[MEGAPOST] Full Soundtracks - Varios OST (II)

*** Parte II ***

--- Otra entrega de Soundtracks. Si les agrada, les traere otras compilaciones.

1.J Geils Band - Fright Night

2.Autograph - You Can't Hide From the Beast Inside
3.Ian Hunter - Good Man in a Bad Time
4.April Wine - Rock Myself to Sleep
5.Devo - Let's Talk
6.Sparks - Armies of the Night
7.Evelyn Champagne King - Give It Up
8.White Sister - Save Me Tonight
9.Fabulous Fontaines - Boppin Tonight
10.Brad Fiedel - Come to Me

1.Theme from Star Trek
3.Where Is Love
4.Music To Watch Space Girls By
5.Beyond Antares
6.Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth
7.Mission Impossible
8.Lost In The Stars
9.Where No Man Has Gone Before
10.You Are Not Alone
11.A Visit To A Sad Planet
12.Highly Illogical
13.The Difference Between Us
14.Once I Smiled
15.Spock Thoughts
16.By Myself
17.Follow Your Star
18.Amphibious Assault

1.Stan Bush - The Touch
2.NRG - Instruments of Destruction
3.Vince DiCola - Death of Optimus Prime
4.Stan Bush - Dare
5.Spectre General - Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way
6.Lion - The Transformers (Theme)
7.Vince DiCola - Escape
8.Spectre General - Hunger
9.Vince DiCola - Autobot-Decepticon Battle
10.Weird Al Yankovic - Dare to Be Stupid

1.Theme From Shaft [Vocal Version]
2.Bumpy's Lament
3.Walk from Regio's
4.Ellie's Love Theme
5.Shaft's Cab Ride
6.Cafe Reggio's
7.Early Sunday Morning
8.Be Yourself 
9.A Friend's Place
10.Soulsville [Vocal Version]
11.No Name Bar
12.Bumpy's Blues
13.Shaft Strikes Again 
14.Do Your Thing [Vocal Version]
15.The End Theme

1.Welcome To Lunar Industries
2.Two Weeks And Counting
3.Im Sam Bell
4.Im Sam Bell Too
5.Memories (Someone Well Never Know)
6.Are You Receiving
7.Cant Get There From Here
8.Were Not Programs Gerty Were People
9.The Nursery
11.Were Going Home
12.Welcome To Lunar Industries (Three Year Stretch)

1.Heat - Kronos Quartet
2.Always Forever Now - Passengers
3.Condensers - Elliot Goldenthal
4.Refinery Surveillance - Kronos Quartet
5.Last Nite - Terje Rypdal and The Chasers
6.Ultramarine - Michael Brook
7.Armenia - Einsterzende Neubauten
8.Of Helplessness - Elliot Goldenthal
9.Steel Cello Lament - Elliot Goldenthal
10.Mystery Man - Terje Rypdal
11.New Dawn Fades - Moby
12.Entrada And Shootout - Elliot Goldenthal
13.Force Marker - Brian Eno
14.Coffee Shop - Elliot Goldenthal
15.Fate Scrapes - Elliot Goldenthal
16.La Bas - Lisa Gerrard
17.Gloradin - Lisa Gerrard
18.Run Uphill - Elliot Goldenthal
19.Predator Diorama - Kronos Quartet
20.Of Separation - Elliot Goldenthal
21.God Moving Over the  Face of the Waters - Moby 

1. Hunger (06:35)
2. Barra Barra (05:48)
performed by Rachid Taha
3. Vale of Plenty (02:28)
4. Chant (02:34)
5. Still (04:48)
6. Mogadishu Blues (02:54)
7. Synchrotone (08:55)
8. Bakara (03:12)
9.  Of the Earth (02:19)
10. Ashes to Ashes (04:44)
11.  Gortoz A Ran - J'attends (05:51)
performed by Prigent & Lisa Gerrard
12. Tribal War (02:40)
13. Leave no Man behind (06:18)
14.Minstrel Boy (Film Version) (05:43)
performed by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
15.Still Reprise (02:14)

1.Home Coming 
2.Escape Route 
3.First Blood 
4.The Tunnel 
5.Hanging Out 
6.Mountain Hunt 
7.My Town 
8.The Razor
9.No Power 
10.Over The Cliff 
11.It's A Long Road (Instrumental)
12.It's A Long Road (Theme From First Blood)

