Hospital Tycoon [English] - mediafire 4 Links

Hospital Tycoon [English] - mediafire 4 Links

Plataforma: PC
Idioma: English
Calidad: CD
Formato: ISO
Tamaño: 713.31 MB
Fecha: 08-06-2007

Hospital Tycoon is a medical-themed God game in which players are put in charge of hectic hospital facilities that are constantly on the verge of crisis and collapse. Players are challenged to run, maintain, enhance and expand the hospitals while turning any chaotic situation around using ingenious management techniques.
The most infectious thing about Hospital Tycoon is its humour as players experience how the games characters the doctors, nurses and patients interact with each other and react to how well the player is running each hospital. The games high level of character interaction will create a living hospital thats part soap opera and part comedy.

A move away from micro-management life-simulation games, Hospital Tycoon will create emerging situations that are as entertaining as they are challenging. The manic medical teams have to deal with patients suffering from the most peculiar ailments, such as the man afflicted with Monkey Nuts and the office worker diagnosed with Stress Zombosis, and set about curing them with equally odd treatments.

At the Sapphire Beach Medical Institute, the lives and loves of the hospitals doctors and nurses, as well as the sneezes and diseases of its patients, will come alive this June when Hospital Tycoon launches exclusively for PC. Fusing Tycoon style gameplay with character simulation and a light-hearted narrative, Hospital Tycoon is set to give players a soap-opera feel as they progress through episodes of hospital dramas Story Mode.

Each episode in Hospital Tycoon explores a plot involving certain members of the hospitals staff and some very interesting patients, while at the same time challenging players to find cures for bizarre new illnesses. Diseases range from the everyday Explosive Sneezing - where a simple sneeze can launch the unfortunate patient several feet into the air, to the more rare Monkey Nuts - where patients sprout fur, climb furniture and favour bananas over everyday person food.

Hospital Tycoon staff members have rich behaviours that players can nurture and influence throughout the game. Gamers may choose to encourage a friendship or a falling-out of sorts, and can train staff to improve their skill levels. Players will also be challenged to manage and maintain each hospital, creating dedicated areas to support additional medical needs, including surgery, diagnosis, physiotherapy and more.

As more patients are cured, the more players can expand their medical empire and attract new, and even more interesting patients. However, as the hospital becomes busier, players will have to be on the lookout for the spread of infectious conditions or theyll soon have an epidemic running riot throughout the facility.
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