The Who [Discografia] [320 Kbps]

Que tal amigos en esta ocasion les traigo la discografia de esta banda inglesa, formada en 1964 por Roger Daltrey (voz), Pete Townshend (guitarrateclados y voz), John Entwistle(bajo y voz) y Keith Moon (batería y voz). Esta banda sigue vigente hoy en dia y es una de las mejores exponentes del rock clasico por todo lo que representan sus temas, todas las canciones estan en formato mp3 y calidad 320 kbps. Antes dejo unos video para que se deleiten un poco.

My Generation (1965)

01- Out In The Street 

02- I Don't Mind 

03- Good's Gone, The 

04- La La La Lies 

05- Much Too Much 

06- My Generation 

07- Kids Are Alright, The 

08- Please, Please, Please 

09- It's Not True 

10- Ox, The 

11- Legal Matter, A 

12- Instant Party (Circles) 

A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)

01- Run Run Run 

02- Boris The Spider 

03- I Need You 

04- Whiskey Man 

05- Heatwave 

06- Cobwebs And Strange 

07- Don't Look Away 

08- See My Way 

09- So Sad About Us 

10- Quick One While He's Away, A 

11- Batman 

12- Bucket T 

13- Barbara Ann 

14- Disguises 

15- Doctor, Doctor 

16- I've Been Away 

17- In The City 

18- Happy Jack - (previously unreleased, acoustic version) 

19- Man With Money - (previously unreleased) 

20- My Generation / Land Of Hope And Glory - (previously unreleased) 

The Who Sell Out (1967) 

01- Armenia City In The Sky 

02- Heinz Baked Beans 

03- Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand 

04- Odorono 

05- Tattoo 

06- Our Love Was 

07- I Can See For Miles 

08- I Can't Reach You 

09- Medac 

10- Relax 

11- Silas Stingy 

12- Sunrise 

13- Rael 1 

14- Rael 2 

15- Glittering Girl - (previously unreleased) 

16- Melancholia 

17- Someone's Coming 

18- Jaguar 

19- Early Morning Cold Taxi 

20- Hall Of The Mountain King 

21- Girl's Eyes 

22- Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand - (Alternate Version) 

23- Glow Girl 

Tommy (1969)

01- Overture 

02- It's A Boy 

03- 1921 

04- Amazing Journey 

05- Sparks 

06- Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) 

07- Christmas 

08- Cousin Kevin 

09- Acid Queen, The 

10- Underture 

11- Do You Think It's Alright 

12- Fiddle About 

13- Pinball Wizard 

14- There's A Doctor 

15- Go To The Mirror! 

16- Tommy Can You Hear Me? 

17- Smash The Mirror 

18- Sensation 

19- Miracle Cure 

20- Sally Simpson 

21- I'm Free 

22- Welcome 

23- Tommy's Holiday Camp 

24- We're Not Gonna Take It 

Who's Next (1971)

01- Baba O'Riley 

02- Bargain 

03- Love Ain't For Keeping 

04- My Wife 

05- Song Is Over, The 

06- Getting In Tune 

07- Going Mobile 

08- Behind Blue Eyes 

09- Won't Get Fooled Again 

10- Pure And Easy - (previously unreleased, original version) 

11- Baby Don't You Do It - (previously unreleased) 

12- Naked Eye - (live) 

13- Water - (previously unreleased, live) 

14- Too Much Of Anything 

15- I Don't Even Know Myself 

16- Behind Blue Eyes - (previously unreleased, original version) 

Quadrophenia (1973)

Cd 1 

01- I Am The Sea 

02- The Real Me 

03- Quadrophenia" 

04- Cut My Hair 

05- The Punk And The Godfather 

06- I'm One 

07- The Dirty Jobs 

08- Helpless Dancer 

09- Is It In My Head? 

10- I've Had Enough 

Cd 2 

01- 5:15 

02- Sea And Sand 

03- Drowned 

04- Bell Boy 

05- Doctor Jimmy 

06- The Rock 

07- Love, Reign O''er Me 

The Who By Numbers (1975) 

01- Slip Kid 

02- However Much I Booze 

03- Squeeze Box 

04- Dreaming From The Waist 

05- Imagine A Man 

06- Success Story 

07- They Are All In Love 

08- Blue Red And Grey 

09- How Many Friends? 