1.Prologue - The First Fight
2.Main Titles
3.Su Lin (The Monk)
4.Sampans And Flashbacks
5. Han's Island
6. The Banquet
7. Headset Jazz
8. The Gentle Softness
9. Into The Night
10. Goodbye Oharra
11.Bamboo Birdcage
12.Han's Cruelty
13.The Human Fly
14.The Big Battle
15.Broken Mirrors
16.End Titles
17.Main Titles (Alternate)

1.Main Title
2.Charles Accident
3.Jay And Brad Look For The Critters
4.Jeff Is Diner
5.Looking In The Cellar
6.The Bounty Hunters : Critters Get Steve
7.Critters Hunt For Lunch
8.Brad Burns A Critter
9.They're Growing
10.Meanwhile Back At The house
11.Looking For Chewy
12.Brad Goes After April
13.The Critters Are Destroyed
14.The House Returns
15.Critter Skitter 

2.Main Title
3.Samurai Source 
4.Tokyo Return
5.20 Year Montage
6.Scrapboko Montage / Scrapbook Epilogue
7.Kendo Sword Ritual / Alter Ego / Night Rescue / Amputation / Amputation (alternate)
8.Man Who Never Smiles
9.Tanner to Tono / Tono Bridge / The Bath
10.Girl and Tea
12.Get Tanner
13.Breather / Final Assault
14.The Big Fight
15.No Secrets
18.Bows / End Title (Coda) 
19.Shine On
20.Bluesy Combo
21.20 Year Montage / Scrapbook Montage (film mix) 
22.End Title (film version)
23.Only the Wind

1.March Theme
2.Love Theme
3.In The Museum
4.On The Terrace At Versailles
5.On The Bridge
6.Exit Maxim's 
7.Tanz At The Tavern
8.Lieutenant General Tanz
9.Love Theme (Reprise)
10.War And Madness
11.Drive Around Paris
12.Tanz Comes Back
14.The Night Of The Generals (Extended Suite)

1.Two For The Road
2.Something For Audrey
3.The Lovely Life
4.The Chaser
5.Something Loose
6.Happy Barefoot Boy
7.Two For The Road
9.French Provincial
10.The Donk
11.Domain St. Juste
12.Two For The Road 

1.Bullitt (Main Title)
2.Room -26-
3.Hotel Daniels
4.The Aftermath Of Love
5.Music To Interrogate By
6.On The Way To San Mateo
7.Ice Pick Mike
8.A Song For Cathy
9.Shifting Gears
10.Cantata For Combo
11.The First Snowfall
12.Bullitt (End Title)

1.La Corsa
2.Fango Giallo
3.Town Of Silence
4.Blue Dark Waltz
5.La Corsa (2nd Version)
6.Fruscii Notturni
7.El Pajarito
8.Espera Y Ataque
9.Django (Instrumental)
10.Django (Vocal)
11.Vamonos Muchachos!
12.Vamonos Muchachos! (2nd Version)
13.Vals De Juana Yimena
14.Vamonos Muchachos!
15.Town Of Silence (2nd Version)
18.Duello Nel Fango

1.Main Title
2.Tar Sequence
3.Just a Closer Walk With Thee
6.Egg Eating Contest
7.Eye-Ballin Glasses
8.Arletta Blues
9.Criss Crossing the Fence
10.Plastic Jesus
11.Ballad of Cool Hand Luke
12.First Morning
13.Bean Time
14.Road Gang
15.Radio in Barracks
16.Dog Boy
17.End Title
18.Symphonic Sketches of Cool Hand Luke
19.Down Here on the Ground 
20.(Bonus) - Symphonic Sketches of Cool Hand Luke II

1.Le Samourad
4.La blessure
5.Hotel Sandwich
6.Costello dans la ville
7.Jeff et Valerie
9.Jeff et Jeanne
10.Le destin de Costello 
11.Le samourad se remixe (partie 1)
12.Le samourad se remixe (partie 2)

