Spartacus 3 temp cap 1

SpartacusWar of the Damned 

Gaius Claudius Glaber is dead. The rebellion has swelled to thousands of freed slaves, and Spartacus, alongside his generals Crixus, Gannicus and Agron, prepares for war with Rome.
 The Roman Senate turns to Marcus Crassus, a wealthy, strategic politician, for aid. With a young Julius Caesar as an ally, Crassus must crush the rebellion.
 The epic conclusion of a legendary journey, "Spartacus: War of the Damned" unleashes a battle unlike anything ever seen before

(dice que murieron personas y que esta temporada seguiran muriendo mas)

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3x1 sp  enemigos de roma



Spartacus 3 temp cap 1
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q calidad q onda?? pone algo,,Peso
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hdtv  398megas

gracias loko me llevo el cap 1!
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el cap 1 esta da?
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