Assassin's Creed III Updates


Update V1.02

Single Player

Global Fixes

- Couriers will now appear more often in Boston and New York
- Fixed a bug where consumables would not be restored properly after playing a naval mission
- Fixed a bug where multiple copies of heralds or paper boys could be spawned at the same spot
- Fixed a bug where printer shops icons could appear on the map even if the player is not notorious
- Fixed a bug where the 2nd equipped pistol could disappear after a loading
- Fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map if he went through a city gate on horseback while in conflict
- Fixed a crash when the player uses the rope dart on a horse from above
- Fixed horse glitch
- Fixed inventory messages that kept being displayed after every reload if the player had completed some missions
- Fixed various crashes
- Forced subtitles to be displayed for off-camera voices like some tutorials and end of sequence transitions
- Made sure to stop tavern music when exiting taverns

- A DEADLY PERFORMANCE: fixed a music glitch by making a cinematic not skippable

- FEATHERS AND TREES : fixed another case where optional objective "Do not touch the ground or water" could fail for no good reason

- ON JOHNSON'S TRA IL: fixed a bug where sometimes Adams and Revere could be missing, preventing the player from starting the mission

- LEXINGTON AND CONCORD: fixed a bug where the player could stay stuck on the road while on horseback at a specific spot on the mission's path

- Fixed Animus Synching gameplay that could get stuck

Side Quests
- Boston Brawlers: clearer message after beating all ex-champions, stating that you need to go back to Boston
- Boston Underground: fixed a bug where exploded barrels could come back if you re-entered through the South Commons entrance.
- Boston Underground: fixed a bug where Haytham could never use the North Port entrance
- Liberation Missions: added unfogging of the map when the player gets near a liberation event, to make sure the icon will be revealed in case the player doesn't complete it and wants to come back later.
- New York Liberation Missions: fixed a few cases where the player could get to the event's icon but nothing would happen.
- New York Underground, fixed a bug where the player would be teleported at the center of New York if he declined to enter the underground through the South Market entrance.

- Added map icons on Homestead buildings as you unlock new settlers
- Made sure Achilles cannot be stoking the fireplace after the homestead story arc is completed
- THE PROPER TOOLS: added map icons on all shops in New York when that mission asks the player to go buy the hammer parts for the blacksmith
- Side-quest "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COMMON MAN", fixed a bug where the quest would still not be completed if the problem was already encountered prior to the last patch. Buggy savegames are now fixed on load.

Naval Locations
- OAK ISLAND: fixed a bug where the mission could not continue if the player reloads after completing some parts of the puzzle

- Added auto-whistle for a horse when entering Frontier from Boston, New York or Homestead
- Fixed NPC committing suicide when the player approaches

- Fixed a bug where it was impossible to hide the on-screen money counter and "hold to skip" message. Money is now linked to the "mini-map" HUD visibility option, and the skip cinematic message to the "controls" option.
- Fixed a bug where the "Fast Travel Points Unlocked" stat could not reach 100%
- Fixed a possible crash after all pivots have been synched
- Fixed bad date formatting in Notification Center
- Fixed various typos and bad translations
- Made sure Boston Brawlers and Hunting Society icons are displayed over the fog once the player gets approached to join the club
- Map icon filters: added a bunch of side-quest start icons on the missions layer, added viewpoints to the collectibles layer, and made sure all fast travel destinations are visible on all layers.
- Opening the weapon, naval weapon and assassin recruits menus is now faster


- Team modes balance is no longer affected when extra players join in progress.

- Players are no longer stuck after they got hit by knives while climbing cranes.
- The Unstoppable Perk now correctly opens recently closed Chase Breakers in the Animus Core map.
- Closure now seals and opens Chase Breakers for the player who used the ability as intended.

- Abstergo points now update correctly after you finished a game in the progression menu.

- Locked targets don’t become unavailable under certain conditions anymore.
- Players will now see the notorious lock indicator when their pursuers kill NPCs, regardless of their approach meter.
- In a chase, target players will now be able to lock their pursuer by default prior to any other character.

- It is now possible for players to reopen Chase Breakers right after their team mates went through them in the Animus Core map.
- The time during which you’re vulnerable after a stun from ground to a haystack doesn’t vary from one mode to another anymore.
- Players can no longer get killed by another player from any distance after performing a haystack kill.
- Players no longer get stuck in the position the character adopts on narrow ledges when they kill with the Fast Gun.
- Players will no longer see their pursuers as notorious when their pursuers are killed with the silent bonus or better.
- Characters appearance and Gamertags can no longer be accidentally reverted on Wolfpack podium staging.

Update V1.03


 - Fixed a potential crash in mission “Bridewell Prison” when trying to skip cinematic with Mason.

 - Fixed a bug preventing the creation of new Uplay accounts
 - Removed the ability to hide pivots during pass-throughs and cinematics

 - Added support for “Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy”
 - Fixed potential game data corruption when a DLC download ends while the player is in-game.