1.Mountain Town - South Park   
2.Uncle F**ka - South Park   
3.It's Easy MMMkay - South Park      
4.Blame Canada - South Park   
5.Kyle's Mom's A Bitch - South Park   
6.What Would Brian Boitano Do? - South Park      
7.Up There - South Park   
8.La Resistance (Medley) - South Park   
9.Eyes Of A Child - South Park      
10.I Can Change - South Park      
11.I'm Super - South Park   
12.Mountain Town (Reprise) - South Park      
13.Good Love - Isaac Hayes   
14.Riches To Rags MMMkay - Nappy Roots      
15.Shut Yo Face [Uncle F**ka] - Trick Daddy Featuring Trina & Tre +6      
16.Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat B**ch - Joe C. featuring Kid Rock      
17.What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II - Dvda   
18.I Swear It [I Can Change] - Violent Femmes      
19.Super - Rupaul   
20.O Canada - Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson

1.Title Theme
2.Young Hannibal
3.B.A's Ride
4.The A-Team in New York City
6.Taxi Chase
7.The A-Team Escapes
8.The A-Team Prepare For War
10.Move, Sucker
11.Let's Get Busted
12.Murdock's Face   
14.More Bandits   

1.Across 110th Street - Womack, Bobby
2.Beaumont's Lament
3.Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson
4.Melanie, Simone And Sheronda
5.Who Is He And What Is He To You - Withers, Bill
6.Tennessee Stud - Cash, Johnny
7.Natural High - Bloodstone
8.Longtime Woman - Grier, Pam
9."Detroit 9000"
10.Letter To The Firm - Brown, Foxy
11.Street Life - Crawford, Randy
12.Didn't I Blow You're Mind - Delfonics
13.Midnight Confessions - Grass Roots
14.Inside Your Love - Ripperton, Minnie
15."Just Ask Melanie"
16.Lions And The Cucumber - Vampiros Sound Incorporation
17.Monte Carlo Nights - Vampiros Sound Incorporation 

1.Po'Lazarus - J Carter & The Prisoners
2.Big Rock Candy Mountain - Harry McLintock
3.You Are My Sunshine - Norman Blake
4.Down In The River To Pray
5.I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow - Soggy Bottom Boys
6.Hard Time Killing Floor Blues - Chris Thomas King
7.I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow (inst.) - Norman Blake
8.Keep on the Sunny Side of Life - The Whites
9.I'll Fly Away - Gillian Welch & Alison Kraus
10.Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby - Emmy Lou Harris,Gillian Welch & Alison Kraus
11.In The Highways - The Peasall Sisters
12.I Am Weary - The Cox Family
13.I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow (inst.) - John Hartford
14.O'Death - Ralph Stanley
15.In the Jailhouse Now - Soggy Bottom Boys
16.I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow (with band) - Soggy Bottom Boys
17.Indian War Whoop - John Hartford
18.Lonesome Valley - The Fairfield Four
19.Angel Band - The Stanley Brothers

1.Arthur's Theme (Best That You can Do) - Christopher Cross
2.Fool Me Again - Nicolette Larson
3.Poor Rich Boy - Ambrosia
4.It's Only Love - Stephen Bishop
6.It's Only Love
8.Moving Pictures
9.Arthur's Theme (Best That you Can Do) 

01.Pusher - Steppenwolf
02.Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
03.Weight - The Band
04.Wasn't Born To Follow - The Byrds
05.If You Want To Be A Bird - The Holy Modal Rounders
06.Don't Bogart Me (A.K.A.Don't Bogart That Joint) - Fraternity Of Man
07.If 6 Was 9 - Jimi Hendrix Experience
08.Kyrie Eleison / Mardi Gras (When The Saints) - The Electric Prunes
09.It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - Roger McGuinn
10.Ballad Of Easy Rider - Roger McGuinn

01.20th Century Fox Fanfare
04.Castle on the Hill
05.Beautiful New World-Home Sweet Home
06.The Cookie Factory
07.A Stranger in Suburbia
08.Ballet de Suburbia (Suite)
09.Esmeralda (A)
10.Esmeralda (B)
11.Etiquette Lesson
12.Edwardo the Barber
13.Edward Sees Kim
14.Picking the Lock
15.Edward's Answer
16.The Robbery
17.Edward Returns in Shame
18.Kim Yearns-The Ice Dance-Cut Palm
19.Edward on the Run (Suite)
20.On the Sidewalk-Coming Back
22.Kevin in Danger
23.The Final Confrontation and Farewell
24.The Grand Finale
25.The End
26.Fox Fanfare (Alternate)
27.Theme from Edward Scissorhands

