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La Melodia - Vibing High (2006)

01-Time (Feat. Chanee)
02-Keep it on
03-Worldwide Connect (Feat. Roc C)
04-Choice U Make (Feat. Gia Mellish)
07-Sugar for Me
08-A Part of Me
09-Vibing High
11-Fell in Love
12-My World Get Ready for this
13-The South
16-Keep it on (Fat Jon Remix)
17-Desire (Braille Remix)!6NlCiK7Q!E8lgi3_1w0bCU5IJ8uKWSy2RtDT7ASXFzXY8vsgzAU8

La Melodia - Electronic Love (2010)

01. Friend Of Life
02. Electronic Love
03. Come And Get It
04. Give It Up
05. Love Game
06. Feels So Good
07. Sounds Of The City!zUlGgDAB!d4s3W93vNVRX7JnpcMnwh42FeYBxrPW9zPgKXDQOnEU

MC Melodee & Cookin Soul - Check Out Melodee (2012)

1. Whoo Kid Intro
2. Check Out Melodee
3. Dont Front 
4. Rock N iT feat. Feliciana 
5. Genius feat. Mac Miller
6. Junkie Luv 
7. I Dont Care 
8. Skinny Bitch 
9. Gotta Get Away 
10. ChaChaCha 
11. Here We Come feat. Smif n Wessun 
12. You're History
13. Give it Up (Cookin Soul remix) 
14. Yes Yes Yo feat. Chuuwee
15. Whoo Kid skit
16. HIP-HOP (My beloved) feat. Mucho Muchacho!DclEETyQ!WgIY6ctfSB2Jgvr-wdqCKNDrHNvAroISd_CCk7Zy_t4

MC Melodee & Cookin Soul - My Tape Deck (Incompleto) (2013)

02. Ain't my style
03. Think Twice
04. Exhale
06. Don't Front Remix
07. Firstborn (ft Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde & Feliciana)
11. Up In The Clouds!3VMkiKII!aRC7c954eMT9cuoYMxyM35o1yhfKGMpnL4jVg0X6hTg

MC Melodee - Mel O.D. (Bootleg)

01. Schaakmat ft Terilekst
02. Smashin?Em ft Oh No, Pete Philly & Roc C
03. Peace of Mind ft Shin-Ski
04. Can?t Live without ft Gia Mellish
05. Radiant ft Nomak
06. Elemental music ft Nomak
07. No One ft Liquid Spirits
08. Waiting for Love ft Charlie
09. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.Y. ft Valentin
10. For My Ladies ft DJ Deckstream
11. Love Out ft Robert De Boron
12. The Experience ft Diversidad
13. I Got It ft Diversidad
14. DIA ft DJ Whitesmith
15. Somos Salvajes ft Flavio Rodrigues & Quiroga (prod. Cookin' Soul)!2BVxXYCJ!TEsJfhhQBMlqAdeeR35jajXsM1NXcxq8d49PTFMKX34

Mc Melodee |Discografía||Mega|

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