10- In A Hand Or A Face 

11- Squeeze Box (live) 

12- Behind Blue Eyes (live) 

13- Dreaming From The Waist (live) 

Who Are You (1978)

1. New Song
2. Had Enough
3. 905
4. Sister Disco
5. Music Must Change
6. Trick Of The Light
7. Guitar And Pen
8. Love Is Coming Down
9. Who Are You
10. No Road Romance
11. Empty Glass
12.Guitar and Pen
13. Love Is Coming Down
14. Who Are You

It's Hard (1982) 

01- Athena 

02- It''s Your Turn 

03- Cooks County 

04- It''s Hard 

05- Dangerous 

06- Eminence Front 

07- I''ve Known No War 

08- One Life''s Enough 

09- One At A Time 

10- Why Did I Fall For That? 

11- A Man Is A Man 

12- Cry If You Want 

Face Dances (2000) 

01- You Better You Bet 

02- Don''t Let Go the Coat 

03- Cache Cache 

04- The Quiet One 

05- Did You Steal My Money? 

06- How Can You Do It Alone? 

07- Daily Records 

08- You 

09- Another Tricky Day 

Endless Wire (2006)

01- Fragments 

02- A Man In A Purple Dress 

03- Mike Post Theme 

04- In The Ether 

05- Black Widow's Eyes 

06- Two Thousand Years 

07- God Speaks Of Marty Robbins 

08- It's Not Enough 

09- You Stand By Me 

10- Sound Round 

11- Pick Up The Peace 

12- Unholy Trinity 

13- Trilby's Piano 

14- Endless Wire 

15- Fragments Of Fragments 

16- We Got A Hit 

17- They Made My Dream Come True 

18- Mirror Door 

19- Tea & Theatre 

20- We Got A Hit (Extended Version) 

21- Endless Wire (Extended Version) 

My Generation: The Very Best of the Who 

1. I Can't Explain 

2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 

3. My Generation 

4. Substitute 

5. I'm A Boy 

6. Boris The Spider 

7. Happy Jack 

8. Pictures Of Lily 

9. I Can See For Miles 

10. Magic Bus 

11. Pinball Wizard 

12. The Seeker 

13. Baba O'Riley 

14. Won't Get Fooled Again (Full Length Version) 

15. Let's See Action 

16. 5.15 

17. Join Together 

18. Squeeze Box 

19. Who Are You (Single Edit Version) 

20. You Better You Bet 

Then And Now

01. I Can't Explain

02. My Generation

03. The Kids Are Alright

04. Substitute

05. I'm A Boy

06. Happy Jack

07. I Can See For Miles

08. Magic Bus

09. Pinball Wizard

10. See Me, Feel Me

11. Baba O'Riley (Original version)

12. Behind Blue Eyes

13. Won't Get Fooled Again

14. 5-15

15. Love, Reign O'er Me

16. Squeeze Box

17. Who Are You

18. You Better You Bet

19. Real Good Looking Boy

20. It's Not Enough

The Who Greatest Hits and More

Disc 1

1. I Can't Explain (Original Mono Version)

2. My Generation (Original Mono Version)

3. The Kids Are Alright (Edit Mono Version)

4. Substitute (Single Version)

5. Happy Jack (Single Version)

6. Pictures Of Lily

7. I Can See For Miles

8. Magic Bus (Original Stereo Version)

9. Pinball Wizard (Original Album Version)

10.Behind Blue Eyes (Original Album Version)

11.Baba O'Riley (Original Version)

12.Won't Get Fooled Again (Original Album Version)

13.Love Reign O'er Me (Single Version)

14.Squeeze Box

15.Who Are You (Single Edit)

16.You Better You Bet (Album Version)

17.Eminence Front

18.Real Good Looking Boy

19.It's Not Enough

Disc 2

1. I Can't Explain (Live At San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 1971)

2. Substitute (Live At San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 1971)

3. Happy Jack (Live At City Hall, Hull, 1970)

4. I'm A Boy (Live At City Hall, Hull, 1970)

5. Behind Blue Eyes (Live At San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 1971)

6. Pinball Wizard (Live In Swansea, 1976)

7. I'm Free (Live In Swansea, 1976)

8. Squeeze Box (Live In Swansea, 1976)

9. Naked Eye Let's See Action My Generation (Live At Charlton Athletic FC, 1974)

10.5.15 (Live At The Capital Centre, Largo, 1973)

11.Won't Get Fooled Again (Live At The Capital Centre, Largo, 1973)

12.Magic Bus (Live At Leeds University, 1970)

13.My Generation (Live At The BBC, 1965)

14.I Can See For Miles (Live At Universal Amphitheatre, 1989)

15.Who Are You (Live At Universal Amphitheatre, 1989)

16.A Man In A Purple Dress (Live At Nassau Coliseum, 2007)


Bueno amigos esto es todo por hoy, espero que les sea de su agrado mi aporte y que al menos agradezcan, comenten y sepan valorar el esfuerzo. Hasta la proxima. 

The Who [Discografia] [320 Kbps]

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