1.Cancion Del MariachiI (Morena De Mi Corazon) - Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas
2.Six Blade Knife - Dire Straits
3.Jack The Ripper - Link Wray   
4.Manifold De Amour - Latin Playboys      
5.Forever Night Shade Mary - Latin Playboys   
6.Pass The Hatchet - Roger & The Gypsies      
7.Bar Fight - Los Lobos   
8.Strange Face Of Love - Tito & Tarantula      
9.Bucho'S Gracias/Navajas Attacks - Los Lobos   
10.Bulletproof - Los Lobos      
11.Bella - Carlos Santana
12.Quedate Aqui - Salma Hayek   
13.Rooftop Action - Los Lobos   
14.Phone Call - Los Lobos   
15.White Train (Showdown) - Tito & Tarantula      
16.Back To The House That Love Built - Tito & Tarantula      
17.Let Love Reign - Los Lobos   
18.Mariachi Suite - Los Lobos

1.The Last Man
2.Holy Dread!
3.Tree of Life
4.Stay with Me
7.First Snow
8.Finish It
9.Death Is the Road to Awe
10.Together We Will Live Forever 

1.Star Wars Main Title and Ambush on Coruscant
2.Across the Stars: Love Theme from Attack of the Clones
3.Zam the Assassin and the Chase Through Coruscant
4.Yoda and the Younglings
5.Departing Coruscant
6.Anakin and Padme
7.Jango's Escape
8.The Meadow Picnic
9.Bounty Hunter's Pursuit
10.Return to Tatooine
11.The Tusken Camp and the Homestead
12.Love Pledge and the Arena
13.Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale
14.On the Conveyor Belt 

1.Star Wars and the Revenge of the Sith
2.Anakin's Dream 
3.Battle of the Heroes
4.Anakin's Betrayal
5.General Grievous
6.Palpatine's Teachings
7.Grievous and the Droids
8.Padmae's Ruminations 
9.Anakin vs. Obi-Wan 
10.Anakin's Dark Deeds
11.Enter Lord Vader
12.The Immolation Scene
13.Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious
14.The Birth of the Twins and Padmae's Destiny
15.A New Hope and End Credits

Disc One: 
1.20th Century Fox Fanfare (Alfred Newman, 1954)
2.Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner
3.Imperial Attack
4.The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler
5.The Moisture Farm 
6.The Hologram/Binary Sunset
7.Landspeeder Search/Attack of the Sandpeople
8.Tales of a Jedi Knight/Learn About the Force 
9.Burning Homestead 
10.Mos Eisley Spaceport 
11.Cantina Band
12.Cantina Band #2
13.Binary Sunset (Alternate)

Disc Two:
1.Princess Leia's Theme 
2.The Millennium Falcon/Imperial Cruiser Pursuit
3.Destruction of Alderaan
4.The Death Star/The Stormtroopers
5.Wookiee Prisoner/Detention Block Ambush
6.Shootout in the Cell Bay/Dianoga
7.The Trash Compactor
8.The Tractor Beam/Chasm Crossfire
9.Ben Kenobi's Death/Tie Fighter Attack 
10.The Battle of Yavin
11.The Throne Room/End Title

Disc One:
1.20th Century Fox Fanfare (Alfred Newman, 1954) 
2.Main Title/The Ice Planet Hoth 
3.The Wampa's Lair/Vision of Obi-Wan/Snowspeeders Take Flight 
4.The Imperial Probe/Aboard the Executor 
5.The Battle of Hoth
6.The Asteroid Field
7.Arrival on Dagobah 
8.Luke's Nocturnal Visitor
9.Han Solo and the Princess 
10.Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave 
11.The Training of a Jedi Knight/The Magic Tree

Disc Two:
1.The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
2.Yoda's Theme
3.Attacking a Star Destroyer
4.Yoda and the Force
5.Imperial Starfleet Deployed/City in the Clouds 
6.Lando's Palace 
7.Betrayal at Bespin
8.Deal with the Dark Lord
9.Carbon Freeze/Darth Vader's Trap/Departure of Boba Fett
10.The Clash of Lightsabers 
11.Rescue from Cloud City/Hyperspace
12.The Rebel Fleet/End Title

