(BGM) BackGroundMusic - Coleccion Dragon Ball Z,GT

(BGM) Back Ground Music Collection Dragon ball Z

Hola a todos, este es mi cuarto post y el dia de hoy les traigo una coleccion de 4 CDS BGM de dragon ball z y dragon ball gt. Son 3 CDS BMG de Dragon Ball Z (60 canciones) y 1 CD BMG de Dragon Ball GT (79 canciones).
BGM o Back Ground Music, es la musica de fondo que salen en los episodios de los animes.

CD1 70 MB
01. Cha-La Head-Cha-La
02. Prologue & Subtitle   
03. Fear Unfelt Before
04. Fight On in the Other World!   
05. Son Gohan and Piccolo Daimao   
06. Cha-La Head-Cha-La Variations   
07. Bridge Collection   
08. The Saiya-jin are coming!!
09. Super Deciding Battle to divide Heaven from Earth!!   
10. Son Gohan's Theme   
11. Alas, the Days of Training   
12. Dark clouds swirling over Planet Namek   
13. Make it in time!! The seven Dragon Balls   
14. The fearsome Ginyu Special Force
15. The monster Freeza v.s the legendary Super Saiya-jin
16. Planet Namek and hope vanish
17. Come out, outstanding full-force power!
18. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Dragon Ball Z
19. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] The strongest in this world
20. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] I-ku-sa
21. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Super deciding Battle for the whole Earth
22. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] The whole of it   
23. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Super Saiya-jin Son Goku   
24. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] In bad things there's good energy!!
25. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Ultimate Strength v.s Ultimate Strength Movie Version
25. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Ultimate Strength v.s Ultimate Strength TV Version
26. Ending de la película 8


CD2 57MB

01. Cha-La Head-Cha-La Instrumental   
02. The boy from the Future   
03. The Androids go to town   
04. Prevent it! Cell's perfect body
05. The Cell Game which calls forth death
06. All's well that ends well - One more conclusio   
07. Goodbye warriors
08. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Clash! 10 Billion Power Warriors   
09. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] You are the Hero
10. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Extreme Battle!! The 3 Super Saiya-jin
11. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] At its threshold - The World at its limits
12. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Burn Up!! Hot, fierce, super violent fight
13. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Burn Up!! Hot, fierce, super violent fight Movie Version
14. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] A phenomenally awesome Guy   
15. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Surpass the Galaxy, Rising High


CD3 70 MB

01. We Gotta Power
02. Prologue & Subtitle II
03. Enter a new Hero   
04. We were Angels   
05. Re-union! Tenkaichi Budokai   
06. We Gotta Power Instrumental   
07. We were Angels Instrumental   
08. The time for battle is here again   
09. Believe in tomorrow   
10. Son Goku is the strongest after all!   
11. We were Angels Movie Version   
12. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Danger!! The Super Warrior can't rest   
13. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Astounding Big Fight   
14. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Super Warriors crushed!! I'll be the winner   
15. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Dragon Power Infinity   
16. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Fusion Reborn!! Goku and Vegeta   
17. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] The ultra-powerful Fusion   
18. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] Ryu-ken Explode!!
19. [Theatrical DBZ Suites] If don t do it who will   


CD4 144 MB


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(BGM) BackGroundMusic - Coleccion Dragon Ball Z,GT

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