wilson).
07 Sugar Plum (Dean Howard, Roger Glover, Don Airey & Ian Paice). 
08 Trashed (Tony Iommi, Roger Glover & Ian Paice).
09 No Worries (Jerry Augustyniak).
10 Smoke on the Water (Steve Morse, Johnny Rzeznik, Sim Jones, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Robby Takac).
11 No Laughing in Heaven (Don Airey, Roger Glover & Ian Paice).
12 Speed King (Joe Satriani, Don Airey, Rick McGirr & Michael Lee Jackson).
13 Loving on Borrowed Time (Steve Morris, Steve Morse, Uli Jon Roth, Howard Wilson, Jaro Jarosil, Nick Blagona & Mary Jane Russell).  

Formato: mp3 192Kbps. Peso: 97 MB.


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Rata Blanca (The Forgotten Kingdom) 2009

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Integrantes: Walter Giardino (guitarra), Doogie White (voz), Guillermo Sánchez (bajo), Fernando Scarcella (batería) y Hugo Bistolfi (teclados).

Lista de temas.
01 The Voices Of The Sea.
02 The Forgotten Kingdom. 
03 Endorphins.
04 Talisman.
05 Ring Of Fire.
06 Diary Of A Shadow.
07 Instruments.
08 Guardian Of The Light.
09 Another Day Passing By.
10 Its Not Easy.
11 Sons Of Rock.
12 Yesterday Today And Tomorrow.

Formato: mp3 320Kbps. Peso: 88MB.


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Heaven & Hell (Neon Nights Live At Wacken) 2010

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Integrantes: Ronnie James Dio (voz), Tony Iommi (guitarra), Geezer Butler (bajo), Vinny Appice (batería) y Scott Warren (teclado).

Lista de temas:
01 Mob Rules.
02 Children Of The Sea.
03 I.
04 Bible Black.
05 Time Machine.
06 Fear.
07 Falling Off The Edge Of Ohe World.
08 Follow the Tears.
09 Die Young.
10 Heaven and Hell.
11 Neon Knights.

Formato: mp3 320Kbps. Peso: 175MB.


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Metallica (World Magnetic Tour Argentina 21/01/2010)

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Integrantes: James Hetfield (voz y guitarra), Kirk Hammett (guitarra), Robert Trujillo (bajo) y Lars Ulrich (batería).

Lista de temas:
01 Creeping Death. 
02 For Whom The Bell Tolls. 
03 Wherever I May Roam. 
04 HarvesterOf Sorrow. 
05 Fade To Black. 
06 That Was Just Your Life. 
07 The End Of The Line. 
08 Sad But True. 
09 Cyanide. 
10 All Nightmare Long. 
11 One. 
12 Master Of Puppets. 
13 Blackened. 
14 Kirk Solo. 
15 Nothing Else Matters. 
16 Enter Sandman. 
17 Encore Jam. 
18 Last Caress. 
19 Whiplash. 
20 Seek and Destroy 

Formato: mp3 192Kbps. Peso: 178MB.


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Black Country Communion (Afterglow) 2012

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Integrantes: Glenn Hughes (voz y bajo), Joe Bonamassa (guitarra), Jason Bonham (batería) y Derek Sherinian (teclados).

Lista de temas:
01 Big Train.
02 This Is Your Time.
03 Midnight Sun.
04 Confessor.
05 Cry Freedom.
06 Afterglow.
07 Dandelion.
08 The Circle.
09 Common Man.
10 The Giver.
11 Crawl.  

Formato: mp3 320Kbps. Peso: 133MB.


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