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The All Sky Automated Survey  
 [ul][li] Goals
 The All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) is a low cost project dedicated to constant photometric monitoring of the whole available sky, which is approximately 10^7 stars brighter than 14 magnitude. The project's ultimate goal is detection and investigation of of any kind of the photometric variability. One of the main obectives of ASAS is to find and catalog variable stars.
 [/li][li] Equipment
 Presently, ASAS consists of two observing stations, one in LCO, Chile (since 1997) and the other on Haleakala, Maui (since 2006). Both are equipped with two wide-field 200/2.8 instruments, observing simultaneously in V and I   band. For technical and historical details please refer to the Status and History pages.
 ASAS system is fully automated, yet it is a pleasure to acknowledge the on site assistance by the OGLE observers (the OGLE telescope is visible in the background of the photograph).
 [/li][li] Achievements
 ASAS has produced extensive catalogues of variable stars (ACVS) of the southern hemisphere (dec < +28 deg). The majority (80%, as compared with GCVS) of these are new discoveries. All photometric V-band data of the southern hemisphere are available. The I-band data are being processed and is scheduled for release in December 2007.
 Detailed description of the catalogues can be found in the ASAS Papers. Catalogue data is summarily described in the Catalogues section, and is available for Download.
 Since February, 2004 the ASAS data reduction pipeline started to release Alerts on significant photometric changes of observed objects. However, the system is temporarily unavailable, so only old alert data is accessible.
 In June, 2006 northern observational station ASAS-3N came into existence on Haleakala (Maui) and it has been collecting data in two filters (V and I ) ever since. So far selected fields in the Kepler field of view have been analyzed and about 1000 variable stars identified. This is described in section Kepler FOV.
 The remaining data are waiting to be processed.
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