 - In Wolfpack, a target doesn’t remain stuck on the ground if the player hosting the game leaves while another player is joining at the same time.
 - In Wolfpack, some targets that were not visible to players under certain conditions can now be seen correctly.
 - In Wolfpack, the radar is not broken under certain conditions anymore.
 - In Artifact Assault, Team members can now correctly score when the initial artifact carrier gets killed under certain conditions.
 - In Deathmatch, players no longer have lookalikes NPCs unless they use abilities that create lookalikes.
 - In Deathmatch, the game no longer crashes in the New York brewery map for a player who used a Decoy while hiding in a group.
 - Some players are no longer stuck in rematch after completing a Simple Deathmatch session on the Saint Pierre map.

 - Some ladder issues when players left a session during the first minute have been corrected.
 - Ladders now update properly upon a full group kick.

 - The Independent’s hair when she wears the Wild Cat costume now displays correctly.
 - The Strong Man’s white costume, alternative costume and warrior costume now display properly when hiding in a group.

 - On Xbox 360, the Uplay icon and unlock conditions for unlockables redeemed via Uplay have been restored.
 - Loyalty unlocks are now available on PC.

 - Character customization is no longer reset under certain conditions.
 - The Wipe ability now correctly works from a distance.
 - The timer now properly starts and players can interact with each other prior to the host getting into the session.
 - Sound will properly keep playing when trying to watch a video under certain conditions.
 - An error message now displays when players attempt to watch DLC videos without having the DLC installed.
 - Chasebreakers in the Animus Core map now correctly reopen for team mates.
 Players are no longer stuck on leaving game session screen under certain circumstances.
 - When you create a group in a private game, that group now stays the same through different sessions.

Update V1.04

· Added support for DLC “The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal.”
· Using Wolves during combat no longer grants health regeneration.
· Wolf Pack pathing improved – wolves will find targets easier/faster.
· Wolf Power visual effects won’t trigger while in a haystack.
· Red visual effect on Guard Dogs now disappears when dog dies.
· Fixed an animation freeze when engaging Wolf Power while throwing a Ropedart.
· Player will no longer die when using Wolf Escape with low health.
· Fixed a rare bug where savegame details were imported from single-player game in the same slot.
· Fixed an issue where DLC would not be recognized unless a player is already signed into their account.
· Fixed an issue where trying to launch AC3 “Single Player” launches “The Tyranny of King Washington” if the player selects “Continue without saving” while in “The Tyranny of King Washington” section menu.

· It is no longer possible to get multiple streaks for the same kill or stun.
· It is no longer possible to continuously use a loss streak under certain conditions.
· After a character dies, their smoke bomb ability cooldown is not improperly reset anymore in Domination on Northwest Passage.
· The aiming FX for knives is no longer stuck on the screen if the ability is used while the character is walking in an idle state at the beginning of a session.
· Players can no longer use the Animus Hack when stunned.

· In Saint Pierre, Martinique characters no longer remain stuck inside the sugar cane field when trying to stun their pursuer under certain conditions.
· In Charlestown, the camera now works as intended when the player hides in a haystack under a roof.

· In Wolfpack, Players can now kill the final boss even if the last targets (in session 24) are killed with the Animus hack win streak.
· In Wolfpack, fixed a bug where the game could be stuck for a player at the start of a four players Wolfpack session on the night version of the Charlestown map.
· In Wolfpack, the extra objective now refreshes properly if the host leaves the session when the synchronized kill staging starts.
· In Domination, fixed instances where the game could crash at the end of a session.
· In Domination, chase breakers in an enemy base don’t incorrectly open for a player fast walking towards them under certain conditions.
· In Assassinate, the lock is no longer cancelled when the pursuer enters a haystack.
· In Artifact Assault, the player no longer re-spawns with the flag if killed with a gun in mid-air while jumping in the enemy base under certain conditions.

· Players are no longer stuck under certain conditions after performing a contested kill at the base of a crane.
· Several issues which happened when the group leader would back from searching for game sessions have been corrected.
· Weather effects now work properly for all players in a session.
· The variety bonus counter is no longer broken under certain conditions.

· Some user interface overlap problems have been fixed.
· Improvements have been made to the Loyalty feature.
· A quick access to the Abstergo Store has been added. You can now access it from any screen by clicking on the wallet icon in your player profile area in the top right hand corner.
· A new tip about the Abstergo Store has been added.

Nota: Me doy cuenta que los que usan versiones repacks tienen un problema de instalación especificamente este:
"Imposible encontrar el numero de la version, la instalacion se cancelara"
Siento decirles que las actualizaciones no funcionan con versiones repack, en lo personal todos los juegos que descargo son las versiones normales, asi es que si quereis actualizarlo, e instalar todo el contenido descargable mi recomendación es que se descargue una version normal o buscar una solución en google.

