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SEB presents Initial D Battle Stage [Album]

Hola a todos, aqui les dejo 2 albumes muy especiales de initial D, la seleccion Battle Stage.

Super Eurobeat Presents

 Initial Battle Stage


Lista de Canciones:

1.Atrium - Supersonic Fire
2.Derreck Simons - This Time
3.Max Coveri - Golden Age
4.Starlet - You're Gonna Be
5.Denise - Emotional Fire
6.Black Power - Get Ready For Loving
7.Ace Warrior - 24 Hours A Day With You
8.Toby Ash - Jumping Up The Nations
9.Nando - Love Killer
10.D.Essex - Take Me To The Top
11.Triumph - She Devil
12.Black Power - Destination Love
13.Dr. Love - Doctor Love
14.Thomas T. - King Of The Night
15.Mega NRG Man - Express Love
16.Morris - Crazy For Your Love
17.J. Storm - Dancing In My Dreams
18.Dave Simon - Generation
19.Wain L - Don't You Wanna Be Free

El Battle Stage 1, contiene todas'' las canciones de las carreras del "First Stage" "Second Stage" y el "Third Stage" pero en edicion Battle Stage.


Super Eurobeat Presents

Initial D Battle Stage 2


Lista de canciones:

CD 1: 

1.Symbol Forever Love Me
2.Go 2 - Power
3.Digital Planet - Take Me Forever
4.Fastway - Shock Out
5.Mr. M - Welcome People
6.Lou Grant - Don't Stop The Music 2006
7.Melissa White & Ace - Switch
8.Go 2 - Let It Burn
9.Dave Rodgers - Disco Fire
10.Phil - Crazy & Ready
11.Idol - Idol
12.Kasanova - Love Shining

CD 2: 

1.Mr. M - Be The One
2.Manuel - Sun In The Rain
3.Go 2 - Play Loud
4.Lisa & Ace - Getting The Fever
5.Annalise - Promised Land
6.Vivi - Just For Me
7.Helena - Lonely Night 2006
8.Dave - Pride
9.Money Man - Love For Money
10.Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks
11.Dave Simon - Live For You
12.Ace - Futureland

El Battle Stage 2 contiene todas las canciones de las carreras del "Fourth Stage" en edicion Battle Stage.



Initial D Battle Stage (Completo)

Initial D Battle Stage 2 (Completo)


Vivi - Just For Me

Mega NRG Man - Express Love

Thomas T. - King Of The Night

Mr. M - Welcome People

Symbol - Forever Love Me

Dave Rodgers - Disco Fire

Manuel - Sun In The Rain

Go2 - Power

Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks

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gracias!! estos discos no los tenia, te pasaste      
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Hola, muchas gracias, descargu?
Excelente!!!   gracias  
graxiax pero me pide clave
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