Toon Boom 7.6 con Crack

Toon Boom 7.6 con Crack

High-Performance Professional Animation Software 

Toon Boom Animate Pro is the most complete professional animation software for cutting-edge animators. It offers award-winning state-of-the-art content creation, animation and compositing toolset for any style of animation, all within a single desktop application. 


Toon Boom Animate Pro is our most versatile and powerful animation software for independent professional animators. It can be used to create all styles of animation, traditional, Flash-style, cut-out or paperless. From start to finish, Animate Pro enables you to draw digitally, scan paper drawings, colour, animate, synchronize sound; perform advanced compositing using 3D camera and node-based effects; and render your projects in the leading output formats. 
Toon Boom Animate Pro is our most versatile and powerful animation software for independent professional animators 


Artist Inside 

Toon Boom Animate Pro is the only software capable of combining the benefits of vector animation with textured pixmap, preserving artistic details while creating unique organic styles. Developed for animators by animators, Animate Pro is designed to help you achieve the look and feel you are looking for and unleash the endless stylistic possibilities not available in any other technology. 

Smart Puppet 

Toon Boom Animate Pro brings together the most advanced feature set available for Flash-style and cut-out animation in the market. This feature set is embedded in a flexible environment including; vector, pixmap, symbols, pegs, morphing, hierarchy-based rigging, timeline view, node view, 3D space, forward and inverse kinematics as well as advanced lip-sync to name just a few. 

Colour Tune 

Toon Boom Animate Pro shines when it comes to colouring and creating animation with a unique look and feel. Animate Pro?s Smart Colour ID system, palette management, drawing and painting tools using vector, texture and gradient, translate into significant time-savings. At any point, changing character colours and fine-tuning colour ambiance is faster than pouring a cup of coffee! 

True Space 

Toon Boom Animate Pro comes with a powerful camera tool that enables you to move your 2D objects in a full 3D environment. Enjoy the beauty of the built-in multiplane camera as you effortlessly set up your action in real-time while sitting comfortably in the director?s chair. 

True Vision 

Toon Boom Animate Pro goes even further by offering a camera with full 3D rotation. Build a multiplane stage with different depths, which automatically produces a real perspective effect when you move the camera. The ability to create breathtaking cinematographic quality scenery is right at your fingertips. 

3D Stereoscopic 

Combined with true vision, Toon Boom Animate Pro is the only application that enables you to have left and right cameras set from different points of view to achieve 3D stereoscopic results, all within the same package. Flying through your scene adjusting speed in real-time makes you want to dive in your own animated world and enjoy the ride. 

Immediate FX 

Being able to apply stunning special effects within the same animation package is priceless. Imagine the time savings you can have by selecting from over tens of special effects, applying them using powerful nodal compositing and previewing your final animation, without having to use another package. Discover untapped creative ground and make all your animation projects look like masterpieces. 

System Requirements 

* Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), Vista or XP 
* 2GHz Intel? Pentium? Dual-Core processor 
* 1 GB of RAM (Minimum), 
2 GB (Recommended) 
* 500 MB of available 
hard disk space for the software 
* NVIDIA? or ATI? Video card fully supporting 
OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM 
* Monitor supporting 1280 x1024 resolution 
* Wacom tablets for drawing (Optional) 
* Internet connection required for product activation 
* Free Apple QuickTime? Player 

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Toon-Boom-Animate-v7.6.rar (192.8 MB)!704GDZgK!Nck8nx-FYat0iUUMJY0WmUm0XfF-pA8PBoS60Uo8P9g

Toon Boom 7.6 con Crack

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copy-paste, ni siquiera una tipiada no...??
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lo mismo hiba a decir
pues si quieren bien chavos, lo mejor seria entonces no ponerles programas, dado y arrempujado como que no haha, nada mas porque este progama muchos lo ocupan si no lo eliminaba a la de ya
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No todo en la vida es tan facil y regalado, de perdido y como no estas pagando por el programita, tomate la molestia de investigar la traduccion, o que? quieres tambien que te ponga los tutoriales en espa?
esta bien bro...?
es que lamentablemente no tengo tanto tiempo para hacer si quiera eso, te contare, tengo que subir todo, se tarda como una hora (mi coneccion es lenta) luego subirlo, trabajar, hacer tarea, ir a la escuela y seguir con los pendientes, los subo porque en otra pagina de inteligencia colectiva quitaron todos esos programas y afortunadamente los tengo en un disco duro de un tera, ahora buscar el programa, comprimirlo, luego buscar algo de info, fotografias, etc... los subo porque alguien mas podria necesitarlos, es todo, que gano yo? la satisfaccion de que otras personas que no tienen los recursos necesarios lo obtengan ya que son programas caros, saludos.  
Bonito Copy & Paste :/
@ArisenGz pues comentarios como los tuyos me hacen eliminar los post, antes di que es gratis floja y que me tomo el tiempo en subirlos pero ahora te amuelas, no subire programas por gente inepta como tu
Buenas hermano la verdad que se agradece un buen que aya gente con las ganas de ayudar a los dem?
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