Assassin's Creed III Updates

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36 Comentarios Assassin's Creed III Updates
justo ayer buscaba estoo y no lo encontre!! joya la subida!!! pero te pregunto yo tengo el juego que salio para instalarlo en ruso. estas actualizaciones andan con ese juego??
Cita EmaS: Mostrar
Sinceramente no se yo tengo la version Theta que ya incluye el la actualizacion v1.01
bueno creo que me voy a arriesgar! no necesita crack?? no te jodo mas
Cita EmaS: Mostrar
En este post tengo el Crack Reloaded y Crack Theta
Con este update puedo jugar multiplayer?
Cita synoptico8: Mostrar
No, si no el titulo seria crack multiplayer o algo por el estilo, este post es solo de las actualizaciones
Pregunte lo de multiplayer por esto: Multiplayer Modes
- Team modes balance is no longer affected when extra players join in progress. pero gracias por el sarcasmo
Yo solo saque la informaci?
no los puedo instalar,me aparecen unos mensajes con letras raras y luegose me cierra alguien sabe?
con estos updates se arregla la caida de fraps al entrar ala ciudad? saludos  
Yo los actualize a los updates de AUTOPATCH de Ubisoft . Y no me cambio nada :_ tengo el crack THETA .
funciona con la version de blackbox? porq por lo general no funcionan con los repack o los de blackbox, y solo podes poner una update.
ahi lo baje pero me dice: Imposible encontrar el numero de la version, la instalacion se cancelara!
A mi me funcionaron, perfecto en la version de Theta v1.01
Cita MrTonayo: Mostrar
Lo de la caida de los FPS no se a mi no me paso por que cuando lo instale lo actualice luego luego, pues eso siempre tambien depende que tu maquina
@Carledd A mi me pasa lo mismo que a @polito90. Me dice: Imposible Encontrar El Numero De La Version, La Instalacion Se Cancelara!!. Que hago??. Ahora nada mas falta que tenga que bajar Otro Assassins Creed 3  
pues a lo que he estado leyendo es posible que esto se deba a que las versiones que tienen son Repacks y no te dejan actualizar el juego
a mi siempre los repack me dieron problemas en el pasado, por eso procuro siempre bajarme versiones que no sean un repack, siento no ser de mas ayuda pero es todo lo que se
Cita Carledd: Mostrar

pues mi pc es amd phenom ll x4 ,4 gigas ram , ati readeon hd 5570 , 1 tera de disco duro (aunque me quedan 30 gigas) sera que no lo corre bien mi pc? pase todo muy bien el teatro el barco y al llegar ala ciudad creo que era boston o algo asi caian los fraps en maximo y en minimo me pasaba igual , pero cuando volteaba al cielo se veia bien xD

con estos updates tu cres que funcione?
pues mira, todos los juegos siempre sacan actualizaciones para mejoras de rendimiento, errores encontrados y un sin fin de cosas, asi que yo te diria que no esta de mas probar
Cita Carledd: Mostrar

me parecia, si con los demas AC me paso lo mismo uno solo pude actualizar a la 1.01 q fue el revelation, me quede sin jugar the lost archives y con este me quedo sin jugar al dlc de washington, todos los demas los pude jugar tranquilamente.
sss que mal no la neta que esta chingon el DLC La Tirania del Rey Washington y apenas va el primer episodio, espero con ansias los otros dos  
es necesario tener la update 1.01 antes de actualizar a la 1.02 ? por voy a probar a ver si puedo instalar la 1.01 y despues estas para ver si aasi las toma
@polito90 de una vez te aviso que si es una version repack no vas a poder actuzalizarlo
Cita Carledd: Mostrar
totalmente, igual no pasa nada no me debo de perder mucho, refiriendome a la historia no al modo de juego habilidades  y eso. ademas son 3 partes del mismo washington. me quedare con las ganas como con the lost archives jajaja, o esperare al 4 para entender mejor
Cita Carledd: Mostrar

que suerte que yo lo baje oficial de ubisoft pero lo crackie!!
lo que no me acuerdo si el crack era skidrow,theta o como se llame el crackeador  
descargando los update, gracias, son solo estos o falta la version 1.04 para el dlc de washington?
@DEVILDOLL acabo de subir el update 1.04 que es necesario para el DLC La Tiran?
2 preguntas: 1?
@DiNaMo666 yo instale los updates en orden asi que te recomiendo hacer los mismo, 2.- claro que necesitas crack yo te recomiendo el de Reloaded ya que con ese funcionan todos los DLC's
gracias por responder.. pero mi segunda pregunta era si necesitas el crack 1.4 , o con un simple crack generico del juego funciona!..porq busque el crack 1.4 y no lo encuentro...
@DiNaMo666 cualquier crack sirve pero yo te recomiendo el Crack Reloaded lo puedes encontrar en mi post
no puedo instalar el 2 y el 3 me aparecen letras extra?
@neokay lo mas probable es que tengas un version repack, deje una nota al final del post.
yo tengo el repack de victorval pero eso que les sale es una vez que crackean el juego y tratan de ponerle un update primero deben instalar el juego sin crackear y luego ponerle los updates asi me pasaba en los otros assassins
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