Borderlands 2 Update V1.5.0

- Update 1.5.0 - Thanks to sam2k8
- SteamEmu/Crack - Thanks to DMN32
- Name Changer - Thanks to supraspecies
- Language Changer - Thanks to SKIDROW
- LAN online fix - Thanks to Tunngle
- No-Intro Fix - Thanks to SENSEMAN
- SteamInstall Fix - Thanks to WretchedStain
- Steamworks Fix - Thanks to sam2k8
- Windows 8 Fix - Thanks to Nighthawk441

1. Run Borderlands.2.Update.v1.5.0.Cracked.exe and install it to your 
Game Folder
(E.g. C:Program Files (x86)2K GamesBorderlands 2)
2. Copy the contents of the the "Crack" Folder to your Game Folder
3. (Optional) Use the Fixes
4. Start your Game
5. Your Done, have Fun!

Update v1.5.0 (Released April 18, 2013)
Added support and compatibility for upcoming content, including character customizations unlocked by playing Poker Night 2.
Fixed an issue where bank and stash capacity could be exceeded. This change prevents additional items from being added to stash / bank until capacity is below the maximum ? it does not forcibly remove or delete any items.
Added a preview of available premium customizations when using a customization station so that players can see what a purchased head or skin would look like before buying.
Fixed an exploit where players could become invincible occasionally through the Siren?s Res skill.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from choosing a new customization from SHiFT when creating a character immediately after redeeming a customization code.
Players are now able to type a ?c? in their player name without causing the ?load a character? overlay to appear while starting a New Game.

Fixed issues with the following missions that could cause players to get stuck or not be able to complete them:
Bad Hair Day
Best Minion Ever
Fixed a bug that could cause the ?Wildlife Preservation? mission boss to sometimes continue fighting after the encounter in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
(Captain Scarlett DLC) Fixed an issue that could cause Scarlett to not drop Scarlett?s Greed in the fight with Roscoe.

Fixed a bug that caused the player?s grenade count to not be saved properly if they were using a Grenadier class mod.
Fixed a bug causing Seraph items of the day to incorrectly be capped at level 55.
Rebalanced the Gunzerker?s Titan class mod to be more in line other Gunzerker class mods.
Fixed an issue where the Evolution shield could incorrectly list a Recharge Delay of 0.00 seconds.
Fixed audio from Impact shields not playing when connected to another player.
Fixed an issue causing audio distortion in some cases when a transfusion projectile got stuck inside an object.

Borderlands 2 Update V1.5.0

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Bajandooooo, muchas gracias   y ya que esta si alguno se pregunta si funciona en Windows 8 les digo que si a partir del patch 1.4.0 funciona de 10 en windows 8 y con todo los DLC
amigo para instalar este update es necesario tener los otros updates
Oye Me FUnciono En Windows 8 Pero El Problema Es Que Me Lo Paso A Ingles No Abra Una Manera De Ponerlo A Espa?
julio,pon spanish en el launcher hijo mio
Cita maldito320: Mostrar
es verdad??
@darkboxer si necesitas los otros pero creo que hay un pack especial con todos los updates y dlc que pesa un poco mas de 3gb
el pack de los dlc y updates lo postee yo tambien
Cita maldito320: Mostrar
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