Algunos discos de Nirvana

2.Floyd the Barber
3.About a Girl
5.Love Buzz
6.Paper Cuts
7.Negative Creep
9.Swap Meet
10.Mr. Moustache
12.Big Cheese

1.Smells Like Teen Spirit
2.In Bloom
3.Come as You Are
7.Territorial Pissings
8.Drain You
9.Lounge Act
10.Stay Away
11.On a Plain
12.Something in the Way

1.Serve the Servants
2.Scentless Apprentice
3.Heart-Shaped Box
4.Rape Me
5.Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
7.Very Ape
8.Milk It
9.Pennyroyal Tea
10.Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
12.All Apologies

1.About a Girl
2.Come As You Are
3.Jesus Doesn?t Want Me for a Sunbeam
4.The Man Who Sold the World
5.Pennyroyal Tea
8.On a Plain
9.Something in the Way
11.Oh, Me
12.Lake Of Fire
13.All Apologies
14.Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

01 Dive
02 Sliver
03 Stain
04 Been a Son
05 Turnaround
06 Molly?s Lips
07 Son of a Gun
08 (New Wave) Polly
09 Beeswax
10 Downer
11 Mexican Seafood
12 Hairspray Queen
13 Aero Zeppelin
14 Big Long Now
15 Aneurysm

01 Turnaround
02 Aneurysm
03 D-7
04 Son of a Gun
05 Even in His Youth
06 Molly?s Lips

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Algunos discos de Nirvana
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gracias, me gusta bastante Nirvana  
@Zamzid,@emoxs,gracias por pasar a mi post y gracias por los puntos donados se los agradesco  
@rojjjo gracias por tu comentario  
gracias me los llevo  
@eduardo294 gracias por pasar a mi post espero y te aya gustado  
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