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Discograf?a de Nickelback (Mediafire) [128 kbps]

  • Categoría: Reciclaje
  • Publicado hace más de 7 años

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]·1996 - Crub[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Lista de canciones[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]01. Little Friend
02. Pusher
03. Detangler
04. Curb
05. Where
06. Falls Back On
07. Sea Groove
08. Fly
09. Just Four
10. Left
11. Window Shopper
12. I Don't Have


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]·2000 - The State[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Lista de canciones[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]01. Breathe
02. Cowboy Hat
03. Leader Of Men
04. Old Enough
05. Worthy To Say
06. Diggin' This
07. Deep
08. One Last Run
09. Not Leaving' Yet
10. Hold Out Your Hand
11. Leader Of Men (Acoustic)


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]2001 - Silver Side Up[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Lista de canciones[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]01. Never Again
02. How You Remind Me
03. Woke Up This Morning
04. Too Bad
05. Just For
06. Hollywood
07. Money Bought
08. Where Do I Hide
09. Hangnail
10. Good Times Gone


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]2003 - The Long Road[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Lista de canciones[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]01. Flat On The Floor
02. Do This Anymore
03. Someday
04. Believe It Or Not
05. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
06. Because Of You
07. Figured You Out
08. Should've Listened
09. Throw Yourself Away
10. Another Hole In The Head
11. See You At The Show
12. Love Will Keep Us Together
13. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
14. Yanking Out My Heart
15. Someday (Acoustic)
16. Slow Motion
17. Learn The Hard Way


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]2005 - All the Right Reasons[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Lista de canciones[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]01. Follow You Home
02. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
03. Photograph
04. Animals
05. Savin' Me
06. Far Away
07. Next Contestant
08. Side Of A Bullet
09. If Everyone Cared
10. Someone That You're With


[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]2008 - Dark Horse[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]Lista de canciones[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#NaNNaNNaN]01. Something In Your Mouth
02. Burn It To The Ground
03. Gotta Be Somebody
04. I'd Come For You
05. Next Go Round
06. Just To Get High
07. Never Gonna Be Alone
08. Shakin' Hands
09. S.E.X.
10. If Today Was Your Last Day
11. This Afternoon



Discograf?a de Nickelback (Mediafire) [128 kbps]

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