Project Of Planets V.1.1.008 [English] RPG - Mediafire

Project Of Planets V.1.1.008 [English] Mediafire

Plataforma: PC
Idioma: English
Calidad: DVD
Formato: RAR
Tamaño: 908.65 MB
Fecha: 27-05-2010


Project of Planets a 3D game is a new generation of sci-fi genre of MMORPG. In 2235 AD in the Middle East is gradually running out of fossil fuels, increase the fierce fighting for energy among civilized first world nations. Military authorities have continued to focus on the indomitable force in the application of nuclear fusion and secret research and development sectors of their governments. Mechanoids emerged as the main successor to nuclear technology.

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Project Of Planets V.1.1.008 [English] RPG - Mediafire

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