Taylor Swift - Unreleased [MEGA]

1. All Night Diner 
2. Better Off 
3. Closest To A Cowboy 
4. Drive All Night 
5. Fearless Demo 
6. i heart question mark (demo) 
7. I Know What I Want 
8. I'm Every Woman cover song 
9. Look At You Like That 
10. My Cure 
11. Never Mind studio demo pop 
12. Mary's Song (Demo) 
13. Songs About You 
14. Stupid Boy 
15. Sweet Tea & God's Graces 
16. 10 Dollars And A 6 Pack 
17. The Diary Of Me 
18. Thinking Bout You 
19. This Is Really Happening 
20. Tim McGraw (Demo) 
21. We Were Happy 
22. What Do You Say 
23. Your Face

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Taylor Swift - Unreleased [MEGA]
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oms!   yo la amo soy swiftie boy
y ellink amigo te lo agradeceria  
hola gracias x el cd un saludo xd
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