Scorpions Discografia 320 Kbps

Como están amigos y amigas, aquí les dejo la discografia de esta excelente banda alemana, no hay mucho que decir sobre ella que no sepamos, Scorpions es una banda de hard rock y heavy metal, fundada en Hannover, siendo la primera banda de hard rock nacida en el país germano allá en los 60 s!!  Miembros: Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker, Matthias Jabs.
Bueno aquí se las dejo y sin mas que decir empezamos:  

Lonesome Crow

01. Im Goin Mad

02. It All Depends

03. Leave Me

04. In Search Of the Peace of Mind

05. Inheritance

06. Action

07. Lonesome Crow


Fly to the Rainbow

01. Speedys Coming

02. They Need A Million

03. Drifting Sun

04. Fly People Fly

05. This Is My Song

06. Far Away

07. Fly To the Rainbow


In Trance

01. Dark Lady

02. In Trance

03. Lifes Like A River

04. Top Of The Bill

05. Living And Dying

06. Robot Man

07. Evening Wind

08. Sun In My Hand

09. Longing For Fire

10. Night Lights


Virgin Killer

01. Pictured Lirfe

02. Catch Your Train

03. In Your Park

04. Backstage Queen

05. Virgin Killer

06. Hell Cat

07. Crying Days

08. Polar Night

09. Yellow Raven


Taken By Force

01. Steamrock Fever

02. Well Burn The Sky

03. Ive Got To Be Free

04. The Riot Of Your Time

05. The Sails Of Charon

06. Your Light

07. Hes A Woman Shes A Man

08. Born To Touch Your Feelings

09. Suspender Love

10. Polar Nights (LIVE)

Tokyo Tapes

01. All Night Long

02. Pictured Life

03. Backstage Queen

04. In Trance

05. Well Burn The Sky

06. Suspender Love

07. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind

08. Fly To The Rainbow

09. Hes A Woman, Shes A Man

10. Speedys Coming

11. Top Of The Bill

12. Hound Dog

13. Long Tall Sally

14. Steamrock Fever

15. Dark Lady

16. Kojo No Tsuki

17. Robot Man


01. Loving You Sunday Morning

02. Another Piece Of Meat

03. Always Somewhere

04. Coast To Coast

05. Cant Get Enough

06. Is There Anybody There


08. Holiday


Animal Magnetism

01. Make It Real

02. Dont Make No Promises (Your Body Cant Keep)

03. Hold Me Tight

04. Twentieth Century Man

05. Lady Starlight

06. Falling In Love

07. Only A Man

08. The Zoo

09. Animal Magnetism

10. Hey You


01. Blackout

02. Cant Live Without You

03. No One Like You

04. You Give Me All I Need

05. Now!

06. Dynamite

07. Arizona

08. China White

09. When the Smoke Is Going Down


Love at First Sting

01. Bad Boys Running Wild

02. Rock You Like A Hurricane

03. Im Leaving You

04. Coming Home

05. The Same Thrill

06. Big City Nights

07. As Soon As The Good Times Roll


09. Still Loving You


World Wide Live

01. Countdown (Instrumental)

02. Coming Home

03. Blackout

04. Bad Boys Running Wild

05. Loving You Sunday Morning

06. Make It Real

07. Big City Nights

08. Coast To Coast

09. Holiday

10. Still Loving You

11. Rock You Like A Hurricane

12. Cant Live Without You

13. The Zoo

14. No One Like You

15. Dynamite


Savage Amusement

01. Dont Stop At The Top

02. Rhythm Of Love

03. Passion Rules The Game

04. Media Overkill

05. Walking On The Edge

06. We Let It Rock? You Let It Roll

07. Every Minute Every Day

08. Love On The Run

09. Believe In Love

Crazy World

01. Tease Me Please Me

02. Dont Believe Her

03. To Be With You In Heaven

04. Wind Of Change

05. Restless Nights

06. Lust Or Love

07. Kicks After Six

08. Hit Between The Eyes

09. Money And Fame

10. Crazy World

11. Send Me An Ange

Face the Heat