1.Bob Marley - Burnin' and Lootin'
2.Cameo - Funk Funk
3.Gap Band - Outstanding
4.Ripple - The Beat Goes On
5.Isaac Hayes - That Loving Feeling 
6.Zapp And Roger - More Bounce to the Ounce 
7.Expression Direkt - Mon Espirit 
8.La Peur Du Metissage - Assassin
8.Assassin - La Peur du Métissage
9.Marie-Daulne (Zap Mama) - J' Attends
10.Timide Et Sans Complexe - Putaine de Planète
11.Les Maitres-Tambours du Burundi - Arrivée et Salut l' Assistance
12.Les Little - Je ne Vois que Moi
13.Marie-Daulne (Zap Mama) - Discussion
14.John Coltrane Quartet - Say it (Over and Over Again)
15.Marie-Daulne (Zap Mama) - Songe
16.Michel Petrucciani - Something Like This
17.Zapa Mama - Take me Coco
18.Jean-Louis Daulne - Bicyclette
19.EJM - J'veux du cash 
Bonus track - Cut Killer - Nique La Police

Disc: 1....

1. Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (Dirty Dancing)
2. Kenny Loggins - Footloose (Footloose)
3. Michael Sembello ? Maniac (Flashdance)
4. The Righteous Brothers ? Unchained Melody (Ghost)
5. Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Mannequin)
6. Billy Ocean - When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (Jewel In The Nile)
7. Dolly Parton ? 9 To 5 (9 To 5)
8. The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited (Working Girl)
9. Solomon Burke ? Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (The Blues Brothers)
10. Lionel Richie ? Say You, Say Me (White Nights)
11. Teena Marie - Lead Me On (Top Gun)
12. Harold Faltermeyer ? Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop)
13. James Brown - Living In America (Rocky IV)
14. The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink (Pretty In Pink)
15. Echo And The Bunnymen - People Are Strange (The Lost Boys)
16. Joe "Bean" Esposito ? You're The Best (The Karate Kid)
17. Thompson Twins ? In The Name of Love (Ghostbusters)
18. Jan Hammer ? Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice TV show)
19. Christopher Cross - Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) (Arthur)
20. Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero (Footloose)

Disc: 2....

1. Duran Duran ? A View To A Kill (A View To A Kill)
2. Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love (The Karate Kid II)
3. Simple Minds ? Don't You (Forget About Me) (The Breakfast Club)
4. Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder ? Together In Electric Dreams (Electric Dreams)
5. The Kids From "Fame" - Hi-Fidelity (Fame TV show)
6. Patrick Swayze featuring Wendy Fraser - She's Like The Wind (Dirty Dancing)
7. Jennifer Warnes & Joe Cocker ? Up Where We Belong (An Officer & A Gentleman)
8. Limahl ? Never Ending Story (Never Ending Story)
9. Ray Parker, Jr. ? Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters)
10. Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It For The Boy (Footloose)
11. Ben E. King - Stand By Me (Stand By Me)
12. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (Top Gun)
13. Miami Sound Machine - Hot Summer Nights (Top Gun)
14. Mike Reno featuring Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise (Footloose)
15. Yello ? Oh Yeah (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
16. Dan Hartman ? I Can Dream About You (Streets of Fire)
17. The Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance (Beverly Hills Cop)
18. The Daniel Caine Orchestra - The A-Team - Title Theme (The A-Team TV show)
19. Journey - Only Solutions (Tron)
20. Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Rocky III) 

1.Main Title 
2.Thank God For The Rain 
3.Cleaning The Cab
4.I Still Cant Sleep / They Cannot Touch Her (Betsys Theme)
5.Phone Call / I Realize How Much She Is Like The Others / A Strange Customer / Watching Palantine On TV / Youre Gonna Die In Hell / Betsys Theme / Hitting The Girl
6.The .44 Magnum Is A Monster
7.Getting Into Shape / Listen You Screwheads / Gun Play / Dear Father & Mother / The Card / Soap Opera    
8.Sport And Iris
9.The $20 Bill / Target Practice
10.Assassination Attempt / After The Carnage
11.A Reluctant Hero / Betsy / End Credits
12.Diary Of A Taxi Driver (Album Version)
13.Gods Lonley Man (Album Version, With Alternate Ending)
14.Theme From Taxi Driver
15.I Work The WholeCity 
16.Betsy In A White Dress
17.The Days Do Not End 
18.Theme From Taxi Driver (Reprise)

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