Pearl Jam-Backspacer y Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam-Backspacer y Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam es una banda de grunge conformada en Seattle, Estados Unidos en el año 1990.

1 Life Wasted
2 World Wide Suicide
3 Comatose
4 Severed Hand
5 Market in the Snad
6 Parachutes
7 Unempoyable
8 Big Wave
9 Gone
10 Wasted Reprise
11 Army Reserve
12 Come Back
13 Inside Job

1 Gonna See My Friend
2 Got Some
3 The Fixer
4 Jonnhy Guitar
5 Just Breathe
6 Amongst the Wave
7 Unthought Known
8 Supersonic
9 Speed of Sound
10 Force of Nature
11 The End

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Pearl Jam-Backspacer y Pearl Jam
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