"Y mas miedo que ellos dos,me daba el propio ser humano"

richie sambora(sus tres discos)x 4shared

richie sambora(sus tres discos)x 4shared

tres discos del guitarrista de bon jovi

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Gente buenas tardes/noche,voy dejarles para que bajen los tres discos de Richie Sambora guitarrista de(por ahora alejado de la banda)Bon Jovi


Stranger in this Town - 19901. Rest in Peace
2. Church of Desire
3. Stranger in this Town
4. Ballad of Youth
5. One Light Burning
6. Mr. Bluesman
7. Rosie
8. River of Love
9. Father Time
10. The Answer

Undiscovered Soul - 1997

1. Made in America
2. Hard Times Come Easy
3. Fallen From Graceland
4. If God was a Woman
5. All that Really Matters
6. You're not Alone
7. In it for Love
8. Chained
9. Harlem Rain
10. Who I Am
11. Downside of Love
12. Undiscovered Soul

Aftermath of the lowdown-2012

01 ? Burn The Candle Down
02 ? Every Road Leads Home To You
03 ? Taking A Chance On The Wind
04 ? Nowadays
05 ? Weathering The Storm
06 ? Sugar Daddy
07 ? I?ll Always Walk Beside You
08 ? Seven Years Gone
09 ? Learning How To Fly With A Broken Wing
10 ? You Can Only Get So High
11 ? World


aca les dejo la foto de la hermanita haci comentan

richie sambora(sus tres discos)x 4shared

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