01. Alien Nation


02. No Pain No Gain


03. Someone to Touch


04. Under the Same Sun


05. Unholy Alliance


06. Woman


07. Hate to Be Nice


08. Taxman Woman


09. Ship of Fools


10. Nigthmare Avenue


11. Lonely Nigths


12. Destin

13. Daddys Girl


Live Bites

01. Tease Me Please Me


02. Is There Anybody There


03. Rhythm Of Love


04. In Trance


05. No Pain No Gain


06. When The Smoke Is Going Down


07. Ave Maria No Morro


08. Living For Tomorrow


09. Concerto In V


10. Alien Nation


11. Hit Between The Eyes


12. Crazy World


13. Wind Of Change


14. Heroes Dont Cry


15. White Dove


Pure Instinct

01. Wild Child

02. But The Best For You

03. Does Anyone Know

04. Stone In My Shoe

05. Soul Behind The Face

06. Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You)

07. When You Came Into My Life

08. Where The River Flows

09. Time Will Call Your Name

10. You And I

11. Are You The One?


Eye II Eye


02. To Be No. 1


04. 10 Light Years Away

05. Mind Like a Tree

06. Eye to Eye

07. What U Give U Get Back


09. Yellow Butterfly

10. Freshly Squeezed


12. Du bist so schmutzig

13. Aleyah

14. A Moment in a Million Years


Berliner Philarmoniker - Moment of Glory

01. Scorpions / Hurricane 2000

02. Moment Of Glory

03. Send Me An Angel

04. Wind Of Change

05. Crossfire (Instrumental)

06. Deadly Sting Suite (Instrumental)

07. Here In My Heart

08. Still Loving You

09. Big City Nights

10. Lady Starlight



01. The Zoo

02. Always Somewhere

03. Life Is Too Short

04. Holiday

05. You & I

06. When Love Kills Love

07. Dust In The Wind

08. Send Me An Angel

09. Catch Your Train

10. I Wanted To Cry (But The Tears Wouldnt Come)

11. Wind of Change

12. Love of My Life

13. Drive

14. Still Loving You

15. Hurricane 2001


01. New Generation

02. Loveem Or Leaveem

03. Deep And Dark

04. Borderline

05. Blood Too Hot

06. Maybe I Maybe You

07. Someday Is Now

08. My City My Town

09. Through My Eyes

10. Can You Feel It

11. This Time

12. She Said

13. Remember The Good Times


Humanity Hour 1

01. Hour I

02. The Game Of Life

03. We Were Born To Fly

04. The Future Never Dies

05. Youre Lovin Me To Death

06. 321

07. Love Will Keep Us Alive

08. We Will Rise Again

09. Your Last Song

10. Love Is War

11. The Cross

12. Humanity

13. Cold (Bonus Track)

14. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Radio Edit)


Sting In The Tail

01. Raised on Rock

02. Sting in the Tail

03. Slave Me

04. The Good Die Young

05. No Limit

06. Rock Zone

07. Lorelei

08. Turn You On

09. Lets Rock!

10. Sly

11. Spirit of Rock

12. The Best Is Yet to Come



01. Rhythm Of Love

02. No One Like You

03. The Zoo

04. Rock You Like A Hurricane

05. Blackout

06. Still Loving You

07. Wind Of Change

08. Tainted Love (Gloria Jones Cover)

09. Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex Cover)

10. Across The Universe (The Beatles Cover)

11. Tin Soldier (Small Faces Cover)

12. All Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks Cover)

13. Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones Cover) 


Nota: el disco Tokyo tapes no lo encontre en calidad 320 kbps, esta en 192.

Bueno hasta aqui llego con este post gente, espero y les guste para que se los puedan descargar, y ya saben cualquier duda, comentario o sugerencia son bienvenidos, hasta la proxima!!  

Scorpions Discografia 320 Kbps

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